Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Native Americans

The many different tribes of North America and Canada were called 'Red Indians' by the white settlers due to the mistaken belief that Columbus had discovered a sea-route to India. They were also described as 'Amerindians' but the term 'Native American' has recently become popular as it recognises the fact that they were the original inhabitants of the continent. The following names of Native American origin have all been used in the United States in recent years.


Ahanu he laughs Akule he looks up Delsin Delsy Demothi
Guyopi Hahnee Hakan fiery Hinun clouds and rain Hute
Inteus Isekumu Istas snow on the ground Istu sugar pine Ituha sturdy oak
Kanga, Kange Kijika Lonato Masou Mato brave
Matoskah Mikasi Muraco Nantainayati Nantan
Neka Netis, Nitis Nikiti Nodin Paturin
Pava Quan, Quanah Raini Sakima Songen
Tadan Teetomeq Tohon Tooantuh Tuari
Tyee Waban east wind Wah-Keen Wingi Yana


Wyannet, Wyanetta, Wyanette, Wynette beautiful
Yepa Zihoa


Kibbe, Kibbee bird in the night

Taima, Taimy


Anevay Chenoa Cocheta Dyani Elu
Halona Hateya Kachina Kishi Lonato
Makya Meda Meli Mika Misae
Nascha Nodin Odina Okalik Ouray
Papina Powa Tala Tawana Yaholo
Yahto Yepa      


Most Native Americans have adopted European names but some retain English translations of tribal names as surnames.

Brokenhand Calf-Woman Crow Crow Eagle-bear
Fence-post Grey-eyes He-Who-Thinks Holy-Bear Little-Beaver
Owl-Woman Rainwater Red-bow Silverheels Standing-bear
Thunder-Over-the-Mountains White-Buffalo  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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