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(Dictionary of Names)

Polish Names of Slavonic Origin

In common with other Slavonic languages, Polish has a great number of pet forms of names. These are almost always used except officially or in especially formal situations. As in Russian, they are formed from one or two syllables of the original name with an ending attached.


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning

Bialas Bialy  
Bogdan Bohdan Bodek Bodzio God + gift
Boguchwal Bogufal   God + 'chwala' praise
Bogumierz   God + great
Bogumil   God + grace
Boguslaw Bogusz Bohusz God + glory
Boleslaw Boleslas Boleslaus   'bole' large + glory
Borys Boryslav Russian, Boris
Bozydar Bozydor   'bozy' divine + 'dar' gift
Bratumil   Brother + grace/favour
Bronislaw   'bron' armour/protection + glory
Budzislaw Budzisz Budzyk 'budit' to arouse + glory
Chwalibog Chwaliborg, Falibog   'chwala' praise + god
Czcibor, Scibor, Cibor   'chest' honour + 'borit' to fight
Czeslaw Czeslav Czech Czesiek Honour + glory
Dobromierz   Good + great
Dobromil   Good + grace
Dobroslaw, Dobieslaw   Good + glory
Dobry   'dobro' good/kind
Dragomir Drogomir   'dorogo' dear/beloved + great
Jarogniew   Spring + anger
Jaromierz   Spring + great
Jaromil   Spring + grace
Jaropelk   Spring + people
Jaroslaw   Spring + glory
Jasomir Jaschiu  
Kasimierz Kazimierz (Casimir) Mirek 'kazic' to destroy + great
Kwiatoslaw   'kviat' flower + glory
Lech Leslaw 'lech' a Pole
Lechoslaw Leszek 'lech' a Pole + glory
Lubomierz   Love + great
Lubomil   Love + grace
Luboslaw   Love + glory
Ludomierz   People + great
Ludoslaw Lutoslaw   'lud' people + glory
Mieczyslaw, Maslaw Mieszko Mietek 'miercz' man or 'mieska' bear + glory
Miloslaw Milek Milosz, Milus Grace + glory
Miroslaw Miroslawy Mirek Great +_glory
Mscislaw   'mshcha' vengeance + glory
Przemysl Przemko Trick, stategem
Przybyslaw Przbyslaw   'pribit' to be present'help + glory
Radoslaw Raclaw Radusha Slawek Glad + glory
Radzimierz   Glad + great
Roscilaw Roscislaw   'rosts' usurp + glory
Slawomierz Slawomir   Glory + grace
Stanislaw Stanislav Stanislaus Stanislas Stach Stas Stasio 'stan' government + glory
Swietomierz   'svyanto' bright/holy + great
Swietopelk   Bright + people/race
Swietoslaw   Bright + glory
Szczesny   Happy/fortunate
Wenceslaw Wienczyslaw Wieceslaw Waclaw 'ventie' more/greater + glory
Wielislaw Wieslaw Wiesiek Wiesiulek 'vele' great + glory
Wladyslaw Wlodzislaw (Ladislas Ladislaus) Woled 'volod' rule + glory
Wlodzimierz   Vladimir
Wojciech Wojteczek Wojtek 'voi' soldier + 'tech' consolation
Zbigniew Zbyszko 'zbit' to get rid of + 'gniew' anger
Zdislaw Zdzislaw Zdzich Zdziech Zdziesz Zdzieszko Zdzis Zdzisiek 'zde' here/present + glory
Zelislaw   'zhelit' desire + glory
Ziven Zivon Ziv 'zhiv' living


Given Name and Variants Diminutives

Bogdana Bohdana Bogna Dana God + gift
Boguslawa   God + glory
Boleslawa   Large + glory
Chesna   Peaceful
Dobrila   good
Dobromira   Good + great
Dragomira   Dear + great
Lechsinska   'lech' a Pole
Miloslawa   Grace + glory
Miroslawa Mira Mirka Great + glory
Nadzieja Nadzia Natia Nata Natka Neda Russian 'hope'
Olga   Russian form of Helge
Radmilla   Glad + grace
Radoslawa Rada Radinka Glad + glory
Rasia   Russian 'Raisa'
Roscilawa Roscislawa   Usurp + glory
Stanislawa   Government + glory
Wanda Vanda Wandy From 'Wend'
Wiera Wiara Wira   Russian 'Vera' faith
Wladyslawa Vladislavka, Valeska Rule + glory
Zdzislawa   Present glory

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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