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Modern English First Names


The first names used in the English speaking world have increased in number in recent years. Many different languages and sources have been used in the attempt to give a child a 'unique' name and new adaptations continue to be made. Although many of the more unusual ones occur in the United States, for the purposes of this list 'English' is used to refer to Britain, North America, Australasia and other countries where English is spoken as a first language. All the names included have actually been used as given names. They are taken from newspaper birth announcements, census records and the media.

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English Central Stock and Variants Male and Female first names of Biblical, Celtic, Germanic, Greek and Latin origin with meanings, variant spellings and diminutives
Linknames Feminine forms of Biblical, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Latin and Modern male names
Saints Calendar of saints, Patron saints
Modern Coinages Blended Names, Borrowed Words, Placenames, Suffixes, Unisex
Surname Adaptations English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Foreign surnames used as first names
Themed Names Twins and Multi-births, Colours, Creatures, Dates, Flowers, Jewels, Letters, Numbers, Film/TV, Titles, Virtues
African Americans American, Inventions, Linknames, Arabic, African, Various
Foreign Origin French, German, Italian, Spanish, Slavic, Hindu, Various
Literary Names Chaucer, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Mitchell, Macpherson, Literary Coinages

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