Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Austria

Werner II 1st Count of Habsburg 1096


Duchy created, 1156

Name Reign Family Spouse
Leopold IV the Liberal -1156 Count of Austria

Duke of Bavaria

Leopold V 1177-94    
Rudolf (I HRE) -1282 Count of Habsburg  
Albert (I-HRE ) 1282-1308 + Hung son of Rudolf  
Frederick I the Handsome 1308-30    
Leopold II c 1315-    
Rudolf IV the Ingenious c 1365    
Leopold III -1386    
Albert III -1388    
Albert IV      
Albert V (II HRE) -1439 + Hung    
Frederick V (III HRE) c 1452 Brunswick  


Albert VI Archduke -1463    
Ferdinand (I HRE) c 1522-64 son of Philip the Handsome (brother of Charles V)  
Albert c 1559- + Sp Neth   Infanta Isabel of Spain
Leopold 1586-1632    
Ferdinand (III HRE) 1632-57 Archduke of Austria son of Ferdinand II HRE  
Leopold William c 1639    
Ferdinand IV -1654 died bef HRE son of Ferdinand III  
Leopold (I HRE) 1657-1705    
Charles III AD VI HRE c 1700-40 last Habsburg HRE  
Maria Theresa 1740-80 daughter of Charles III Duke Stephen of Lorraine (Francis I, HRE)
Joseph II HRE 1765-90 son of Francis I  
Leopold II HRE 1790-2 son of Francis I  
Francis/Franz I (II HRE) 1804-35 HRE to 1806 son of Leopold II  
Ferdinand I 1835-48    

Emperors of Austria-Hungary

Franz Josef 1848-1916 nephew of Ferdinand  
Charles / Karl 1916-18 abd. great-nephew of Franz-Josef Zita of Bourbon-Parma

Otto von Habsburg

  son of Charles  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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