Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)


India was part of the British Empire and is still a member of the Commonwealth. During the later C20th, many Indian people moved to Britain to work. They have retained their religion, cultural traditions and naming system. In America and to a lesser extent Britain, some of their names have been used by other ethnic groups.


Anil Hindu 'air, wind'

Aneel Anel Aniel

Chand Sanskrit canda, 'moon'

Chan Chandan Chandany
Chandara Chandaravth Chander
Chann Chano  

Malik Hindu/Indian 'king'

Maalik Malak Maleek
Malick Malikh Maliki
Maliq Malique Mallik

Taj Urdu 'crown'

Tahj Tajh  


Chaka/Chakra Sanskrit circle of energy? (Or from Shaka?)

Achakrah Chakai Chakara
Chakaria Chakena Chakeria
Chakia Chakila Chakina
Chakir Chakka Chakkah
Chakria Chakriya Chakyra

Chandra Sanskrit moon

Chanahvi Chandni


Chandrea Chandrelle Chandria
Chania Chanlin Chanlynna
Chanrithy Shanda Shandi

Jaspreet Punjabi 'virtuous'

Jasparit Jasparita Jasprit
Jasprita Jasprite  

Rani Sanskrit 'queen' Hebrew 'joyful'

Rahne Rahni Ranee
Rania Ranice Ranique
Rawna Rawnie Rhawnie

Ratana Thai 'crystal' or Ratna Hindu 'jewel'

Ratania Ratanya Ratna
Rattan Rattana  

Sita Hindi 'divine woman' (a goddess)

Sitah Sitarah Sitha

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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