Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

African-American Linknames

Feminine forms of male names have been in use for many years but recently, African American families have invented new ones by adding different suffixes to existing names.

Benecia Benjamin

Beneisha Benicia Benish
Benisha Benishia Bennicia

Bree The popularity of 'Briana' probably led to this being used as an independent prefix.

Bre'ara Breay Breelyn
Breighela Breila Brelyn
Breontae Breshawna Briceyra
Brielle Brisa Briseida

Bria short form of Briana

Brea Breah Brear
Bree Breea Brei
Breia Breigh Briah
Brie Brya Bryah

Briana Brian

Brana Bre-Ann Bre-Anna
Bre'anne Breana Breanda
Bre'anna Breann Breanna
Breannah Breanne Breanya
Breaona Breauna Breaunne
Breawn Breawna Breeahna
Breean Breeana Breeann
Breeanna Breeanne Breeauna
Breeon Breiana Breiann
Breianna Breighann Breijanna
Breion Breona Breonna
Breyanna Breyona Briahna
Briand Brianda Briane
Briann Brianna Briannah
Brianne Brianni Briannon
Briauna Brie-Ann Brieannah
Brie-Anne Brieann Brieanna
Brieanne Briena Brienna
Brienne Brieon Briona
Brione Brionna Brionne
Bryana Bryann Bryanna
Bryanne Bryawna  

Brietta based on Brian/Briana

Briatta Briet Brieta

Danisha Daniel

Daneeshia Danesa Danesha
Daneshia Danesia Danessa
Danessia Danice Daniecea
Daniesa Daniesha Danieshia
Danis Danisa Danise
Danisia Daniss Danissa
Danissia Danitza Daniz

Daverne David

Denecia Denis

Danaishia Danajah Denacia
Denae Denait Denajha
Deneesha Denesha Deneshia
Deniesha Denisa Denisha
Denishia Dennisha Diniesha

Donita Donald

Donisha Donniesha  

Felicia Felix

Falecia Faleesha Faleisha
Falesha Faleshia Falicia
Falisa Falisha Falleshia
Farishah Fela Feleasha
Felece Felecia Feleisha
Felesha Felica Felice
Felicie Felicya Felina
Felisa Felisca Felise
Felisha Felishia Felisiana
Felissa Felita Felixia
Feliza Felizia Felka
Fellcia Fellishia Felsha
Felysia Felysse Fleasia
Flecia Fleichia Fleishia
Flichia Flisha  

Jacqueena Jacques

Jacqueine Jacquena Jacquene
Jacquine Jakena Jakini
Jaquina Jaquinta  

Jakayla Jacques

Jakala Ja'kayla Jakeal
Jakeela Jakela Jakeli
Jakelia Ja'quayla  

Jakisha Jacques

Jaquice Jaquiese Jakisha
Jakesha Jakeisha Jakeishia

Jamisha James/Jamal

Jamecia Jameisha Jameka
Jamese Jamesha Jameshia
Jameshyia Jamesia Jamessa
Jamiesha Jamika Jamis
Jamise Jammisha Jimisha
Jimmeka Jimmicia Jimysha

Jerica Gerald

Jericka Jerika Jerrece
Jerreka Jerricca Jerrice
Jerricka Jerrika  

Jonica John

Jenica Jenika Jenka
Johnica Johnique Johnnquia
Johnquita Johnteese Joneeka
Joneika Joneisha Jonika
Jonikka Joniqua Jonique
Jonnica Jonnika Jontrice

Kendra Kenneth

Keendraa Kenda Kendi
Kendie Kendre Kendreya
Kendreyia Kendy Kennda
Kenndi Kenndie Kenndra
Kenndy Kentra Kentrae
Kiendra Kinda Kindel
Kindra Kyndra  

Kennice Kenneth

Cenia Cenna Centia
Kanice Keneese Kenese
Kenna Kennia Kennise

Markisha Mark

Makishia Marcsa Markeeta
Markeishia Markesha Markesia
Markiesha Markieta Markita
Markitha Marquita  

Mikesha Michael

Mickeeya Mickia Mickya
Mikea Mikeisha Mikeita
Mikesha Mikeya Miquia

Nichelle Michelle + Nicole

Na-Chelle Nechelle Nichele

Nika Nicholas

Neika Nica Nikka

Nikita Russian male name from Greek 'Aniketos' used as feminine form of Nicholas

Niceesha Nickisha Nicquisha
Nikeesha Nikisha Nikkita
Niquita Niquitta  

Rhona Gaelic 'seal' now also used as feminine form of Ronald

Rhonnalee Roana Ronalee
Ronda Ronia Ronna

Ronelle Ronald

Ranell Ranelle Ronella
Ronnella Ronnelle  

Ronetta Ronald

Ronita Ronnette  

Ronisha Ronald

Ronecia Roneeka Roneice
Roneisha Roneshia Ronessa
Ronice Ronichia Ronicia
Roniesha Ronnesa Ronnesha
Ron'nique Ronnise Ronnisha

Ronnie Ronald

Ronee Roni Ronne
Ronnee Ronney Ronni

Shadrica Shadrach

Shadreka Shadricka  


These have been some of the most popular names amongst African Americans in recent years. They are probably based on the Scottish and Irish 'Shauna' and 'Shona', feminine forms of Sean/John. Other words and foreign names containing these elements are also becoming popular as given names.

Chan Chania Chanlin
Chanlynna Chanrice Chantasia
Chanterelle Shan Shania
Shanowa Shantida Shauneen
Shawndan Shawneen Shawneena
Shawnra Shawnteria Shawnzetta
Shondalette Shondalyn Shontalee
Shontavia Shontaviea Shontedra


Chaneel Chaneil Chanell
Chanelle Channel Channell
Chenelle Schanel Schanell
Shanel Shanell Shanella
Shanelle Shanielle Shannel
Shannell Shaunelle Shawnell
Shenel Shenela Shenell
Shenelle Shonelle Shynelle


Chanda Shandah Shaunda
Shawnda Shawndah Shonda
Shondra Shounda  


Chandal Chandel Chandell


Shandal Shandelle
Shaundal Shaundala Shaundela
Shaundell Shaundelle Shawndal
Shawndala Shawndel Shondel

Shandra Sanskrit 'moon'


Chandrea Chandria
Shandra Shandrea Shandri
Shandria Shandriah Shandrie
Shandry Shaundra Shaundrea
Shaundree Shaundria Shawndra
Shawndrea Shawndree Shawndria


Shandee Shandeigh Shandey
Shandi Shandie Shondi
Shondia Shondie  


Shaneeta Shanetha Shanethis
Shanetta Shanette Shanita
Shanitha Shanitra Shanitta
Shaunette Shawnette Shenita
Shonetta Shonette  

Shanice from Janice

Chanessa Chanise Shanease
Shanece Shaneese Shaneice
Shaneisha Shanesha Shaneshia
Shanesia Shanessa Shaniece
Shanise Shanisha Shanissha
Sharnease Sharneese Sharneisha
Sharnese Sharnise Shaunice
Shaunicy Shaunisha Shawnees
Shenice Shenise Zanisha


Shanecka Shaneikah Shaneka
Shanekia Shanequa Shaneyka
Shanica Shanicca Shanicka
Shanieka Shanikah Shanike
Shanikia Shanikka Shanikqua
Shanikwa Shaniqua Shanique
Shaniqwa Shaunika Shawnaka
Shawneika Shawnequa Shawnicka
Shawnika Sheneque Shenica
Shenika Sheniqua Shonneka

Shanta from French 'chanter' to sing

Chantae Chantai Chantay
Chantaye Chante Chantea
Chanteau Chantee Chanter
Chantey Chanti Chantrea
Chanty Chaunt Chauntay
Chaunte Chauntea Chauntee
Schunta Shanta Shantae
Shantai Shantair Shantay
Shantaya Shantaye Shante
Shante' Shantea Shantee
Shantewa Shanteya Shanti
Shantia Shantie Shanuteya
Shaunta Shauntae Shauntay
Shaunte Shauntea Shauntee
Shauntei Shauntia Shauntier
Shawnta Shawntae Shawntay
Shawnte Shawntea Shawntee
Shawntia Shonta Shontae
Shontai Shontay Shontaya
Shonte Shontee Shonti
Shontia Shontoy Shountae
Shunta Shuntae Shunte


Shantainah Shantanika Shantayna
Shantaynah Shantianah  


Chantara Chantarai Shantaria
Shantarra Shantera Shanteria
Shanterra Shantieria Shantira
Shantirea Shontara Shonteria


Chanteese Chantess Chantez
Shandice Shanteasia Shantesa
Shantese Shantise Shantisha
Shauntez Shauntice Shawntish
Shontasia Shontecia Shontessia


Shanteca Shantecca Shanteka


Shanteena Shaundeen Shaunteena
Shawntina Shontina  


Shantori Shantoria Shantory
Shantorya Shanttoria  


Chantoya Shantoia Shatoya


Chandrelle Chantrel Chantrell
Chantrelle Chantrille Chatrelle
Shauntrel Shauntrell Shauntrella
Shauntrelle Shawndreel Shawndrell


Shandreka Shandrice Shantreece
Shantrese Shaundreaka Shaundrice
Shawntriece Shondreka Shontrice


Shenae Shenay Shenda
Shenee Sheneena Shenna

Tandy diminutive of 'Andrew' used as feminine form

Tanda Tandalaya Tandi
Tandie Tandis Tandra

Terika Terry (or Theresa)

Tereka Terica Tericka
Terreka Terricka Terrika

Timika Timothy (or Tamika)

Tikmica Timaka Timeeka
Timeka Timikia Timisha
Timnesha Timora Tymeka
Tymika Tymisha Tymmeeka
Tymmeka Tymmicka  

Tonesha Anthony

Toneice Toneisha Toneisheia
Tonesia Tonicha Toniesha
Tonisa Tonise Tonisha
Tonneshia Tonnisha  

Tyrica from Tyrick based on Tyson

Tyricka Tyrika Tyrikka

Zakeshia Zachariah


This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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