Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Norway

Name Reign Descent Spouse
Harald I 'Finehair' c 890-942 son of Halfdan the Black of Vestfold  
Erik Blóðøx (Bloodaxe) 933-63 + York son of Harald Finehair  
Haakon I c 945-61 son of Harald Finehair  
Harald II 'Greycloak' 963-70 son of Erik Bloodaxe  
Olaf I Trygvasson 995-1000 great-grandson of Harold Finehair  
Svein of Denmark 1000- killed Olaf I  
Olaf II 'The Saint' 1014-30 Haraldsson  
Cnut the Dane -1035    
Magnus I 'Carolus Magnus' 1035-47 Den 1042 son of Olaf II  
Harald III 'Hardrada' 1045-66 half-brother of Olaf II  
Olaf III Kyrre 'The Peaceful' 1067-93 son of Harald III  
Magnus II c 1069    
Magnus III 'Barelegs' 1093-1103 son of Olaf III  
Olaf IV 1103-16 son of Magnus III  
Eysten I 1103-22 son of Magnus III  
Sigurd I 'The Crusader' 1103-30 son of Magnus III  
Magnus IV 'the Blind' 1130-5    
Harald IV Gille 1130-5    
Sigurd II + Inge I 1135-61 sons of Harald IV  
Haakon II 1161-2    
Magnus V 1162-84 son of Jarl Erling, the Regent  
Wars of Pretenders c 1155-1230    
Waldemar I 1157-82    
Sverrir Sigurdson 1184-1202 defeated Magnus V  
Haakon III 1202-4    
Gottorm 1204    
Inge II 1204-17    
Haakon IV 1217-63 + Orkney son of Haakon IV  
Magnus VII 'Law Reformer' 1263-80 son of Haakon IV  
Erik II 1280-99 son of Magnus VI  
Haakon V 1299-1319 brother of Erik II  
Magnus VIII 1319-43 grandson of Haakon V  
Haakon VI 1343-80 son of Magnus VIII  
Karl VI 1380-22 son of Haakon VI  
Margaret 1387-1412 (regent)    
Erik VIII of D (Pomerania) 1397-1459 + Sweden and Denmark   Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England
Karl VIII (Sweden) 1449-50    
Danish Rule -1814    
Swedish Rule 1814-1905    
Haakon VII 1905-57 Carl, son of Frederik VIII of Denmark Maud, daughter of Edward VII of England
Olaf V 1957-91 son of Haakon VII Martha of Sweden
Harald V 1991-  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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