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Egyptian Names


At least some names seem to have been used for both males and females in Ancient Egypt and it is possible that they were all interchangeable. Women tended to be given epithets praising their beauty or behaviour which would have been unsuitable for men such as 'Nefertiti' ('a beautiful woman comes'). The element 'et' appears to have been a feminine 'ending' although it can occur in the middle of the name. The addition 'ta-sherit' or 'junior' was given to the names of Akhenaten's daughters when they had daughters of their own by him (Meritaten-ta-sherit, Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit).

Abana Adjedaa Ahwere
Amenirdis Amenkhenwast Amosis
Anhay Ankhesenamun Ankhesenaten
Ankhesenneferibre Ankhetperure Ankhnesmeryre
Ankhnesneferibre Asenath Baktre
Baktwerel Beketaten Bithiah
Duathor Esemkhebe Hehenhit
Hentempet Henttimehu Henut
Henutmire Hetepheres Hrere
Huy In Inhapi
Inihue Ipip Ipu
Ipuky Ipy Iras
Isetemkheb Isetnefret Isiemkheb
Iuhetibu Karpes Kawit
Kem Khedebneithireretbeneret Khutenptah
Maatneferure Maetkare Maharet
Makare Mayati Mehetweshkhet
Mehtetweshket Mehytenweskhet Meketaten
Meketre Mekhare Meresankh
Meritaten Meryetamun Meryetaten
Meryetre Meryt Mutemhab
Naneferher Nany Naunakhte
Nebefer Nebnofret Neferet
Neferhetetepes Neferneferuaten Neferneferure
Nefertiry Neferu Neferubity
Neferuptah Neferure Neferusherit
Neskhons Nestanebtishru Nitetis
Nitiqret Niutnakht Nodjmet
Nofretiri Nofritari Nofrure
Nubkhaes Nubkhas Nyla
Rai Reddjedet Reonet
Roy Ruia Satdjehuty
Satnebetneninesu Sebtitis Senebtisi
Senebtysy Senet Senmonthis
Sennuwy Sentnay Shesh
Sit-Hathor-Iunet Sitkamose Sitre
Sobekemshaf Sotepenre Sponnesis
Tabes Tabesheribet Tabubu
Taheret Tahpenes Tairetdjeret
Tais Taiuhery Takhat
Tamin Tanetnephthys Taweret
Tayuheret Tetisherit Tiaa
Timat Tjia Tjuiu
Tjuyu Tutu Wenis
Weret Wernero  

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