Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Scotland

Kings of the Picts (from the Pictish Chronicle)

Legendary Kings

Cruithne mac Cinge mic Luchtain mic Parrthalan mic Agnoinn mic Buain mic Mais mic Fathecht mic Jafeth mic Noe (Biblical Noah)

Sons of Cruithne

Gave their names to the seven main areas of Pictish territory

Fib "Fife"
Floclaid/Fodla Atfodla, old form of Athole
Fortrenn/Fortrend Western Perth
Got/Cait Caithness
Circin(n)/Cirigh Maghcircin/Mearns

These are probably not actual historical people as the names do not fit the variations in the Gaelic languages for the period in which they are supposed to have existed.

Gede olgudach
Denbecan/Aenbecan mac Cait
Fuidid gaed brechach/Guidid gadbre
Gest gurcich/gurid
The thirty Brudes

Semi-Historical Kings

These may actually have existed.

Cimoiod   son of Arcois/Artcois
Dectotric/Dectotreic   brother of Dui/Tui
Deoardivois Deordiuois    
Gartnaith loc/Bolc    
Breth   son of Buthut/Buthud
Vipoig namet / Uipo ignaviet    
Canutulachama / Canutulahina    
Wradech uecla / Uuradech uetla    
Gartnaich diuberr / Gartnait diuperr    
Talore/Talorc 453-7 son of Achivir/Achiurr Ainel/Aniel
Necton(ius) morbet/morbrec Nechtan I 457-68 Son of Erp/Erop/Erip + a dau of Talore

Early Historical Kings

These also appear in other sources but the pedigree is not certain.

Drust (Drest) II
Galam I
Galanan erilich/Galan arilith
(Caw of Strathclyde)
498-513 Son of Geraint of Strathclyde  
Drust III 513-21 jointly
S of Gyrom/Girom; nephew of Galam I  
Drust IV 513-6 jointly
Son of Wdrost/Wdrns/Budros + a sis of Galam  
Gartnait III (Garthnach) 533-40 Bro of Drust III  
Caltram/Gailtram/Cailtarni 540-1 Bro of Drust III  
Talore II (Talorg) 541-52 Son of Muircholaich/Murtholoic  
Drust V 552-3 Son of Munait/Munaith  
Galam II cennaleph 553-5 abd d580 Nephew of Drust III  
Brude I (Bridei, Cum Briduo/Bridiuo) 554-84 son of Mailcon/Melcon; nephew of Drust III  
Gartnart/Gartnait IV 584-94 son of Domelch/Domech  
Nechtan II Nectu/Nectan/Neithon 594-621 Son of Uerd/Uerb/Irb + Gwyddno Garanhir  
Cinioch/Ciniath 621-32 son of Lutrin Luch-hen + a sister of N II  
Garnard/Gartnait V 632-5 son of Wid/Uid Foith, son of Brude I  
Brude II (Breidei) 635-41 son of Wid  
Talore IV (Talorc) 641-53 Son of Wid + a is of NII  
Tallorcen/Talorcan I 653-7 Son of Eanfrith/Enfret/Enfreth, King of Bernicia + dau of Wid  
Gartnait VI 657-63 Son of Donnel/Donuel/Domnhall of Dalriada  
Drust VI 663-72 Bro of Gartnait VI
Brother of ejus?
Brude III (Bredei) 672-93 Son of Bili/File/Beli of Srathclyde + a sister of Talorcan  
Taran/Tarain 693-7 dep Son of Ainfrech/Enfidach/Entifidich/Enfidaig + a sis of Brude III  
Brude IV (Bredei/Brei) 697-706 Son of Derelei/Derile + a sis of Brude III  
Nechtan III (Necthon) 706-24 & 728-9 Bro of Brude IV  
Drust VII 724-6    
Alpin/Elpin I 726-8 Son of Eochaid II king of Knapdale + a sis of Tarain  
Oengus I (Onnist/Onuis) 729-61 Sons of Wirguist/Uurgut/Urguist/Fergus Sister of Alpin I
Brude V (Bredei/Brete) 761-3 + a sis of B IV  
Ciniath II (Ciniod) 763-75 Son of Wredech/Uuredeg/Feradach/Wrad + a sis of Alpin I  
Alpin/Elpin II 775-80 Son of Wroid/Uuroid Bro of Ciniath II  
Talorcan/Talorgen II 782-4 Son of Onnist/Oinuist/Oengus I or Drostan?  
Drest   Son of Talorgen/Talorcen?  
Talorcan III 780-2    
Canaul Coem 784-9 Son of Tarla/Tang/Taige + a dau of Alpin I  
Constantine I (Castantin/Constantin) 789-820 son of Wrguist/Uurguist (Fergus of Dalriada) + a dau of Alpin I  
Oengus II (Unuist/Uidnuist) 729-61 Bro of Constantine I  
Drust VIII 834-6 Son of Constantine  
Talorcan IV (Talorgen/Talorc) 834-6 son of Wthoil/Wtheil/Uuthoil/Fethal + a gdau of Canaul Coem  
Eoganan/Uven/Unen 836-9 son of Vnuist/Unuist/Oengus II  
Wrad/Ferat 839-42 son of Bargoit + a sis of Canaul Coem  
Brude VII (Bred)   Bro of Wrad  
Brude VIII 844-6 Bro of Talorcan III  
Ciniath IV 843-4 Son of Wrad  
Drust IX 846-50 Bro of Ciniath IV  
Kenneth Mac Alpin 843-58/9 Kinsman of Brude VII  

Kings of Strathclyde

Coroticus (Ceredig Wledig) 459    
Erbin   Son of C  
Geraint   Son of E Sister of Drust II of the Picts
Caw (Galam I of the Picts) Son of Geraint    
Huail Dep c 559 Son of Caw  
Tudwal Tudclyd   Desc Cinuit, bro of Erbin Nefydd d Brychan Prince of Manau Guotodin
Riderch Hael D 603? Son of TT Langueth heiress of Cadzow
Constantine D 603? Son of RH  
Beli/Bili D c 640 Son of Nechtan II king of the Picts 1 unknown
2 dau Eanfrith of Bernicia
Owain I   Son of Beli  
Gwriad D 658 Son of Beli  
Dyfnwal I (Dumnagual, Domnall Macavin) D 694 ''  
Beli II D 722 Son or nephew of Dyfnwal  
Teudur D 752 Son of Beli II  
Dyfnwal II D 760 Son of Teudur  
Owain II D c 780 Son of Dyfnwal II  
Riderch II   Son of Owain  
Dyfnwal III D pre 870 Son of Riderch II  
Arthgal D 872 Son of Dyfnwal III  
Run D c877 Son of Arthgal  
Giric regent Bro of Arthgal  
Eochaid   Son of Run Sister of Constantine II King of Scots
Dyfnwal IV D 908 Son of Run or Giric  
Dyfnwal V (Donald) 908-c26 elected bro Constantine III of Scots  
Owain III C 926 Son of Dyfnwal V  
Dyfnwal VI 973 abd to be monk Son of Owain III  
Malcolm III 973- Son of Dyfnwal VI  
Owain IV Last king of independent Strathclyde ''  

Scottish Kings of Dalriada

Name Date of death Family  
Fergus Mor 501 Son of Erc Mac Eochaid -
Domangart I 506 Son of FM Fedlim Foltchoem
Comgall 537 Son of Domangart -
Gabran 559 Bro of Comgall Ingenach or Lleian, dau Brychan Lord of Manau Guotodin
Conall I 574 Son of Comgall -
Aidan 608 Son of Gabran -
Eochaid I Buide ('Yellow-haired') 630 Son of Aidan -
Conne   Son of Eochaid I -
Domhnall Brecc 642 Son of Eochaid I -
Ferchar 649 Son of Conne -
Conall II Cramdomna 659 Son of Eochaid I -
Domangart 673 Son of Domhnall B -
Mael Duin 689 Son of Conall II -
Domhnall II 696 Son of Conall II -
Eochaid II 'Crooked-Nose' 698 Son of Domangart Sister of Tarain, King of the Picts + others
Eochaid III (King Achaius?) 733 Son of Eochaid II -
Alpin 741 Son of Eochaid II -
Aed Fiad/Find 778 '' -
Fergus II 781 '' -
Eochaid IV 'the Poisonous' 781 Son of Aed Fiad Fergusa
Conall III D 811+   Sister of Canaul Coem
Alpin 834? Son of Eochaid IV -

Kings of Scotland

Name Dates of Reign Descent Spouse
Kenneth I MacAlpin 841/3-60 King of Picts and Scots son of Alpin of Dalriada + Kintyre -
Donald I 860-3 brother of Kenneth MacAlpin -
Constantine I 863-77 son of Kenneth MacAlpin -
Aedh 'Whitefoot' 877-8 '' -
Eochaid 878-89 dep son of Run, King of Strathclyde and a daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin -
Donald II Dasachtach 889-900 son of Constantine I -
Constantine II 900-43 abd son of Aedh -
Malcolm I 943-54 son of Donald II -
Indulf 954-62 son of Constantine II -
Duff/Dub/Dubh 962-6 son of Malcolm I -
Colin (Culen, Cuilean) 966-71 son of Indulf -
Kenneth II 971-95 son of Malcolm I Leinster princess?
Constantine III 995-7 son of Colin -
Kenneth III 997-1005 son of Duff -
Malcolm II 1005-1018-34 son of Kenneth II Irish wife from Ossory
Duncan I 1034-40 son of Crinan of Athole + Bethoc dau Malcolm II Sibylla sister of Siward Digre; dau of Ealfred? of Northumbria
Macbeth 1040-57 son of Findlaech, of Orkney, and a daughter of Kenneth II Gruoch, g'daughter of Kenneth III
Lulach 1057-8    
Malcolm III (Canmore) 1058-93 son of Duncan I 1 Ingibjorg widow of Thorfinn of Orkney
2 St. Margaret, granddaughter of Edmund Ironside
Donald Ban (Donalbane) 1093 brother of Malcolm Canmore -
Duncan II 1058-93 son of Malcolm Canmore + 1 Etheldreda dau Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar
Donald Ban 1094-7 Restored -
Edgar 1097-1107 son of Malcolm Canmore + 2 -
Alexander I 'the Fierce' 1107-24 son of Malcolm Canmore + 2 Sibilla, illeg daughter of Henry I of England
David I 'the Saint' 1124-53 son of Malcom Canmore Matilda/Maud, daughter of Waltheof of Northumbria
Malcolm IV 'the Maiden' 1153-65 son of Henry, eldest son of David I Dnm
William I 'the Lion' 1165-1214 brother of Malcolm the Maiden Ermengarde de Beaumont
Alexander II 'the Peaceful' 1214-49 son of William the Lion 1 Joan, sister of Henry III of England
2 Marie de Coucy
Alexander III 1249-86 son of Alexander II + 2 1 Margaret, daughter of Henry III of England
2 Yolande of Dreux
Margaret, Maid of Norway 1286-90 daughter of Eric II of Norway; granddaughter of Alexander III Died young, dnm but betrothed to future Edward II
John Balliol 1292-6 chosen by Edward I of England grandson of eldest daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon, brother of William the Lion Isabella dau John de Warenne Earl of Surrey-
Robert I (the Bruce) 1306-29 Lord Annandale, grandson of 2nd daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon, brother of William the Lion 1 Isabella, dau Donald 6th Earl of Mar
2 Elizabeth dau Richard de Burgh 2nd Earl of Ulster
David II 1329-71 son of Robert I + 2 1 Joan dau Edward II of England
2 Margaret dau Sir Malcolm Drummond
Edward Balliol 1332-8 dep several times, surrendered throne to Edward III of England Son of John Balliol Margaret, dau Philip, Prince of Tarentum (not consummated)

Stewarts (Stuarts)

Robert II 1371-90 son of Marjorie, daughter of Robert I (+ 1), + Walter the Steward 1 Elizabeth dau of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallon
2 Euphemia dau Hugh 4th Earl of Ross
Robert III 1390-1406 John, Earl of Carrick, son of Robert II Annabella dau Sir John Drummond of Stobhall
James I 1406-37 son of Robert III Joan dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset
James II 1437-60 son of James I Mary, dau Arnold duke of Gueldres
James III 1460-88 son of James II Margaret, dau Christian I of Denmark
James IV 1488-1513 son of James III Margaret Tudor dau Henry VII of England
James V 1513-42 Son of James IV + MT 1 Madeleine dau Francis I of France
2 Mary of Guise
Mary 1542-67ex 1587 Daughter of James V + 2 1 Francis II of France
2 Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley
3 James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell
James VI (I of England) 1567-25 Son of Mary + 3 Anne of Denmark
Charles I 1625-49 dep. Son of James VI Henrietta Maria of France
Commonwealth 1649-85    
Charles II 1660-85 Son of Charles I Catherine of Braganza
James VII + II 1685-8 Son of Charles I 1 Anne Hyde
2 Mary of Modena
James VIII + III The Old Pretender Son of James II + 2 Clementina Sobieska g dau Jan III of Poland
Charles Edward ('Bonnie Prince Charlie') The Young Pretender son of James III Louise Maximilienne of Stohlberg-Gedern, Countess of Albany -
Henry IX Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart ''  

Earls of Orkney

Turf-Einar Died c. 910    
Thorfinn I Died c.963 son of Turf-Einar Grelauga, daughter of Duncan of Caithness
Hlodver   son of Thorfinn I Eithne daughter of Cearbhal of Dublin
Arnfinn, Havard, Liot   brothers of Hlodver  
Sigurd d 1014 son of Hlodver 2 Bethoc, daughter of Malcolm II of Alba (Scotland)
Einar, Somerlidi, Hlodvir   heirs of Sigurd  
Brusi   son of Sigurd  
Thorfinn II c.1009-57 son of Sigurd and Bethoc Ingibjorg, daughter of Finn Arnason of Norway
Rognvald c.1011-46 son of Brusi  
Paul + Erlend (jointly) c.1046-99 sons of Thorfinn  
St. Magnus c 1100 son of Erlend  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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