Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Gaelic Alphabet

Letter Gaelic English Letter Gaelic English
a Ailim Elm b Beith Birch
c Coll Hazel d Duir Oak
e Eadha Aspen f Fearn Alder
g Gort Ivy h Uath Hawthorn
j Jogha Yew l Luis Rowan
m Muin Vine n Nuin Ash
o Oun Gorse p Peithboc Soft Downy Birch
r Ruis Elder s Suil Willow
t Tinne Furze u Uir Yew

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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