Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Irish Religious Names

With the spread of Christianity, bynames incorporating 'giolla' or 'maol' (follower or devotee) developed. These are generally found in the forms 'Gil-' or 'Mul-' in modern Irish surnames. Names of Catholic saints and festivals also occur.


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Gille na Naomh Naomhán, Niven servant of the saint
Giolla Dhé   Servant of God
Giolla-Bhríde   servant of Bridget
Giolla-Chríost   servant of Christ
Giolla-Easpaig, Giolla-Easpuig   servant of the bishop
Giolle Máire   servant of Mary
M« elbrigte   Devotee of Brigid
Maelduib, Maeldub    
Maelmaedóc, Maol Maodhóg   devotee of Maedoc
M« elrunaidh    
Mainchín, Manchen, Mannix Maine?   'manach' monk
Maoileachlainn, Maeleachlainn, Maelsheachlainn, M« elsechlain, Maelaghlin, Melaghlin, (Malachy)   devotee of St Seachnall
Maoilíosa, M« el  osu Maol  osa, M« el  su, Maeliosa, Melisa   devotee of Jesus
Maol, Mael   Devotee
Mael Coluim, Maolcholuim, Maolcolm, Maolcholm, Maolcholaim, Malcolm   Devotee of St Columba
Maolmhuire Maolra Devotee of Mary


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Assumpta   Assumption of the virgin
Concepta   Immaculate conception
Madonna   It 'my lady' ie Virgin Mary
Majella   St Gerard Majella
Maoilíosa   Devotee of Jesus

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