Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Female Names of Celtic Origin

Although some Celtic names, mostly those of saints, remained part of the common stock, it is only in recent decades that the revival of interest in the culture and traditions of the Celtic peoples has led to Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and Cornish names being used regularly in English speaking countries.


Bronwen 'white breasted'

Bron Bronney Bronnie
Bronwin Bronwyn Bronwynn


Deryn 'bird'

Derren Derrin Derrine


Gwladus form of Claudia?

Gladis Gladys


Guinevere 'white smooth' i.e. 'fair lady'

Generva Guenevere Guinivere
Guinna Gwenevere Gwenivere
Gwenyvere Gwynnevere


Gwen 'white'

Gwenesha Gweness Gweneta
Gweni Gwenisha Gwenn
Gwenna Gwennie Gwenny
Gwinda Gwinn Gwinne
Gwyn Gwynn Gwynne

Gwendolen 'white bow/ring'

Gendolynn Guendolen Gwedalyn
Gwedela Gwenda Gwendalee
Gwendalin Gwendaline Gwendolene
Gwendolin Gwendoline Gwendolyn
Gwendolyne Gwendolynn Gwendolynne
Gwendylan Gwinda Gwynda
Wendolen Wendolyn Wendy

Keridwen 'cerdd' - 'poetry' + 'gwen' - 'white/fair'

Ceridwen Ceridwyn Cyradwen
Kerewyn Keridwyn


Lynn 'llyn' - 'lake'? or diminutive of Linda

Lin Linel Linell
Linet Linette Linh
Linn Linnane Linnell
Linnet Linnetta Linnette
Linnie Lyn Lyna
Lyndel Lyndell Lyndella
Lyne Lynell Lynelle
Lynett Lynetta Lynette
Lynlee Lynley Lynlla
Lynna Lynne Lynnell
Lynnelle Lynnet Lynnette


Megan cognate of Margaret

Maegan Maeghan Magan
Magen Meagain Meagan
Meagann Meagen Meaghan
Meaghann Meaghen Meagin
Meagnah Meagon Meahgan
Meeghan Megann Megean
Meggan Megha Meghan
Meghana Meghane Meghann
Meghanne Meghean Meghen
Megyn Mehgan Mehgen


Meredith from male name/surname Maredudd


Morgan 'mor' - sea'

Morgana Morgance Morgane
Morganetta Morganette Morganica
Morgann Morganna Morganne
Morgen Morgyn Morrigan

Rhianna from Rhiannon?

Rayahna Rayann Rayanna
Reana Reann Reanna
Rehana Rehanna Reyanna
Reyanne Rheana Rheann
Rheanna Rheina Rhenna
Rhian Rhiana Rhianna
Rhianne Rhiauna Rhyan
Rhyanna Rian Riana
Riane Riann Rianna
Rianne Riayn Riona


Rhiannon 'great queen'

Reannan Reannen Reannon
Rheannan Rheanne Rheanon
Rhennon Rhiannen Rhianon
Rhianwen Rhinnon Rhyannen
Riannon Rianon


Rhonda 'rhon' - 'lance' and 'da' - 'good' (modern)

Rhondelle Rhondene Rhondiesha
Rhonnie Ronda Rondai
Rondel Rondelle Rondesia
Rondi Ronelle Ronndelle


Sian cognate of Jane

Sharn Sharna Sharnae
Sharnay Sharne Sharnea
Sharnee Sharnell Sharnelle
Sharnett Sharnetta Siana


Winifred 'Gwenfrewi' - 'blessed peace'

Wina Winafred Windefride
Winefred Winfreda Winfrieda
Winiefrida Winifrid Winifryd
Winna Winnafred Winnah
Winne Winnefred Winney
Winni Winnie Winniefred
Winnifred Winny Wyn
Wynafred Wynifred Wynn
Wynne Wynnie Wynnifred


Aileen/Eileen 'Eibhlin' a form of Evelyn

Aila Ailean Aileenah
Ailene Aili Ailina
Ailinn Ayla Aylana
Ayleana Aylee Ayleen
Aylene Aylie Aylin
Eilean Eilena Eilene
Eiley Eilleen Eillen
Eilyn Eleen Elene
Ileana Ileen Ilene
Ilennis Iliana Ilianne

Aisling/Ashling 'dream/vision'

Aislinn Ashlan Ashleann
Ashleen Ashleene Ashlen
Ashlene Ashliann Ashlianne
Ashlin Ashline Ashlyn
Ashlyne Ashlynn Ashlynne


Alina form of Aileen or Adeline?'

Aleana Aleany Aleen
Aleena Aleene Alena
Alene Alenna Aliana
Aliene Alinaa Aline
Alline Allyn Allyna
Allyne Alyn Alyna
Alyne Alynne


Arlene 'pledge'?

Ahleena Arla Arlana
Arleen Arlen Arlena
Arlenis Arleyne Arliene
Arlina Arlinda Arline
Arlis Arlyn Arlyne


Brenda Celtic branr - sword'? Shetland name used as feminine form of Brendan

Breena Breenna Breina
Bren Brena Brena
Brendette Brendie Brenie
Brenin Brenn Brenna
Brennah Brennaugh Brina


Bridget/Bedelia 'brigh' - 'strength', 'briganti' - 'high one''

Bedeelia Beret Berget
Bergette Bergit Biddy
Bidelia Birgit Birgita
Birgitta Breeda Bride
Bridey Bridger Bridgete
Bridgett Bridgette Bridgid
Bridgit Bridgitt Bridgitte
Bridgot Bridie Brigada
Briget Brigette Briggitte
Brighid Brigid Brigit
Brigita Brigitta Brita
Brydie Gitta


Cailin form of Caitlin?

Caelan Cailan Caileen
Caileine Cailene Cailine
Cailon Cailyn Cailynn
Cailynne Calin Caylan
Cayleen Caylin Cayline
Caylne Caylyn Caylyne


Caitlin from Greek 'Katherine'

Cait Caitlan Caitland
Caitlandt Caitleen Caitlen
Caitlene Caitlin Caitline
Caitlinn Caitlon Caitlyn
Caitlynn Caitlynne Catelyn
Catelynn Catlee Catleen
Catleene Catlin Catlyn
Catlynn Catlynne Caytlin
Caytlyn Kaatlain Kaetlin
Kaetlyn Kaetlynn Kaetlynne
Kaitalyn Kaiteland Kaitelynn
Kaitelynne Kaitlan Kaitland
Kaitlee Kaitleen Kaitlen
Kaitlin Kaitlind Kaitlinn
Kaitlon Kaitlym Kaitlyn
Kaitlynn Kaitlynne Katalin
Katalynn Kateellen Katelan
Kateland Kateleen Katelen
Katelene Katelin Katelind
Katelinn Katelun Katelyn
Katelyne Katelynn Katelynne
Katielyn Katilin Katilynn
Katlaina Katland Katleyn
Katlin Katlyn Katlynd
Katlyne Katlynn Katlynne
Kayelyn Kayetlyn Kaytelyn
Kaytelynne Kaytlen Kaytlin
Kaytlyn Kaytlynn


Colleen Irish word for 'girl'

Coleen Colena Colene
Colina Colinda Coline
Colleene Collen Collene
Collina Colline


Deirdre Old Irish 'derdriu' - 'young girl' or Celtic 'diedre' - 'fear'

Dedra Deedra Deedre
Deedrea Deedrie Deerdra
Deidra Deidre Deidrie
Deiondrey Deirdree Diedra
Diedre Dierdra Dierdre


Doreen 'Doireann' - 'sullen' or from 'Dorothy'

Dorean Dorinnia Dorren
Dorene Doran



Falan Faleen Falen
Falena Falene Falin
Falina Faline Fallan
Fallonne Falon Falyn
Falynn Falynne Faullenn


Fionnghuala Gaelic 'white shoulders'

Fenelia Fenella Fenula
Finella Finola Finula
Fionnuala Fionnula


Kathleen cognate of Greek 'Katherine'

Cataleen Catalena Catalene
Catalin Catalyn Catalyna
Cateline Cathaleen Cathaline
Catheleen Cathelin Cathelina
Cathelyn Cathleana Cathleen
Cathlene Cathleyn Cathlin
Cathlyn Cathlyne Catlaina
Catlina Kataleena Katalia
Katalyn Kathaleen Kathalene
Kathileen Kathlene Kathlyn
Kathlynn Kathlynne Katleen
Katlin Katlyn Katlynn

Keara 'black/dark'

Kayra Keaira Keara
Kearia Kearra Keera
Keeri Keerra Keira
Keirra Kera Keraya
Kieara Kiera Kierah
Kierana Kieranna Kierea
Kierra Kiia Kiri
Kirra Kyera Kyira
Kyra Kyrah Kyrene
Kyria Kyriah Kyriann


Kyla from surname/placename 'Kyle'?

Khyla Kial Kila
Kilana? Kylah Kyle

Maureen cognate of Mary

Maura Maure Maurene
Maurine Mo Moreen
Morena Morene Morreen


Meave 'Meadhbh' either 'joy' or 'great'

Mab Maeve Maevi
Maevy Maive Mayve

Moira 'mor' - 'great' or cognate of Mary

Moirae Moirah Moire
Moya Moyra Moyrah

Mona Muadhnait from 'muadh'

Moina Monah Mone
Monea Monna Moyna

Muriel 'Muirgheal' - 'sea bright'

Muireal Murial Muriell


Myrna 'Muirne' - 'beloved'

Merna Mirna Morna


Niamh 'bright'

Neiva Neva Neve
Nevein Nevena Nevia
Nevin Nevina Nevsa
Neyva Nieve Nivena

Noreen from Latin 'Honora'

Noreena Noren Norene
Norina Norine Nureen?

Oona 'famine/hunger' or 'uan' - lamb'?

Ona Onna Onnie
Oonagh Oonie Ownah

Shauna cognate of Jane

Sawna Shaun Shauna
Shaunah Shaune Shaunea
Shaunee Shauni Shaunie
Shaunna Shaunya Shawn
Shawna Shawnae Shawnai
Shawne Shawnea Shawnee
Shawni Shawnie Shawnna

Sheelagh/Sheila cognate of 'Cecilia'

Seel Seelia Seil
Seila Sela Selia
Selie Shealee Shealy
Sheela Sheelah Sheilagh
Sheilah Sheileen Sheiletta
Sheilia Sheillyn Sheilya
Shela Shelagh Shelah
Shelan Shelanda Shelia
Sheyla Shiela Sile

Sheena cognate of Jean/Jane

Seanna Seinna Sheana
Sheann Sheanna Sheanta
Sheaon Sheenagh Sheenah
Sheenan Sheeneal Sheenie
Sheenika Sheenna Sheina
Sheindel Shena Shene
Shenea Shi Shina
Shine Shineeca Shineese
Shinelle Shinequa Shineta
Shiniqua Shinita Shynia

Sinead cognate of Jane

Shenada Sheneda


Siobhan cognate of Joan

Chavauna Chavon Chavonn
Chavonna Chevaonna Chevon
Chevonn Schavon Schevon
Shavan Shavana Shavanna
Shavaughna Shavaun Shavawan
Shavon Shavona Shavonda
Shavondra Shavonna Shavonne
Shavonni Shavontae Shavonte
Shavoun Sheavon Shevaun
Shevon Shevonda Shevone
Shevonne Shibahn Shibani
Shibhan Shioban Shiobhan
Shivani Shivaun Shivawn
Shivonne Shobana Shobha
Shobhana Shyvon Shyvonne
Siobahn Siobhana Siobhann
Siobhon Siovaun Siovhan


Catriona cognate of Katherine

Caitriona Catina Catreen
Catreena Catrene Catrenia
Catri Catriana Catrina
Catrine Catrinia Catroina
Katreen Katreena Katreina
Katrelle Katrena Katrene
Katri Katrianna Katrice
Katricia Katrien Katrin
Katrina Katrine Katrinia
Katriona Katryce Katryn
Katryna Katrynna Kattiah
Kattrina Katus Katuska
Katyrina Keytreauna


Kirsten cognate of Christine

Karsten Karstin Kearstin
Keersten Keirstan Keirsten
Keirstin Keirstyn Kersten
Kerstin Kerston Kerstyn
Khursten Kiersten Kierstin
Kierstyn Kirstan Kirsteen
Kirstene Kirsteni Kirstien
Kirstin Kirstine Kirstn
Kirston Kirstyn Kjersten
Kjersti Kursten Kurstin
Kyrsten Kyrstyne


Kirsty form of Kirsten

Kerstie Kirsa Kirsha
Kirsta Kirste Kirstee
Kirsti Kirstie Kyrsty

Shona cognate of Jean/Jane

Sione Sionie Sheona
Shiona Shonagh Shonah
Shone Shonee Shoni
Shonna Shonnie



Jennifer form of Guinevere - Cornish?

Gennifer Ginnifer Jenefer
Jenifer Jeniffer Jenipher
Jennafer Jennefer Jennier
Jenniffe Jenniffer Jenniffier
Jennifier Jenniphe Jennipher



Jen Jenka Jenna
Jennia Liljenny Gen
Jhenna Genia Genn
Jennah Je'neia Jenn
Genna Jennaya Yen

Jenny (also a pet form of 'Jane')

Genae Genee Geni
Genie Gennae Gennay
Genni Gennie Genny
Jenae Jenai Jenay
Jenee Jeni Jennae
Jennay Jenne Jennee
Jenney Jenni Jennie
Jeny Yeni Yenih


Joyce Breton male saint 'Jodoc'

Joce Joice Joycey
Joycie Joysei


Kerensa Cornish 'loving/affectionate'?

Karensa Karenza Kerenza

Sabrina early name for River Severn

Cabrina Cebryna Kabrena?
Kabrina? Sabra Sabreena
Sabrena Sabrinia Sabrinna
Sabryna Sebree Sebrena
Sebrina Soprinna Zabreena
Zabrina Zabryna


This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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