Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Germanic Female Names

These names arrived in Britain from several sources - the Anglo-Saxon invasions after the Roman withdrawal, the Norse raids of the C8th - 10th and the Norman Conquest of 1066. Most died out in the early Middle Ages although there were some survivals especially names borne by saints or kings. Some were revived during the C18th interest in the 'Gothic' and many more came into fashion again as a result of various religious and literary movements in the C19th.

Old English

Audrey Aethelthryth/Etheldreda 'noble strength'

Aude Audel Audelia
Audey Audi Audie
Audiel Audine Audra
Audray Audre Audree
Audreen Audreena Audrey
Audri Audria Audriana
Audrianne Audrie Audrin
Audrina Audry Audrye
Aundra Aundraya Aundrea
Aundreya Aundronique Aurianna
Autrey Awudrey


Edith 'Eadgyth' - 'prosperous war'

Eadith Ede Edetta
Edette Edite Edithe
Editta Ediva Edy
Edye Edyta Edyth
Edytha Edythe Eyde


Elfreda Aelfthryth 'elf strength'

Elfie Elfrea Elfrida
Elfredda Elfreeda Elfreyda
Elfrieda Elfryda



Ethel 'noble' (not used alone before C19th)

Ethelda Ethelin Etheline
Ethelle Ethelyn Ethelynn
Ethelynne Ethyl Lethel

Mildred 'Mildthryth' - 'gentle strength'

Mildrene Mildrid


Rowena may be 'Hrodwyn' - 'fame friend''

Ro Row Rowan
Rowe Roweena Rowina


Astrid 'god strength''

Asta Astri Astrida
Astrik? Astrud Atti
Estrid Sassa


Brunhilda 'battle corslet'

Brinhilda Brinhilde Bruna
Brynhilda Brynhilde


Karen Scandinavian cognate of Greek Katherine

Calyn? Caren Carena
Carin Carina Carine
Caron Caronne Carren
Carrin Carron Caryn
Caryna Caryne Carynn
Cirayne Kaaren Kaarin
Kaarina Kahlin Kahryn
Karaina Karan Kareen
Kareena Karena Karina
Karine Karinna Karinne
Karna Karon Karren
Karrin Karrina Karrine
Karron Karryna Karryne
Karyn Karyna Karyne
Karynne Keren Kerina
Keriynn Kerryn Kerrynn
Kerrynne Kheryna Kkerrin
Koren Kyrina


Freya the goddess of fertility

Fraya Freja Freyja


Gudrun 'god's secret' or 'friend of war'?

Gudren Gudrin Gudrinn


Hedda form of 'Hedvig' - 'war'?

Edda Heda Hedaya
Heddey Heddi Heddie
Heddy Hede Hedi
Hedia Hetta




Ragnhild 'battle counsel'

Ragna Ragnell Ragnhild
Rainell Renilda Renilde

Signy 'victory -'

Sig Signa Singna


Sigourney from Sigrun 'victory secret'?


Sigrid 'victory rider?'

Siegrid Siegrida Sigrid
Sigridur Sigritt


Thora from Thor, god of thunder

Thordia Thordis Thorri

Old German/Norman French

Adelaide 'Adalheidis - 'noble one'

Adalaida Adaline Addala
Addelaide Addie Addy
Adelade Adelaid Adelayda
Adelheid Adeliade Del
Della Heidi Laidey


Adele/Adelina 'adal' - 'noble'

Adal Adala Adali
Adalia Adalie Adalin
Adalina Adaline Adaly
Adalyn Addal Addala
Addaly Addie Addily
Adee Adeela Adeena
Adel Adeleana Adelei
Adeleine Adelia Adelice
Adelin Adelinda Adelista
Adelita Adeliya Adell
Adella Adelle Adellyna
Adelyn Adelynn Adera
Adeyla Adilene Adilenne
Adillia Adlena Adlene
Adlin Adline Aley


Alice/Alicia Norman French form of Adelaide

Aalyshah Ahlasia Alacia
Aleacia Aleasha Aleashea
Aleasia Alecea Alecia
Aleece Aleecia Aleesa
Aleesha Aleesia Aleisha
Aleseya Alesha Aleshia
Alesia Alica Alican
Alicea Alicha Alichia
Alician Alicie Alicja
Alicya Aliece Aliecia
Alies Aliese Aliesha
Alieshai Alieshia Alis
Alisa Aliscia Alise
Alish Alisha Alishah
Alishay Alishaye Alishea
Alishia Alishya Alisia
Alisse Alissie Alisza
Alize Allecia Alleece
Alles Allese Allicea
Allicia Allie Allisa
Allise Allisha Allissa
Allisse Allix Allyce
Allysa Allyscia Allyse
Allysea Allysha Allysia
Allysiah Allyssa Allysse
Aluse Alyce Alycea
Alycia Alyisa Alyissa
Alysa Alyscia Alyse
Alysea Alysha Alyshea
Alyshia Alysia Alyssa
Alysse Alyssha Alyssia
Alyze Arliss Elicia
Ilisa Illisa Illissa
Illyssa Ilyce Ilysa
Ilyssa Licha Licia
Lisha Lishia Lisia
Lycia Lyssa Lyssah


Alison diminutive form of Alice

Alicen Aliciana Alicianna
Alicyn Alisann Alisanne
Alisen Alisson Alisun
Alisyn Alleysen Allicyn
Allison Allisson Allsun
Allysen Allyson Allysson
Allysun Alysin Alyson


Amelia from 'amal' - 'work/labour'

Amaley Amalia Amaliya
Ameila Amela Amelee
Ameley Amelie Amelina
Amelisa Amella Amellia
Amilia Amilina Amilisa
Amilla Amilya Amulya
Amylia Yamelia


Ava from 'avi'

Aeva Avada Avae
Ave Aveen Avi
Avia Aviana Avianca


Emmeline from 'amal' - 'work'

Emalina Emaline Emeline
Emelyn Emelyne Emelynne
Emileane Emileann Emilina
Emiline Emilyn Emilynn
Emlyn Emlynn Emlynne
Emmalene Emmalina Emmaline
Emmalyn Emmalynn Emmalynne


Evelyn from 'Avelina''

Avylyn Evalea Evalee
Evaleen Evalene Evalina
Evaline Evalyn Evelena
Evelin Eveline Evelyn
Evelyne Evelynn Evelynne
Evike Evile Evline
Evvie Evvy Evyn


Eloise 'Helewidis' - 'hearty/sound wide'

Eloisa Elloise Heloise

Gertrude 'Geretrudis' - 'spear strength'

Gerda Gert Gerta
Gertey Gerti Gertie
Gertina Gerty Truda
Trude Trudessa Trudey
Trudi Trudie Trudy

Giselle from 'gisl' - 'pledge'

Gese? Gicelle Gissel
Gitzel Gizelle


Griselda 'Griseldis' - 'gries' - 'stone' or 'grisja' grey + 'hild' battle?

Gricela Gricelda Grisel
Griseldys Griselys Grissel
Grissele Grissely Grizel


Hilda 'hildr' - 'battle'

Hildagard Hildagarde Hildegarde
Hildey Hildie Hildred
Hildur Hildy Hylda

Ida 'id - 'labour'

Idaia Idaya Ide
Idelle Ider Idette
Iduska Idys


Jocelyn from 'Gautelen' - 'gauta' - 'a Goth' + ling

Jocelin Joceline Jocelyne
Jocelynn Jocelynne Jocilyn
Jocilynn Joclyn Josalene
Josalynn Joscelin Josceline
Joscelyn Joscelynn Joscelynne
Joselene Joselin Joseline
Joselyn Joselyne Joselynn
Joselynne Joshalin Joshalyn
Joshalynn Joshleen Joshlene
Joshlin Joshline Joshlyn
Joshlyne Joshlynn Joshlynne
Josielina Josilin Josiline
Josilyn Josilyne Josilynn
Josilynne Joslin Josline
Joslyn Joslyne Joslynn
Joslynne Jossalin Jossaline
Jossalyn Jossalynn Jossalynne
Josseline Jossellen Jossellin
Jossellyn Josselyn Josselyne
Josselynn Josselynne Josslin
Jossline Josslyn Josslyne
Josslynn Josslynne Joycelin
Joycelyn Jozelynn Yoselin


Melisande form of Millicent

Malisande Malissande Malyssandre
Melesande Melisandra Melisandre
Melisenda Melissande Melissandre
Mellisande Melond Melysande


Millicent 'Amalaswinth' - 'work strength'

Melicent Meliscent Mellicent
Mellisent Mili Milicent
Milisent Milla Millee
Milley Millie Millisent
Milly Milzie Missie


Oriel 'Orieldis' - may be 'fire battle'

Auriel Oriella Oriola


Ottilia/Odile from 'Odila' - 'fortune/prosperity'

Oda Oddetta Odeelia
Odelle Odetta Odette
Odila Odilia Ottilie


Rosamund 'hros' - 'horse' + 'mund' - 'protection'

Rosamond Rosamunda Rosemonde
Roz Rozamond



Dyvette? Evett Evette
Ivete Iveth Ivetha
Ivett Ivetta Ivette
Jeveta Jevetta Jevette
Yavette Yevett Yevetta
Yevette Yvetta



Evenne Eveny Evon
Evonda Evonne Evonnie
Evony Ivon Ivona
Ivone Ivonna Ivonne
Iwona Iwonka Iwonna
Iwonne Vonni Vonnie
Vonny Yavanda Yavanna
Yavanne Yavonda Yavonna
Yavonne Yvon Yvone
Yvonna Yvonny


This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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