Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Male Names of Latin Origin

These can be forms of Roman family names or word adaptations, often with a virtuous or Christian connotation. Except for saints' names, they were not much used in England before the Reformation when they became popular with the Puritans.

Adrian 'Hadrianus' - 'man from Hadria'

Adarian Ade Adei
Adorjan Adrain Adreian
Adreyan Adri Adriaan
Adriane Adriann Adrianno
Adrien Adriene Adrik
Adrion Adron Adryan
Adryon Ayde Kadrian

Alban 'Albanus' - 'from Alba'

Albain Albany Albean
Albein Alben Albeno
Albin Albinek Albino
Albins Albinson Albion
Auban Auben Aubin

Amadeus 'lover of God'

Amad Amadeaus Amadei
Amadi Amadio Amadis
Amado Amador Amadore
Amadou Amato Amedeo


Aquila 'eagle'

Acquilla Aguila Aguilla
Aguillino Aquil Aquilas

Augustus/Augustine 'great/venerable'

Agostino Agoston Agustin
Augustin Augustine



Auggie Gus Gusti
Augie Guss Gustry
Augy Gussie Gustus
Gussy Gusty


Austin surname adaptation

Ahsten Asten Astin
Aston Austen Austine
Auston Austyn Ostynn

Benedict 'blessed'

Benci Bendick Bendict
Bendix Benedick Benedictus
Benedik Benedikt Benedo
Benino Benito Benke
Benno Beno Betto
Venedictos Venya


Blaise 'Blaesus' - 'stuttering/splayfooted'

Ballas Balyse Blaisot
Blaize Blase Blasi
Blasien Blayze Blaze

Boniface 'bonum fatum' - 'good fate'

Baonifacy Bona Bonar
Bonaro Bonifacio Bonifacius


Calvin from the surname Cauvin (Latin 'calvinus' - 'bald')

Calvyn Kalvin Kelvin
Kelvon Kelvyn


Candide 'Candidus' - 'bleached white'

Candid Candido Candonin

Caesar 'caesaries' - 'abundant hair'? became used as Imperial title

Caezar Caseare Ceasar
Ceaser Cesar Cesare
Cesay Ceseare Cezar
Chezarae' Czar Juliocesar
Kaiser Kesar Seasar
Seasare Seaser Seazar
Sesar Sesear Sezar

Cicero 'chickpea'

Ciceron Ciceroun


Clarence 'clarus' bright/clear/famous'?

Clarance Clarrance Clarrence


Clare 'clarus' bright/clear/famous'

Clair Clarey Clary

Clement 'clemens' - 'gentle/merciful'

Clem Cleme Clemmons
Clemmy Clim


Constantine 'constans' - 'steadfast/constant'

Connie Constadine Constandine
Constandios Constanstine Constant
Constantinos Constantios Costa
Dinos Konstancji Konstandinos
Konstantin Konstantinas Konstantine
Konstantinos Konstantio Konstanty
Konstanz Kostantin Kostantino
Kostas Kostenka Kostya


Cyprian Cyprianus 'from Cyprus'

Ciprien Cyprien


Dominic/Dominique 'Dominicus' - 'belonging to the lord'

Chuminga Damanique Deco
Demenic Demenico Demingo
Diamonique Dom Domanic
Domanick Domanik Domanique
Dome Domek Domenic
Domenick Domenico Domeniqu
Domenque Domicio Domico
Domiku Domineck Domingo
Domingos Domini Dominicc
Dominick Dominicke Dominico
Dominie Dominiek Dominik
Dominiq Dominiqu Dominique
Dominitric Dominque Dominqueia
Dominy Domminick Domnenique
Domnick Domnique Domo
Domokos Domonic Domonick
Domoniqu Domonique Donek
Doninic Donmonic Dumin


Donatus 'gift'

Dodek Donatello Donati
Donatien Donato


Faustus 'fortunate'

Faust Faustino Faustis


Felix 'happy'

Felic Felice Feliciano
Felicio Felike Feliks
Felixs Feliz Felizio
Felo Phelix


Fortunato 'Fortunatus' - 'prosperous'

Fortun Fortune Fotunio

Francis 'Franciscus' - 'Frankish/freeman'

Chilo Cico Cisco
Faranny Farruco Fran
Franc France Francesco
Franchot Franciskus Franck
Franco Franek Frang
Franh Franio Frank
Franke Frankie Franko
Franky Frannie Franny
Franscis Fransis Fransisco
Franta Frants Franus
Frasco Frencis Frisco
Paco Pacorro Panchito
Pancho Paquito


Gaetano 'man from Gaeta'

Gaetan Gaetono Gatien

Galen 'Galenus' from 'galene' - 'calm'

Gaelan Gaelen Gaellen
Gaelon Galan Galena
Galeno Galin Gaylen
Gaylin Gaylinn Gaylon


Gregory 'watchful'

Gergely Gergo Graig
Greagory Greer Greg
Gregary Greger Gregery
Gregg Greggery Greggory
Gregori Gregorie Gregorius
Gregors Gregos Gregrey
Gregroy Gregry Greogry
Grigor Grzegorz


Hilary 'hilaris' - 'cheerful/noisy/merry

Hilarie Hilarion Hilarius
Hillary Hillery


Innocent 'innocens' - 'innocent'

Innocenty Innocenzio Inocenci
Inocencio Inocente Inosente

Justin 'just'

Giustino Iustin Jestin
Jost Justain Justan
Justas Justek Justen
Justinas Justine Justinian
Justinius Justinn Justins
Justinus Justis Justn
Justo Juston Justs
Justton Justukas Justun
Justus Justyn Ustin
Yestin Yustyn


Laurence/Lawrence 'Laurentius' - 'man from Laurentum'

Labrantsis Larance Larrance
Larrence Lauentij Laurance
Laurans Laureano Laurencema
Laurentios Laurentiu Laurentius
Laurenz Lauris Laurits
Lauritz Laurynas Lavrans
Lawerance Lawerence Lawrance
Lorenc Lorence Lorencz
Lorens Lorentz Lorenz
Lorenza Lorinc Loritz
Lowrance Lurance



Lal Lannie Larry
Laurie Larka Loll
Lanny Larrie Lawrey
Larse Lanty? Lary
Lawrie Lencho Lawry
Larsen Chencho Lon
Laris Lori Larson
Lonnie Larris Lorri
Larsson Larian Lonny
Lorrie Larien Lonnell
Loretto Lorry Laurnet
Lonniealle Rance Lory
Lauro Lonniel Laurus



Laren Lauran Lauren
Laurin Lawren Lawron
Lawryn Lorin Lorren
Lorrin Loryn


Lionel 'leo' - 'lion'

Leonaldo Leonel Leonnel
Lional Lionell Lionello
Lynel Lynelle Lyonel

Magnus 'great'

Maghnus Magnes Manius

Marcellus from 'Marcus'

Marcel Marceles Marcelin
Marcelino Marcelis Marcelius
Marcell Marcelleous Marcellin
Marcellino Marcellous Marcelluas
Marcely Marchello Markel
Markell Marsale Marsel
Marsello Marsellus Marselo

Marcus from Mars, the god of war

Marcas Marceau Marckus
Marcos Marcous Markas
Markcus Markos Markose
Marksuss Markus Markusha


Marinus 'of the sea'

Mariano Marin Marine
Mariner Marino Marinos
Marion Marriner


Martin 'of Mars'

Maartin Mairtin Marciano
Marcin Martan Marten
Martey Marti Martie
Martijn Martinas Martine
Martinez Martinho Martiniano
Martinien Martino Martins
Martinus Marto Marton
Marts Marty Martyn
Morten Tynek


Maurice 'Mauritius' - 'Moorish'

Maur Maurance Maureo
Maurey Mauricio Maurids
Maurie Mauriece Maurikas
Maurin Maurino Mauritz
Mauro Maurrel Maurtel
Maury Maurycy Morey
Morice Morie Moris
Morisz Moritz Moriz
Morrey Morrie Morrill
Morris Morry


Maximilian blending of 'Maximus' - 'greatest' and 'Aemilianus'

Maixim Maks Makszi
Max Maxamillion Maxe
Maxell Maxemilian Maxemilion
Maxey Maxi Maxie
Maximalian Maxime Maximien
Maximili Maximilia Maximilianus
Maximilien Maximillian Maximillion
Maximo Maximos Maxis
Maxmilian Maxmillion Maxx
Maxy Maxymillian Miksa

Nero 'black'

Neron Nerone Nerron

Noel Old French 'Nouel' from 'natalis dies' - 'birthday' i.e. of Christ

Nole Noli Nollan
Nowel Nowell


Peregrine 'foreigner'

Peregrin Peregryne Peri
Perine Perino Perrey
Perri Perrie Perrin
Perry Perryn


Placidus 'peaceful/placid'

Placido Placyd Placydo

Rufus 'red haired'

Rayfus Rufe Ruffis
Ruffus Rufino Rufo


Silvanus 'of the woods' God of trees

Silvain Silvan Silvan
Silvano Silvanos Silvaon
Silvio Sylvain Sylvanus


Silvester 'of the woods'

Silvestr Silvestro Sly
Syl Sylverster Sylvester




Titus maybe from Greek 'tio' - 'to honour'

Tite Titek Tito
Titos Tytus


Urban 'of the city'

Urbain Urbaine Urbane
Urbano Urbanus Urvan


Valentine 'valens' - 'healthy/strong'

Val Valencio Valente
Valentijn Valentin Valentino


Victor 'conqueror'

Vic Vick Vicken
Vickenson Victa Victer
Victorien Victorin Viktor
Vitor Vitoriano Vitorio
Vittore Vittorio Vittorios

Vincent ''Vincentius' - 'conquering'

Binky Vence Vencent
Vicent Vienson Vin
Vince Vincence Vincens
Vincentius Vincents Vincenty
Vincien Vincient Vinciente
Vinco Vinn Vinnie
Vinnis Vinny Vinson
Vint Visente


Vitus 'life'

Veit Vida Vidal
Vitale Vitalis Vitas
Vitin Vitis Vito


Roman Family Names


Anathony Anfernee Anferny
Anothony Antfernee Anthonee
Anthoney Anthoni Anthonie
Anthyonny Antini Antoney
Antoni Antonie Antony


Antonius (Latin form)

Andonios Anthonius Antonin
Antonino Antonios



Ant Tony Antal
Tonda Anthey Tonnie
Antaw Tonek Anthoy
Toney Antius Tonik
Anty Toni Anthonysha
Tonio Nanty Tonie
Antonella Tonis Antons
Antonyia Antos




Aurelius 'golden'

Arelian Areliano Aurel
Aurele Aurelien Aurelio
Aurey Aury Avreliy


Camiel Camille Camillo


Claudius 'claudus' - 'lame'

Claud Claudan Claude
Claudel Claudell Claudeus
Claudian Claudianus Claudien
Claudin Claudio


Cornelius maybe 'cornu' - 'horn'

Carnelius Conellius Cornealous
Corneili Corneilius Corneliaus
Cornelious Cornelis Corneliu
Cornellis Cornelus Corney
Cornie Corniellus Cournelius
Karnelius Korhnel Korneilius
Kornel Korneli Korneliaus
Kornelious Kornelisz Kornelius
Kornellious Krelis Nelek
Neliu Nellie


Emil 'Aemilius' maybe from 'aemulus' trying to excel/equal'

Amelio Aymil Emile
Emilek Emilio Emilios
Emill Emillo Emilo
Emils Emilyan


Fabian 'Fabius' - 'faba' bean'

Fabe Fabek Fabeon
Fabert Fabi Fabien
Fabion Fabius Fabiyan
Fabiyus Fabrice Fabrizio
Fabrizius Fabyan Fabyen
Faybian Faybien


Flavius 'yellow-haired'

Favian Flavel Flavelle
Flavian Flavien Flavio
Flaviodeje Flavious Flawiusz

Ignatius 'Egnatius' - maybe 'ignis' - 'fire'

Iggie Iggy Ignac
Ignacius Ignatious


Julian 'Julius' probably from 'Iulus' - 'downy-bearded'

Gillan Guilano Guilian
Guilianno Jewels Jewlian
Jolyon Jools Julas
Jules Juliaan Juliano
Julias Julie Julien
Jullian Julyan




Marius may be from the god, 'Mars'

Mario Marios Marrio

Severinus 'Severus' 'strict/severe'

Seve Severan Severian
Severiano Severin Severo
Sevien Sevrin


Terence 'Terentius' maybe from 'terenus' - 'soft/tender'

Tarrance Tarrence Tearance
Tearrance Terance Terencio
Terrance Terrant Terrence


Valerian 'Valerius'

Valera Valeriano Valerii
Valerio Valeryn Varian


Virgil 'Vergilius' maybe from 'ver' - 'spring'

Verge Vergil Virge
Virgie Virgilio Virgisl

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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