Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Greek Rulers

Name Reign Family Spouse
Byzantine Rule      
Ottoman Turkish Rule C15th-1829    
Otto 1832-62 dep. Son of Ludwig of Bavaria  
George I 1863-93 elected killed 1913 2nd son of Kristian IX of Denmark Olga, niece of Alexander I of Russia
Constantine I   Son of George I  
Regent Olga   Dowager Queen  
George II 1922-3, 1935-47 son of Constantine I  
Paul I 1946-64 son of George II  
Constantine II / XII 1964-73 abd. son of Paul I Anne-Marie, daughter of Frederick IX of Denmark
Crown Prince Paul b.1967    

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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