Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Scotch (Scottish) Religious Names

With the spread of Christianity, bynames incorporating 'giolla' (servant) or 'maol' (follower or devotee) developed. These remain in use as surnames.

Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Gille Easbaig, Gilleasbaig, Archibald Beistean, Beistan, Eairdsidh, Eairrsidh, Archy servant of the bishop
Gille Iosa, Gillies, Gillas   servant of Jesus
Gille Naomh Naoimhean, Niven   servant of the saint
Gille-Aindréis, Gille Anndrais, Gillanders   servant of St Andrew
Gille-Brigte, Gille Brigde, Gileabart   servant of St Bridget
Gille-Callíne   servant of
Gille-Coimded   servant of
Gille-Colaim   servant of
Gille-Críst   servant of Christ
Gille-Mícael, Gille-Míchéil, Gille-Míchél   servant of St. Michael
Gille-Petair, Gilli-Petair   servant of St. Peter
Mael-Bricín, Maíl-Bricín, Mal-Bricín   follower of
Mael-Brigte, Maíl-Brigte, Mal-Brigte, Moíl-Brigte, Melbrigda   follower of St Bridget
Mael-Féchín, Mael-Féichín, Mal-Féchín   follower of
Mael-Giric, Mal-Girc   follower of
Mael-Muire, Mal-Moire   follower of
Mael-Petir, Mal-Petir   follower of St. Peter
Mael-Snechta, Mal-Snecte   follower of
Maíl-Choluim, Mael-Coluim, Mal-Colaim, Mal-Coloum, Mal-Coluim, Mal-Colum, Malcolm   follower of Columba
Mal-æchín, Mal-échín   follower of
Male-Domni   follower of
Maoilios   follower of Jesus
Maol Diomhnaich, Mael-Domnig (Ludovic)   follower of the Lord

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