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Morocco (Maroc)

Capital : Rabat

Size: 172 000 sq m Popn: 26 318


The strategic importance of the area at the mouth of the Mediterranean led to steady stream of conquerors from ancient times. This began with the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Vandals, progressed through Muslim Arabs (Moors), Spaniards, English and Portuguese and ended with the French.

Parts of the country came under the Islamic Almoravid Empire which lasted from 1050-1140 and the Almohad Empire (1140-1250) and from 1553-1912, it was ruled by Sharifian dynasties which destroyed the Songhay Empire in 1591. The Alouite ruler Moulay Ismael (1672-1727) expelled the English and Portuguese, reduced Spanish possessions and blocked the expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

Morocco managed to remain independent until 1912 when it was divided between the Spanish, who controlled the Mediterranean coast and the small territory of Ifni on the Atlantic, and the French who established the Protectorate of Morocco.

Nationalism came into the open after the second World War. Muhammed V took the country to independence in 1956 and was succeeded by Hassan II in 1961.

The religion is predominately Islam with some Christians and Jews. The official language, Arabic, competes with French, Berber, English and Spanish.

Moroccan Names


Abdelatif Abdeljilill Adil Ahjmed Alarbi Azedine
Benyounes Brahim Driss Hachim Hamed Hamsa
Hassan Hicham Jalloun Khaled Kicham Larbi
Mahjoub Mohamed Nourreddine Said Salheddine Smail
Tahar Tashfin        


Bouchra Hasna Najet Najia Nezha Sagirah
Zahra Zhor        


Abensur Abrami Akouayn Alami Amzine Aouita
Arazi Azzouzj Baday Barek Behar Belqola
Ben Hassi Benezekri Benhassi Benthami Berioui Berradi
Berui Bidouane Bouaouiche Boukrouna Boulami Chadili
Chiba Chippo El Brazi El Guerroui El Hadrioui El Kamche
El Khalej El Khattabi Elfrougui El-Gharrouj El-Guerray Filali
Hadda Hadji Haida Hissou Kaouch Khatabi
Lahlafi Lahlou Lahsini Lahyani Lamaalem Leghzaoui
Maazouzi Mellouk Morceli Mourit Moutawakel Naybet
Neqrouz Nyambek Ouakili Ouaziz Rokki Sahere
Sahiri Sediki Sellami Sghir Skah Sudani

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