Ancient Greek Rulers


Archon Damasias c 584    
Solon c 570    
tyrant Pisistratus c 560    

Athenian Calendar

There were 12 lunar months so it was necessary to keep the lunar and solar calendars in phase. Each month began with the new moon and lasted until the next one.

Month English Equivalent
Hekatombaion June-July
Metageitnion July-August
Boedromion August-September
Pyanepsion September-October
Maimakterion October-November
Poseideion November-December
Gamelion December-January
Anthesterion January-February
Elaphebolion February-March
Mounikhion March-April
Thargelion April-May
Skirophorion May-June





Ethnarch town or city magistrate


In ancient times, this was a much larger area than modern Macedonia, stretching from the eastern Adriatic Coast to Epirus in the west. To the north, it was bordered by Moesia, to the south with Thessaly, to the east with Thrace with a narrow coastal strip reaching to the Hellespont. The original inhabitants were probably Germano-Celtic but after centuries of invasion they became mingled with people of Thracian, Illyrian and Dorian Greek origin.

The area had been divided into several small nations which were rarely at peace with each other but was united under one king by the mid C4th BC. Philip II and his son Alexander III (the Great) conquered a huge empire and spread Hellenic culture throughout the Mediterranean and Asia.

Ruler Reign Family/Succession Wives
Alexander I c 450-310 BC    
Perdiccas II c 450-414    
Archelaus I 414-399    
Craterus 399 4 days killed Archelaus I  
Orestes 399-6 son of Archelaus I  
Aeropus II 396-2 killed Orestes  
Amyntas II 392-0    
Pausanius 390-89 son of Aeropus II  
Amyntas III 389-369    
Alexander II 369-8 son of Amyntas III  
Ptolemy 368-7 killed Alexander II  
Perdiccas III 367-359 son of Amyntas III  



infant son of Perdiccas III

Philip II 359-336 son of Amyntas III Olympias
Alexander III the Great 336-323 son of Philip II 1 Roxane 2 Stateira
Alexander IV 323-c310 killed by Cassander son of Alexander III (1)  
Philip III Arridaios 323-317 killed by Olympias son of Philip II Eurydike

Civil War

Antigonous Monopthalmos 306-1 Alexander III's general  
Demetrius Poliorcetes 306-283 son of Antigonous  


Antigonous Gonatus 276-239 son of Demetrius  
Antigonous Doson - 221    
Philip V 221-179 adopted by Antigonous Doson  
Perseus 179- son of Philip V  


There were normally two dynasties of kings, one to rule at home and one to command the army abroad.


Cleomenes I 520-490    
Demaratus -491    
Leonidas 491-80 Half-brother of Demaratus  
Archidamus c 343    
Agis III - 331    
Agis IV -244    
Cleomenes III 235-23    


Leotychidas II      

12 kings



Dynastic title Midas


Pheidon c 670    


Periander c 625    

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