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Nomen (Family Name)

This was also called the 'nomen gentilicum' or clan name and was the second of the three names of a Roman citizen. It took the feminine case - gens Julia, gens Claudia - and the plurals would be Julii, Claudii. It is sometimes difficult to tell from sources whether a name is a nomen or cognomen so it is possible that some of these are in the wrong list but every effort has been made to be accurate. Feminine forms took an '-a' instead of the masculine '-us' ending.

Accius? Acilius Aebutius Aedinius Aegidius Aelia/Aelius
Aeresius Aetius Afrania/Afranius Agrius Albanus Albia/Albius
Albinovanus Albucius Alfenus Allectus Alleius Allia/Allius
Amatius Ammianus Ancharius Annaeus Annia/Annius Anninius
Antistius Antius Antonia/Antonius Antoninus Appuleius Arius
Arminia/Arminius Arminus Arria/Arrius Arruntia/Arruntius Artorius Asinius
Ateius Atia/Atius Atilius Atrius Attia/Attius Aufidius
Aulus Aurunceius Ausonius Autronius Avidius Axius
Babudius Baebius Baenius Baibius Barrius Bebius
Belaeus Bellienus Blandius Bruccius Bruttius Caelius
Caeparius Caerellius Caesennius Caesius Calatoria/Calatorius Caledonius
Calidius Calpurnia/Calpurnius Calventius Calvinus Calvisius Cammius
Canuleius Caprenius Caria/Carius Caristanius Caristianus Cassia/Cassius
Cassianus Catiotus Cecia/Cecius Celatus Celerinius Centennius
Cicereius Cipius Clitumna/Clitumnus Cloatius Clovius Cluentius
Cluntius Cnisius Cocceius Cominius Comnena/Comnenus Conconius
Congaonius Congonius Cordius Cornificius Cosconius Cossutia/Cossutius
Crispus Curatia/Curatius Curius Curtius Decianus Decimius
Decumius Delluius Desidenius Desticius Dexius Didius
Dillius Dossenius Drusa/Drusus Duccius Duilis Duilius
Duronius Egnatius Ennius Epidius Equitia/Equitius Fabricius
Fadia Fadius Falerius Famulus Fannius Fausta/Faustus
Faventinus Favonius Fenius Festinius Flaccus Flaminius
Flavinius Flavonius Floridius Florius Floronius Fonteia/Fonteius
Francus Fufius Fulcinia/Fulcinius Fulvia/Fulvius Fundanus Fundilius
Funisulanus Gabinius Galenus Galerius Galla/Gallus Gargilius
Gavius Gellius Grania/Granius Gratia/Gratus Gratidia/Gratidius Haterius
Helvetius Helvia/Helvius Herennius Herius Herminius Hispala/Hispalus
Horatia/Horatius Hortensia/Hortensius Hosidius Hostilius Inventius Iulus
Javolena/Javolenus Jucundius Junia/Junius Justus Juventius Laberius
Labienus Laelius Laetonius Lafrenius Lampronius Lepidus
Liburnius Licinia/Licinius Ligustinius Lollia/Lollius Longinus Longus
Loreius Lucceia/Lucceius Lucia/Lucius Lucilia/Lucilius Lusius Lutatius
Maccius Macrinus Maecilius Maelius Maenia/Maenius Magius
Maianius Mallius Mamilius Manilius Manlius Mannius
Marcia/Marcius Maria/Marius Martiannius Matia/Matius Maximius Melissaeius
Memmius Messienus Metilius Milonius Minucius Minutius
Modius Mucia/Mucius Mummius Munatius Munius Murcius
Murrius Naevius Nasennius Nemetorius Nepius Neratius
Nigidius Nigidullus Nigilius Nigrius Nipius Nonius
Norbanus Novius Numerius Occius Oclatinius Octavia/Octavius
Olcinius Oppius Opsius Oranius Orestilla Ostorius
Otacilius Papellius Papius Paquius Peltrasius Perpennia/Perpennius
Perquitienus Pescennius Petellius Petilius Petillius Petreia/Petreius
Petronia/Petronius Piscius Pisentius Pituanius Placida/Placidus Platorius
Plautia/Plautius Plinius Plotius Poenius Pollia/Pollius Polus
Pomponia/Pomponius Pomptinus Pontidius Pontius Popidius Popillia/Popillius
Poppaedius Portia/Portius Praesentius Publicius Pupius Quettius
Quinctilia/Quinctilius Quintilia/Quintilius Quintius Quirinius Rabirius Roscius
Rufia/Rufius Rufina/Rufinus Rufrius Rufus Rusonia/Rusonius Sabidius
Sabucius Sacerdus Sallustius Salonia/Salonius Salvius Saufeius
Scribonia/Scribonius Secundinius Secundius Seius Senecianus Senicianus
Sennius Sentius Septimius Sepunius Sepurcius Sertoria/Sertorius
Sestius Sextilius Sextius Sidonius Silia/Silius Silvianus
Sittius Socellius Sornatius Sosia/Sosius Spurius Staius
Statius Statlilius Stertinius Stlaccius Suedius Sylvia/Sylvius
Tadia/Tadius Talmudius Tanicius Teideius Terentia Terentius
Tertinius Tetius Titia/Titius Titinia/Titinius Tituleius Tragus
Trebatius Trebellius Tremellius Tuccius Tullia/Tullius Turrianus
Ulpianus Ulpius Umbrenius Urgulania/Urgulanius Uulius Vagiennius
Vagionius Vagnius Valerianus Valerius Valgus Vargunteius
Varia/Varius Vassinus Vatinius Vedius Velva/Velvus Venidius
Veranius Verecundius Vergilius Verus Vesnius Vesuius
Vesuvius Vettienus? Vibenius Vibidius Victricius Vidacilius
Viducius Vinicius Vipsania/Vipsanius Viridius Virius Vitellia/Vitellius
Vitruvius Vitulasius Volcatius Volumni/Volumnius Volusenus Volusia/Volusius


These families had been important citizens even before Rome had kings and retained their prestige under the Republic despite the increase in the numbers of new noble families raised above plebeian level by producing a consul. Some offices, such as certain priesthoods or senatorial positions, could only be held by patricians.

Aemilia/Aemilius Atilia/Atilius Aurelia/Aurelius Caecilia/Caecilius Camilla/Camillus Claudia/Claudius
Clodia/Clodius Cornelia/Cornelius Domitia/Domitius Fabia/Fabius Flavia/Flavius Furia/Furius
Livia/Livius Manlia/Manlius Papinia/Papinius Papiria/Papirius Pinarus Pompeia/Pompeius?
Porcia/Porcius? Postumia/Postumius Rutilia/Rutilius Sempronia/Sempronius Segia/Sergius Servilia/Servilius
Sulpicia/Sulpicius Valeria/Valerius Vettia/Vettius?      


The '-ina' and '-illa' endings could added to the nomen to distinguish between an elder and younger daughter or perhaps an aunt and niece.

Agrippinilla Anicilla Augustinilla Camillina Cinnilla Claudilla
Crispina Drusilla Faustilla Faustina Flavilla Germanilla
Germinilla Ingenuilla Julilla Junilla Livila Livilla
Magnilla Marcella Marcellina Marcilla Medullina Messalina
Orestilla Petronilla Priscilla Pudentilla Quartilla Rufilla
Sabinilla Servililla Turianilla Urgulanilla    


Another way of distinguishing between two members of the family with the same name was to use numbers as cognomina.

1 Primus, Primitivus Prima, Primitiva, Una
2 Secundus Secunda
3 Tertius Tertia
4 Quartius, Quartilius Quartia, Quartilla
5 Quintus, Quintilius Quinta, Quintilla
6 Sextus Sexta
7 Septimus Septima
8 Octavius Octavia
9 Nonus Nona
10 Decimus Decima
11 Undecimus Undecima
20 Vicesimus Vicesima

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