Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Serbia

Name Reign Family Spouse
Stefan Nemanja 1180-96 abd from Rascia  
Stefan/Stephen 1196-1228 son of S. Nemanja  
Stephen Uros I 1243-76 son of S. Nemanja  
Stephen Dragutin 1276-82 son of Stephen Uros I  
Stephen Uros II 1282-1321 brother of Stephen Dragutin  
Stephen Uros III 1321-36 son of Stephen Uros II  
Stephen Uros IV Dusan 1336-55 son of Stephen Uros III  
Lazar Hrebeljanovic c 1389    
Milosh Obrenovic 1815-39 abd.    
Milan 1839 son of Milosh  
Michael 1839-42 son of Milosh  
Aleksandar Karadjordjevic 1842-58 son of Karadjordje  
Michael II 1859-68 son of Milosh  
Milan IV 1868-89 abd nephew of Michael II  
Alexander I 1889-1903 killed son of Milan IV Draga
Peter I Karadjordjevic 1903-21 Karadjordje's grandson dau of Nikola of Montenegro
Alexander 1921-34 son of Peter I Dau Marie of Romania
Paul/Pavle 1934-41 regent son of Peter I  
Peter II 1934-45 son of Alexander  

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