Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Names of French Origin


Aramis Syrian 'aram' - 'high'? (one of the Three Musketeers)

Airamis Ara Aram
Aramia Aramith Aramys

Armand French cognate of Herman/Armin

Ahmon Ammon Amon
Armaanpree Arman Armanda
Armando Armands Armanno
Armen Armenta Armon
Armond Armondo Arnan

Remy French from 'Remigius' - 'oarsman' or 'from Rheims'

Rem Remee Remi
Remie Remmie Remmy

Rene French from 'Renatus' - 'reborn'

Ren Renat Renato
Renatus Renault Renn
Renne Rennee Rennie
Renny Reno Renos


Ardelle form of Adele?

Ardath Ardelia Ardelia
Ardelis Ardi Ardice
Ardith Ardyce Ardys



Chantal placename honouring St Jean de Chantal (Provencal 'cantal' - 'stone') AA

Chantaal Chantael Chantal
Chantale Chantall Chantalle
Chantel Chantela Chantele
Chantell Chantella Chantelle
Chantiel Chantielle Chantil
Chantila Chantill Chantille
Chantle Chauntel Chauntell
Chauntelle Chawntell Chawntelle
Chontelle Shanntell Shantal
Shantale Shanteal Shanteil
Shantel Shantele Shantell
Shantella Shantelle Shantyl
Shantyle Shauntel Shauntell
Shawntel Shawntell Shawntelle
Shawntil Shawntile Shawntill
Shawtille Shentel Shentelle
Shontal Shontalla Shontalle
Shontel Shontelle Shontol

Desiree 'desired AA'

Desara Desarae Desarai
Desaraie Desaray Desaraye
Desare Desarea Desaree
Desarie Desera Deserae
Deserai Deseray Desere
Deseree Deserena Deseret
Deseri Deserie Deserrae
Deserray Deserre Desi
Desir Desira Desirae
Desirah Desirai Desiray
De'sire'e Desire Desire'e
Desirea Desiree Desiree'
Desirey Desiri Des'ree
Desra Desree Dessa
Dessarae Desseree Dessie
Dessirae Dessire Dessiree
Desyre Dezarae Dezaree
Dezere Dezerea Dezerey
Dezerie Dezi Dezia
Dezirae Deziree Dezorae
Dezra Dezrae Dezyrae
Dezzia Dezzie  

Dominique AA

Damanique Domanique Domeneque
Domenika Domenique Domineca
Domineka Domineque Dominica
Dominiqua Dominixe Domino
Dominoque Dominque Dominuque
Dominyika Domique Domka
Dommin Domminique Domnicka
Domonica Domonice Domonika
Domoniqua Domonique  

Genevieve from Celtic root of uncertain meaning

Genaveve Genavieve Genavive
Geneivee Geneva Genever
Geneverea Geneveve Genevie
Genevieva Genevieve Genevievre
Genevive Genevra Genevre
Genovefa Genoveva Genoveve
Genovieve Genovive Ginevieve
Ginevive Ginevra Ginnevra
Guinevieve Guinivive Gwenevieve
Gwenivive Janevra Jeanevra

Germaine AA

Germana Germanie Germaya
Germine Jermain Jermaine
Jerman Jermane Jermayne
Jermecia Jermia Jermice
Jermicia Jermika Jermila

Merle 'blackbird'

Merl Merla Merlina
Merline Merlyn Murle
Myrleen Myrlene Myrline

Mireille Provencal

Mireil Mirella Mirelle
Mirelys Mireya Mireyda
Mirielle Mirilla Myrella

Pascale Latin 'paschalis' - 'of Easter' from Hebrew 'pesach' - 'passover'

Pascalette Pascaline Pascalle
Paschale Pashel Pashka

Remi 'from Rheims'

Remee Remie Remy

Sidonie from 'Saint Denis'

Sidaine Sidanni Sidelle
Sidoine Sidona Sidonia
Sidony Sydonia Syndona

Yolanda possibly from Violante - 'violet' AA'

Colanda? Eolande Iolanthe
Jola Jolan Jolanda
Jolande Jolander Jolanka
Jolanta Jolantha Jolanthe
Yalanda Yalando Yalonda
Ylana Ylanda Ylonda
Yola Yolaine Yolana
Yoland Yolandah Yolande
Yolane Yolanna Yolantha
Yolanthe Yolette Yolonda
Yorlanda Youlanda Yulanda

AA - indicates a name is particularly popular with African American families.

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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