Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Day Names

In parts of West Africa, each child is given a name to indicate the day on which it is born as well as another more individual one. The day names bear some relation to star signs in that a child born on a particular day of the week is supposed to develope certain characteristics. There is some evidence that the prejudices this causes can affect the child: Wednesday is a 'bad' day to be born, for the child is supposed to be a quick-tempered, aggressive, trouble-maker. Boys named Kwaku appear in Juvenile Courts far more often than would be predicted statistically, whilst those called Kwadwo (Monday's children are quiet and peaceful) generally stay out of trouble.

Day Boys Girls
Sunday Kwasi, Kwesi, Kwashie Akosua, Awushie, Esi
Monday Kwadwo, Kedjo, Kojo Adwoa, Adojoa, Juba
Tuesday Kwabena, Kobla, Bobo Abena, Abla
Wednesday Kwaku Akua, Aku
Thursday Kwao, Yaw Awo, Abba, Yaa
Friday Kofi Afua, Afia, Efia
Saturday Kwame Amma, Ama

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