Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Female Names of Greek Origin

These names have been used occasionally in England since medieval times when saints and early Christian figures were sometimes commemorated. Names from Ancient Greek mythology and history became popular during the Classical revivals of the C18th and C19th.

Adonia fem of Adonis?

Agnes 'pure'

Aganetha Agna Agneis
Agnelia Agnella Agnesa
Agnesina Agness Agnessa
Agnesse Agneti Agnetta


Ag Aggie Agi
Nesa Nese Nesi
Ness Nessa Nessi
Nessie Nessy


Alethea 'aletheia' - 'truth'

Alathea Alathia Aleta
Aletha Alethia Aletia
Aletta Alithea Alithia
Alyta Letha Lethe
Lethia Oleathea Oleta

Althea 'Althaia' from 'althainen' - 'to heal'

Altha Altheda Altheya
Althia Eltha Eltheya


Anastasia 'resurrection'

Aanastassia Anastace Anastacia
Anastase Anastasha Anastashia
Anastasiya Anastassya Anastice
Annastasia Annateya Ansatatia


Stacci Stace Stacee
Stacey Staci Stacia
Stacie Staicy Stas
Stasa Stashia Stasia
Stasja Staska Stasya
Stayce Staycee Stayci


Angela 'angelus' messenger

Angeilia Angel Angele
Angelea Angeleah Angelee
Angeleigh Angeles Angeli
Angelia Angelie Angell
Angella Angelle Angellia
Angie Angil Angila
Angla Angle Anglea
Angleah Angy Anjali
Anjel Anji Anjilla
Anxi D'angela Eangelia
Onjel Onjole Tangela


Angeleca Angelic Angelici
Angeliqua Angelique Angellica
Angilica Angilique Anglica
Anjelaka Anjelica Anjelika



Angalena Angalina Angeleana
Angeleen Angeleena Angelena
Angelene Angeliana Angellina
Angelyn Angelyna Angelyne
Angelynn Angelynne Angilene
Anhelina Anjelina Tangelina


Anganita Angazala Angelamija
Angelanell Angelanette Angelita
Angellita Anjana Anjanette


Anisa from Agnes?

Anecia Aneesa Aneesha
Aneisha Anescia Anessa
Anica Aniesa Anish
Anisha Anissa Anissha
Anysa Anyssa Innesa

Anthea 'flowery' a name for the goddess Hera

Antha Anthe Anthia
Thia Zanthea




Aretha from god 'Ares'?

Areetha Areta Aretina
Aretta Arita Aritha
Oretha Retha Ritha

Arianna form of Ariadne ''holy'

Aeriana Aeriann Aerianna
Aireanna Aireona Airiana
Airiann Aiyana Areana
Areanna Ariahna Ariana
Arianie Ariann Arianna
Ariannie Ariawna Arieana
Arieann Arieene Arien
Ariena Arienne Arieon
Arionna Arriana Aryana
Aryanna Aryeonna Aryonna
Ayanna Eraihna?







Addi Addie Alani
Atalaya Atlanta Atlante
Atlee Atti Attie

Athena the goddess of wisdom

Athene Athenea Athina



Barbara 'barbarus' - 'foreign/strange'

Babra Barbarit Barbarita
Barbary Barbeeleen Barbora



Bab Barbie Bebe
Bobbie Babb Bar
Bobbi Babbie Barb
Babby Barba Babe
Barby Babina Babs


Berenice 'Pherenike' 'bringer of victory'

Berenis Berenise Berenize
Bernessa Bernice Bernise
Nixie Verenice Verenis
Vereniz Vernice


Calandra 'beautiful one'

Calandre Calandria Caleida
Calendera Kalan Kalandra


Callie short form of Callista ,Calandra, Calantha etc.

Calida Calie Calina
Calissa Calla Callea
Calley Calli Callida
Callie Cally Kalle
Kallee Kallen Kalley
Kalli Kallie Kallita


Callista from 'Kallisto' - 'most beautiful'

Calesta Calista Calysta
Kalesta Kalista Kallesta
Kallista Kallysta Kaysta

Cassandra 'helper of men'?

Casandera Casandra Casandrey
Casandri Casandria Casaudri
Casaundra Casaundre Casaundria
Casondra Casondre Casondri
Casondria Cassandre Cassandry
Cassaundra Cassaundri Cassiondra
Cassondra Cassondre Cassondri
Cassondria Cassundra Cassundre
Cassundri Cassundria Cessondra
Karesandra Kasaandra Kasander
Kasandra Kasandria Kasaundra
Kasondra Kasoundra Kassandr
Kassandra Kassandrah Kassaundra
Kassondra Kassyndra Kaszondra



Casey Cass Cassey
Cassi Cassie Kassey
Kassi Kassie


Charis kharis 'grace' (C17th)

Caressa Caresse Caris
Carisa Carissa Carrissa
Carys Ceresa Cerissa
Charesa Charese Charisa
Charise Charisha Charissa
Charissee Charista Charys
Cherisa Cherise Karese
Karess Karessa Karesse
Karice Karis Karisa
Karise Karisha Kariss
Karissa Kariza Karris
Karrisa Karrissa Karys
Karysa Karyss Karyssa


Charmian/Charmaine kharmion 'delight/joy'

Carmaine Charamy Charma
Charmae Charmain Charmaine
Charmalique Charman Charmane
Charmar Charmara Charmayane
Charmayne Charmeen Charmene
Charmese Charmine Charmion
Charmisa Charmonique Charmyn
Charnae Charnay Charomn


Chloe 'young green shoot' name for the goddess Demeter

Chlo'e Chloee Chloie
Chole' Clo Cloe
Cloey Khloe Khloey
Kholy Kloe


Chloris 'blooming/fresh' (chlorus 'pale green')

Chloras Chlorise Chlorisse
Cloris Clorissa




Cora/Corinna kore 'maiden'

Coreen Coren Corene
Corin Corina Corinda
Corinee Corinn Cornay
Correen Corren Correna
Correy Corrin Corrina
Corrine Corrinn Corrinna
Corrinne Corryn Coryn
Corynn Corynna Corynnah
Corynne Kora Kore
Koree Koreen Koreena
Koren Korena Korene
Korey Kori Koria
Korie Korin Korina
Korinda Korine Korinna
Korra Korri Korrie
Korrin Korrina Korrine
Korrinna Korrinne Korry
Korryn Kory Koryn
Koryna Korynne Quorry

Corissa based on Cora?

Coresa Coretta Corisa
Corisssa Corrisa Koressa
Koretta Korissa


Coralie French, from Cora or Coral

Cora-Lee Coralea Coralee
Corilee Corral Koral


Cynthia 'of Mount Kynthos' a name for the goddess Artemis

Cindi Cindrea Cindy
Cinthia Cinthya Cintia
Cyndee Cyndi Cyneria
Cynethia Cynithia Cynna
Cynthea Cynthia Cynthiana
Cynthiann Cynthria Cynthy
Cynthya Cyntreia Kynthia
Sinthia Sintia Synthea


Danae 'parched/dry' (the mother of Perseus)

Danae Danay Danayla
Danays Dane Danea
Danean Daneane Danee
Daneen Danie Danja
Danna Dannae Dayna
Denae D'nean


Daphne laurel/bay tree (the name of a nymph)

Dafnne Dafny Dapane
Daphaney Daphanie Dapheney
Daphna Daphnee Daphney
Daphnie Daphnique Daphnit



Dari Darice Darisa


Delia 'from Delos', a name for the goddess Artemis

Del Dela Deleah
Deliah Dell Della
Delle Delli Dellie
Dells Delya


Delphine from 'delphinium' a type of flower or Delphi, a placename

Delfina Delpha Delphee
Delphi Delphia Delphina

    Demetria/Demeter goddess of fertility

Damesha Dameshia Damesia
Dametia Dametra Dametrah
Damita Deetra Deitra
Demeta Demeteria Demetra
Demetrice Demetris Demetrish
Demi Demiah Demita
Demitra Demitria Detria
Dimetrea Dimitra Dimitria
Dimmerria? Dymitra


Dionne feminine form of 'Dion'

Deon Deona Deondra
Deonia Deoniya Deonjala
Deonna Deonne Deyona
Dion Diona Diondra
Diondrea Dione Dionee
Dionis Dionna Dionne
Dionte Dyoni



Doriana Doriann Dorianna
Dorianne Dorion


Doris 'Dorian woman' or 'gift' (a sea nymph)

Daurice Dorece Doreece
Doresha Doressa Dorice
Dorika Dorise Dorisse
Dorris Dorrise Dorrys


Dorothea 'gift of god'

Dorathy Dorosia Dorothia
Dorothy Dorotthea Dortha
Dorthea Dorthia Dorthy


Dorali Doralia Doralisa
Doraly Doriley Dorilis
Dorlie Dorlisa Dorolice



Dolly Dora
Dorrie Dosy Dot
Doda Dol Dore
Dorey Dossiea Dottee
Dode Doll Dorea
Dori Dosi Dottie
Dodee Dolle Doretha
Dorie Dodi Dolley
Doretta Doro Thea
Dolli Doria Dorry
Theya? Doe Dollie
Dorinda Dory Do
Dollina Dorita Dorree
Doa Doritha Dorri

Dysis musical interlude or 'sunset'

Dicey? Diesis Dyesis

Elaine form of Helen?

Eelane Elain Elan
Elane Elayn Elayne
Ellaine Orlain


Eleanor form of Helen?

Elanore Eleanora Eleanore
Elenor Elenora Elenorah
Elenore Eleonor Eleonora
Elianora Elianore Elinor
Elinore Elleanor Ellenor
Ellenora Ellenorah Elnora
Elnore Elynor Elynora
Elynore Helenor Hellenor
Lanore Leanora Leanore
Leonor Leonora Leonorah



Elan Elen Elin
Ellan Ellen Ellon
Ellyn Ellynn Elyn

Ella Elle Ellia
Ellie Elly


Eulalia 'fair in speech'

Eula Eulalee Eulalya
Eulia Ula


Eurydice ' wide/broad'?

Euridice Euridyce Eurydyce

Evangelina from 'evangel/evangelist' invented by Longfellow?

Evangelia Evangelica Evangeline
Evangelique Evania


Gaia goddess of the earth

Gaea Gaiea Gaya

Helen 'bright'

Halena Halina Healani?
Healea? Hela Helaina
Helaine Helana Helayna
Helayne Hele Heleana
Heleen Heleena Helena
Helenka Helenna Helina
Heline Hellanna Helle
Hellen Hellenna Helli
Hellin Hellon Helon
Helona Helonna Heluska

Hermione derived from Hermes, messenger of the gods

Hermalina Hermia Hermina
Hermine Herminia



Iola Iolee Iolia

Irene 'Eirene' - 'peace'

Eirena Erena Irana
Iranda Iranna Iren
Irena Irenea Irenka
Iriana Irien Irin
Irinia Irinka Irona
Ironka Irusya Iryna
Irynka Rina Yarina


Jacenda Jacinda Jacinta
Jacinth Jacintha Jacinthe
Jacynda Jacynth Jakinda
Jaxine Jocinta


Katherine may be 'katharos' - 'pure'

Catarena Catharina Catharine
Catheren Catherene Catheria
Catherin Catherina Catherine
Catheryn Cathrine Cathryn
Catrin Catryn Ekatrinna
Katarina Katarzyna Katerina
Katharaine Katharina Katharine
Katharyn Kathereen Katheren
Katherene Katherenne Katherin
Katheryn Katheryne Katherynn
Kathren Kathrene Kathrin
Kathrine Kathryn Kathryne
Kathyrine Katterina



Catreeka Catrelle Catrice
Catricia Catrika Catteeka
Cattiak Katana Katania
Katara Kateeka Katoka



Cathy Kate Katie
Kay Kitty Trina
Catha Cait Cadie
Cae Ketter Treena
Cathe Cat Catie
Cay Ketti Treina
Cathee Cate Kaitee
Caye Ketty Trenna
Cathey Kat Kat-Dee
Kae Kit Tria
Cathi Kayte Katee
Kaye Kittee Triana
Cat-Thy Kaethe Katey
Kei Kitteen Triann
Katha Kattie Kittey
Trianna Kathe Katy
Kitti Trind Kathee
Katye Kittie Trinda
Kathey Kaytee Trinette
Kathi Kayti Trini
Kathie Kaytie Trinia
Kathy Trinice Triniece
Trinika Trinique Trinisa
Trinnette Tryna


Leda mother of Helen of Troy

Ledah Leeda Lida
Lidah Liiya Lita
Litah Lyda Lydah

Lydia 'woman from Lydia'

Lidi Lidia Lydie

Maia 'mother/nurse' (one of the Pleiades)

Maiah Maie Maya
Mayam Mya


Margaret 'margarites' - 'pearl'

Maergretha Margalide Margalit
Margalith Margalo Marganit
Margara Margarete Margaretha
Margarethe Margarett Margaretta
Margarette Margarit Margarita
Margarite Margaritis Margaritt
Margaritta Margaro Margeret
Margeretta Margerette Margerite
Margharita Margherita Margrieta
Margrita Marguaretta Marguarette
Marguarita Marguarite Marguerette
Marguerita Marguerite Margurita



Majorie Margeree Margerey
Margerie Margerie Margorey
Margorie Margory Marjarie
Marjary Marjerie Marjery
Marjori Marjorie Marjory


Greta Gretel Maggie
Marge Peggy Rita
Greet Grethel Magge
Marget Pegeen Reatha
Gretchen Grethal Maggee
Margetta Pegg Reda
Gretchin Gretal Maggen
Margette Peggey Reeta
Grete Greatal Maggey
Margey Peggi Reida
Gretha Maggi Margi
Peggie Reitha Grethe
Maggia Margiad Pegi
Reta Gretta Maggin
Margie Riet Grette
Maggy Margisia Grieta
Mags Marje Gryta
Marjey Grytta Madge
Marji Margot Madgie
Marjie Mago Marjy


Medea 'she of the cunning/wise plans'


Melanie 'melas' - 'black/dark'

Malania Malanie Melaina
Melana Melanee Melaney
Melani Melania Melanka
Melanney Melannie Melany
Melanya Melayne Melenia
Mellanie Melloney Mellonie
Mellony Melonee Meloney
Meloni Melonie Melonnie
Melony Melyn Melyne
Melynn Melynne


Mel Meli Melie
Mell Mella Melli
Mellie Melly


Meila Meladia Melashka
Melasya Melya Milya

Melina 'melon/quince/apple'

Maillie? Malinda Melaina
Meleana Meleena Melena
Melinda Melinde Melinder
Meline Melinia Melinna
Mellinda Melynda Melynna
Milinda Milynda Mylinda


Melissa 'bee' (a nymph)

Malisa Malissa Mallissa
Malysa Melesa Melessa
Melisa Melise Melisha
Melishia Melisia Melisse
Melissia Melitza Meliza
Melizah Mellisa Mellissa
Melosa Milisa Milissa
Millisa Millissa Molissia
Mollissa Mylisa Mylisia
Mylissa Mylissia


Melita form of Melissa?

Malita Meleeta Meleta
Melitta Melletta Molita

Mylene 'dark'?

Myla Mylaine Mylana
Mylee Myleen Mylenda




Nelia from Nelius?

Neelia Neely Neelya
Nela Neli Nelka
Nila Nilesia?


Nelly short form of Helen, Eleanor etc.

Nel Nelda Neli
Nelida Nelina Nell
Nella Nelle Nellena
Nelli Nellianne Nellice
Nellis Nellye Nelma
Nely Nelya


Nicanora fem of Nicanor

Nysa 'goal'

Nisha Nissa Nisse
Nissi Nissie Nissy


Odele 'song'?

Odela Odelet Odelette
Odeleya Odelia Odelina
Odelinda Odell Odella
Odelle Odelyn


Pandora 'all-gifted'

Pandi Pandorah Pandorra
Pandorrah Pandy Panndora
Panndorah Panndorra Panndorrah

Penelope 'penelops' - 'duck' or 'pene' - 'bobbin'' (wife of Odysseus)

Panelope Penelopa Pennelope



Pela Pen Penee
Penney Penni Pennie
Penny Popi


Phaedra (wife of Theseus)

Faydra Phae Phaidra
Phe Phedre


Philida form of Phyllis

Filide Fillida Phillida
Phillyda Phyllida


Philomena 'loved'

Filomena Philomene Philomina

Phoebe 'phoibus' - 'shining one' (a name for Artemis)'

Phaebe Pheba Pheby
Phoebey Phoibe


Phyllis 'phyllon' - 'leaf'

Filise Fillys Fyllis
Phelisia Philica Philicia
Philis Philisse Phillis
Philycia Philys Philysia
Philyss Phlesia Phylecia
Phylicia Phylis Phylisha
Phylisia Phylisse Phyllecia
Phyllicia Phyllisia Phylliss


Rhea 'rhoia' - flowering'

Rea Reah Rhealyn
Ria Riah


Selina/Celine 'Selene' - 'moon' or Latin 'caelum' heaven

Caeleenda Caelin Caleena
Calena Calina Caline
Ceala Ceilena Celeen
Celeena Celena Celene
Celenia Celien Celina
Celinda Celine Celinia
Celion Celisha Cellina
Cellinn Celyna Celynda
Cylena Cylina Saleena
Salena Salene Salina
Salinda Salinna Selen
Selena Selene Selenia
Selenna Selinda Seline
Selinka Selyna Selyne
Sena Sileena Silena
Slenaiana Syleena Sylena
Sylina Zele Zeleen
Zelena Zelene Zelia
Zelie Zelina Zeline
Zerla Zerlina Zerlinda

Sibyl prophetesses who spoke for the oracles

Cybel Cybele Cybil
Cybill Cybille Sebila
Sibbel Sibbella Sibbie
Sibbill Sibel Sibilla
Sibylla Sibylline Sybella
Sybil Sybila Sybilla
Sybille Syble


Sophia, Sophronia, 'wisdom'

Chofa Sofeea Sofeeia
Sofiah Soficita Sofija
Sofka Sofya


Sophie (French and diminutive form)

Soffi Sofie Sofy
Sophey Sophi Sophy

Teresa may be 'therizein' - 'to reap'

Taresa Tarese Taress
Taressa Taris Tarisa
Tarise Tarissa Teca
Tera Teraise Terasa
Tercza Tereasa Tereatha
Tereese Terese Teresea
Teresha Teresia Teresina
Teresita Tereska Tereson
Teress Teressa Teretha
Terez Tereza Terezia
Terezie Terezilya Terezinha
Terezka Terezsa Teris
Terisa Terise Terisha
Teriza Terrasa Terresa
Terresia Terricia Terrise
Terrosina Teruska Terza
Tete Theresa Theresia
Theresita Theressa Thereza
Therra Therressa Thersa
Thersea Tracey Tracy
Treaser Tresa Tresca
Trescha Trescia Trese
Tresha Treshana Treska
Tressa Tressia Tressie
Trez Treza Trice


Tessa short for Teresa or 'tessares' - 'four'

Tesa Tesereta Tesha
Tesia Tess Tessah
Tessana Tessarae Tessey
Tessi Tessia Tessie
Tessy Tezi Tezia

Thalia 'thallein' - 'to flourish/bloom' (one of the Muses)

Tahlia Tailiyah Tala
Talaya Talea Taleah
Taleei Talei Tali
Talia Taliah Talieya
Taliya Taliyah Talley
Tallia Tallie Tally
Tallya Talya Talyah
Teleah Thaleia Thalie
Thalya Tylea Tylee


Theda 'divine'?


Theodora 'god' + 'gift'

Fedora Phedora Phedorah
Pheodora Pheodorah Pheydora
Pheydorah Taedra Tedde
Teddey Teddie Teddra
Teddreya Teddy Tedera
Tedra Teedra Teidra
Teodory Thea Theadora
Theda Thedrica Theo


Theone 'god'

Theondra Theoni Theonie

Tiffany Theophania 'manifestation of God''

Taffanay Taffanie Taffany
Tephanie Theophanie Tifanee
Tifaney Tifani Tifanie
Tifany Tiff Tiffanee
Tiffaney Tiffani Tiffanie
Tiffayne Tiffeni Tiffenie
Tiffennie Tiffeny Tiffey
Tiffi Tiffie Tiffine
Tiffiney Tiffini Tiffinie
Tiffiny Tiffnay Tiffney
Tiffni Tiffny Tiffy
Tiffynie Tifiani Tifni
Tiphanee Tiphani Tiphanie
Tiphany Triffany Tyfani
Tyffaney Tyffani


Urania 'sky'

Ourania Urainia Uranie
Uraniya Uranya


Xanthe/Xanthippe 'yellow/golden'

Xanne Xantha Xanthia
Xantippie Zanth Zantha


Xylia 'wood'

Xela? Xyla Xylina


Xenia 'hospitality'

Xeenia Xena Xenya
Xia Zana Zea
Zeena Zeenat Zeenet
Zeenia Zeenya Zein
Zeina Zena Zenah
Zenana Zenda Zenea
Zenia Zenya Zeunna
Ziah Zianna Zina
Zinah Zine


Zenobia 'life of Zeus'? or from 'Zunab/Zeynab

Zeba Zeeba Zenobie


Zoe 'life'

Zoee Zoelie Zoeline
Zoelle Zoey Zoi
Zoia Zoie Zooey


This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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