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Celtic Male Names

Although some Celtic names, mostly those of saints, remained part of the common stock, it is only in recent decades that the revival of interest in the culture and traditions of the Celtic peoples has led to Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and Cornish names being used more frequently in English speaking countries.  


Evan cognate of John

Eavan Eivan Eoin
Evann Evans Even
Evens Evin Evo


Gareth 'Gahariet' or from Latin 'Gerontius' - 'old man'

Garith Garreth Garyth

Griffith 'Gruffydd' - from 'Grippiud' - 'prince' or Latin 'rufus' - 'red'

Griff Griffie Griffy

Llewellyn Celtic 'Lugobelinos' - 'bright one' or 'Llewel' - 'lion'

Llewelin Llewellen Llewelleyn
Llewellin Llywellyn Lywelyn

Lynn 'llyn' - 'lake'?

Lin Lyn Lynell
Lynnard Lynoll


Marvin 'Mervyn' 'sea-hill'?

Marve Marven Marvi
Marvin Marvis Marwin
Marwynn Merv Mervin
Mervyn Mervynn Merwin
Merwinn Merwyn Murvin
Murvyn Myrvyn Myrvynn


Meredith 'Maredudd' maybe from 'iudd' - 'lord

Meredithe Meredy Meredyth
Meredythe Meridath Merideth
Meridie Meridith Merridie
Merridith Merry


Owen 'oen' - 'lamb' or 'eoghunn' - 'youth' or Latin 'Eugenius' - 'well-born'

Oanh Owain Owens
Owin Uaine



Aidan 'little fiery one'

Adan Aden Adian
Adin Aedan Aydan
Ayden Aydin Edden

Brendan 'brandr' - 'swordblade' or Germanic 'Brandolf' - 'swordwolf'

Breandan Breandon Bren
Brenden Brendene Brendin
Brendine Brendis Brendon
Brenn Brenndan Brenton

Brandon/Brennan (surname forms)

Brandan Branddon Branden
Brandin Brandone Brandonn
Brandun Brandyn Branen
Brannan Branndan Brannden
Branndon Brannon Branon
Breannan Brenan Brennen
Brennin Brennon Brenon
Brynden Bryndon Bryndyn


Brian 'brigh' - 'strength' or 'bruaich' - 'hill/steep'

Brain Brayan Brayon
Bri Briano Brien
Briny Brion Bryam
Bryan Bryen Bryn
Brynn Bryon


Calum/Colm Gaelic form of 'Columba' - 'dove'

Caelum Cahlum Callam
Callum Calym Kalem



Conaire Conary Connar
Conner Conor Conroy
Conry Kohn Konnar
Konner Konnor Konor

Corin 'Corrigan' - 'spearman'? Greek fem 'Corinna' or Lat Quirinus

Corrin Corryn Korihn
Korin Korrin


Diarmuid 'Diarmait' - 'free from envy'

Dermod Dermot Dermott


Duane 'Dubhan' - 'little dark one'

Dawayne Dawyne Deune
Dewayne Doane Du'aine
Duain Duaine Duana
Duwain Duwan Duwane
Duwayn Duwayne Dwain
Dwaine Dwan Dwane
Dwayne Dwon Dwyane


Fergus 'man-strength'

Fearghas Fearghus Feargus
Ferg Fergie


Finian 'fionn' - 'fair'

Fin Finn Finnian
Finnie Finnis Finny
Fionan Fionn Fynn
Phinean Phinian


Flann 'red'

Flainn Flan Flanna
Flannan Flannery


Garrett form of Germanic 'Gerald'

Gared Garet Garett
Garhett Garodd Garrad
Garrat Garratt Garred
Garret Garrett Garrett
Garrette Garrit Garrod
Gerret Gerrett Gerrit
Gerrit Gerritt Gerrot


Kalen 'Kellen' - 'warrior'?

Kaile Kailean Kailen
Kailer Kalan Kallan
Kelonn Kheelan Kellen


Kael Kaelan Kaelen
Kaelin Kaelyn Kail
Kailan Kailen Kailin
Kalan Kalen Kalin
Kallan Kallen Kallin
Kallon Kallun Kalon
Kalun Kalyn Kaylan
Kaylen Kaylin Kaylon
Kaylyn Keelan Keelen
Keelian Keilan Keillan
Kellen Kellin Kellon
Kelynn Keylan Keylen
Kialen Kilan Kilean
Kilen Kilian Killie
Killy Kilon Kylan
Kylen Kylin


Kermit form of Dermot/Diarmuid?

Kermey Kermie Kermy

Kevin 'Caoimhin' - 'handsome'

Cavan Caven Cavin
Cavinh Kavan Kavy
Kavyn Keevin Keevon
Kervin Kervyn Kev
Kevan Keve Keven
Keveon Kevernee Kevin
Kevinn Kevins Kevion
Kevis Kevn Kevon
Kevron Kevvy Kevyn
Kevynn Kyvon Tevin?

Kian 'cian' - 'ancient'

Cein Cian Cianan
Kian Kiante Kyan

Kieran 'Ciaran' a diminutive of 'ciar' - 'dark/black'

Cearo? Keiran Keirdan
Kern Kernan Keuren
Kieren Kierian Kiernan
Kieron Kierre Kierrez
Kyran Kyren Kyron

Oran 'odhar' - 'pale green' or Hebrew 'oren' - 'pine tree'

Odhran Odran Ora
Orane Oren Orin
Oris Orono Orran
Orren Orrin


Patrick from Latin 'patricius' - 'patrician' (Saint's name)

Paddey Paddie Paddy
Paden Padraic Paidyn
Pat Patric Patrik
Patrique Patrizius Patryk
Pats Patsy


Ronan 'seal'

Renan Ronat


Sean cognate of John

Schon Schonn Seaghan
Seanan Seann Senae
Shaan Shai'ahn Shaine
Shane Shaughan Shaun
Shawen Shawn Shawne
Shawnee Shawnn Shawon
Shayn Shayne Shohn
Shon Shouan Shoun
Shuwn Sion Voshon?


Alistair form of Alexander

Alaisdair Alaistair Alaister
Alasdair Alastair Alasteir
Alaster Alastor Aleister
Alester Alista Allaistar
Allastair Allaster Allastir
Allysdair Alystair


Donald 'world ruler'

Don Donal Donaldo
Donall Donalt Donaugh
Donell Doni Donnell
Donnie Donyell


Dougal 'Dubhghall' - 'dark stranger'

Dougall Dugal Dugald
Dugall Dughall


Eamonn cognate of Old English 'Edmund'

Aimon Ayman Aymon
Eamon Eemon


Ewen cognate of John

Ewan Hewan Iwan

Ian cognate of John

Aeon Ayan Eain
Ean Eaon Eian
Eion Eyon Iain

Kenneth 'Cinaed' - 'born of fire' and 'Caioneach' -'handsome'

Keneth Kennet Kennethen
Kennett Kennieth Kennith
Kennth Kennyth



Ken Keni Kenn
Kenney Kennie Kenny


Lachlan 'laochail' - 'warlike' or 'Lochlainn' - 'lakeland'

Lachann Lache Lachie
Lachlann Lachy Lakelan
Lakeland Leachlainn Lochlain


Malcolm 'servant of Columba'

Malcolum Malcom Malcum


Neil/Nigel 'Niall' 'cloud' or 'champion'

Neal Neall Nealle
Nealon Nealy Neel
Neihl Neile Neill
Neille Nele Nels
Neylon Nial Niall
Nialle Niegel Niele
Niels Nigal Nigiel
Nigil Nigle Nijel
Nil Niles Nilo
Nils Nilsson Nilya
Nye Nygel Nyle


Alan/Alain rock? (a Breton saint)

Aelan Ailin Alaen
Alainn Alair Alaire
Aland Alani Alayn
Alayne Alen Allain
Allan Allen Allenon
Alleyn Allin Alluan
Allyn Alon Lan

Arthur 'artos' bear, 'art' stone or Latin gens 'Artorius'

Art Artair Arte
Artek Arth Arther
Arthor Artian Artie
Artis Artor Artos
Artur Arturo Artus
Arty Athuro Atty
Aurthar Aurther Aurthur


Brock badger??

Broc Brocke Brockett
Brockie Brockley Brockton
Brocky Brok Broque

Gavin/Gawain 'Gwalchmai' - 'hawk-battle'?

Gaeven Gaiven Gavan
Gaven Gavinn Gavino
Gavyn Gavynn Gawaine
Gawan Gawayn Gawayne
Gawen Gwaine Gwayn


Marlon form of Merlin?

Mailon? Marlen Marlyn

Merlin 'sea-hill/fortress'

Merle Merlen Merlinn
Merlyn Merlynn Meryl

Tristan Gaelic 'Drystan' from 'drest' - 'tumult/riot'

Drustan Thristan Trestan
Treston Trinton Tris
Trisan Trisstian Trista
Tristain Tristam Tristano
Tristany Tristean Tristen
Tristian Tristiane Tristin
Tristine Triston Tristram
Tristyn Trust Trustan
Trusten Trustin Truston
Tryistan Trystan Trysten
Trystian Trystin Tryston

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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