Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Old Norse Names

Norse men and women were given a personal name, often containing that of a god or goddess whose protection the child was put under. This was followed by their patronymic and sometimes that of their father ('-sson' for a son, '-dattir' for a daughter).

Many Norse personal names are still in use in the Scandinavian countries and other areas which came under Viking influence. In Medieval England, especially the north-east, some Norse names were retained and appear in several forms in written records.

Name Elements

adal noble al complete alfr elf
aska ashes ass god auð clear
bein bone berg hill bjarn/bjørn bear
bjorg cliffs brand blade/brand brikt bright
broddr spearpoint brynja mailcoat dagr day
disa goddess dolg battle ey island
far deeds fast strong/hard faxi mane
folk people forn old fridr peace
geirr spear gisl hostage gotar men
goti steed grimmr fierce Guð/guth god
guðr battle haf sea halfr half
hallr slope hamr skin harðr severe
heim home herra lord hildr battle
hjalmr helmet hos near hrafn raven
hroðr praise hross mare hundr dog
katli/ketill cauldron kol coal laug bath
leikr contest ljotr ugly moðr fury
mund hand ny new oddr point
oðr furious rað advice rikr powerful
rog contention salr hall saxe short sword
sigr victory snaer snow steinn stone
styrkr strength svanr seabird svartr black
sveinn boy ulfr wolf vald power
valr slain varða watch/guard vegr honour
vestr west vidr against vig battle
visi prince viss wise  

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