Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Denmark

Name Reign Family Spouse
Gottrik c 808    
Hemming c 810 nephew of Gottrik  
Harold c 826    
Horik c 845-54    
Oscar c 851    
Harald Gormson Bluetooth c 950-85    
Svein I Forkbeard 985-1014 son of Harald Bluetooth  
Knut (Canute) 1018-40    
Hardaknut 1040-2 son of Knut  
Svein II Ulfson 1047-74 son of Knut's sister Estrid  


Harold III Whetstone 1081 son of Svein II  
Cnut IV 1081-6 brother of Harold III  
Olaf IV 1086-95 brother of Harold III  
Erik I 1095-1103 brother of Harold III  



Niels 1105-34 dep brother of Harold III  
Erik II 1131-7    
Erik III the Lamb 1137-47 grandson of Erik I  
Svein III -1157 disp w Knut    
Cnut VI the Pious 1182-1202    
Waldemar II the Victorious 1202-41 brother of Cnut VI  
Erik IV 1241-50 son of Waldemar II  
Abel 1250-2 son of Waldemar II  
Kristopher I 1252-9 son of Waldemar II  
Erik V Clipping 1259-86    
Erik VI Menved 1286-1319 son of Erik V  
Kristopher II 1320-6 son of Erik V  


Regent Gerhard 1332-40 Count of Holstein  
Waldemar IV 1340-75 son of Kristopher II  


Olaf 1376-87    
Margaret of Norway 1387-1412 regent    
Erik VIII (N+S+D) 1412-40 (personal rule) Pomerania Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England

House of Oldenbourg

Kristopher III 1440-8 Bavaria  
Kristian I 1448-81 son of Kristopher III  
Hans/John I 1481-1513 + Nor    
Kristian II 1513- + Nor, Swe    
Frederik I 1523-33 son of Kristian I  
Kristian III 1534-59 + Nor son of Frederik I  
Frederik II 1559-88 son of Kristian III  
Kristian IV 1588-1648 son of Frederik II  
Frederik III 1648-70 son of Kristian IV  
Kristian V 1670-99    
Frederik IV 1699-1730    
Kristian VI 1730-46    
Frederik V 1746-66    
Kristian VII 1766-1808 son of Frederik V Caroline Matilda, daughter of George III of England
Frederik VI 1808-39 lostNor,1814 son of Kristian VII  
Kristian VIII 1839-48 son of Frederik VI  
Frederik VII 1848-63 son of Kristian VIII  
Kristian IX 1863-1906 Prince of Glucksburg  
Frederik VIII 1906-12 son of Kristian IX  
Kristian X 1912-47 son of Frederik VIII Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Frederik IX 1947-72 son of Kristian X Ingrid of Sweden
Margrethe 1972-    

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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