Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

French Rulers


Name Reign Family Spouse
Pepin the Short 751-68 Frankish Emperor  
Charlemagne 768-814 son of Pepin  
Louis I the Pious 814-846 son of Charlemagne  
Charles I the Bald 843-77 HRE 4th son of Louis I  
Louis II the Stammerer 846-79    
Louis III 879-82 son of Louis II  
Carloman 879-84 son of Louis II  
Charles II the Fat 884-8 HRE 881-7    
Eudes 888-93    
Charles III the Simple 893-922    
Robert I 922-3    
Rudolf 923-36    
Louis IV d'Outremer 936-54 son of Charles III  
Lothair IV 954-86 son of Louis IV  
Louis V le Faineant 986-7 son of Lothair IV  


Hugh (Hugues) Capet 987-96 elected Duke of Francia Adélaïs of Aquitaine
Robert II the Pious   son of Hugh Berthe of Blois
Constance d'Arles
Henri I 1031-60 son of Robert II Anne of Russia
Philip I 1060-1108 son of Henri I Berthe of Holland
Louis VI the Fat 1108-37 son of Philip I Adelaide of Savoy
Louis VII the Younger 1137-80 son of Louis VI Eleanor of Aquitaine
Constance of Castile
Philip II Augustus 1179-1223 son of Louis VIII Isabella of Hainault
Louis VIII the Lion 1223-6 son of Philip II Blanche of Castile
Louis IX Saint Louis 1226-70 son of Louis VIII Margaret of Provence
Philip III Le Hardi/the Bold 1270-85 son of Louis IX Isabella of Aragon
Philip IV Le Bel/the Fair 1285-1314 son of Philip III Queen Juana of Navarre
Louis X the Quarrelsome 1314-16 son of Philip IV Marguerite de Bourgogne
John I   son of Louis X -
Philip V Le Long/theTall 1316-22 2nd son of Philip IV Jeanne de Bourgogne
Charles IV the Fair 1322-8   Blanche de Bourgogne
Marie of Luxembourg


Philip VI 1328-50 neph Philip IV Blanche of France
John II The Good 1350-64 son of Philip VI
Charles V the Wise 1364-80 son of John II Jeanne de Bourbon
Charles VI the Mad 1380-1422   Isabeau de Bavière
Charles VII the Victorious 1422-61 son of Charles VI Marie of Anjou
Louis XI 1461-3 son of Charles VIII Mary, dau James I of Scotland
Charlotte of Savoy
Charles VIII the Affable 1483-98 son of Louis XI Jeanne de France
Anne of Brittany
Mary of England
Louis II Father of the People 1498-1515 cousin of Charles VIII 1 Joanna daughter of Louis XI
2 Anne of Brittany
3 Mary, sister of Henry VIII of Eng
Francis I 1515-47 nephew of Louis. XII Claude of France
Eleanor, sister of Charles V HRE
Henri II 1547-59 son of Francis I Catherine de Medici
Francis II 1559-60 son of Henri II Mary, Queen of Scots
Charles IX 1559-74 son of Henri II Elizabeth of Austria
Henri III 1574-89 son of Henri II


Henri IV 1589-1610 Navarre Margaret, sister of Charles IX
Marie de Medici
Louis XIII 1610-43 son of Henri IV Anne of Austria, daughter of Philip III of Spain
Louis XIV Le Roi Soleil 1643-1715 son of Louis XIII Maria Theresa, daughter of Philip IV of Spain
Louis XV 1715-74 greatgrandson of Louis XIV Maria Leczinska of Poland
Louis XVI 1774 exec.1793 grandson of Louis XV Marie Antoinette of Austria
Louis XVII 1793-5 in prison 2nd son of Louis XVI  

Revolution and Empire

Napoleon I 1799-1814 Emperor Bonaparte 1. Josephine 2. Marie Louise
Napoleon II 1815 (5 days, aged 4) son of Napoleon + 2 d 1832

Bourbon Restoration

Louis XVIII (Stanislav Xavier) 1795-1814-24 brother of Louis XVI Louise of Savoy
Charles X 1824-30 dep grandson of Louis XV Maria Theresa of Savoy
Henri V (Pretender) 1836, 1870 grandson of Charles X  
Louis Philippe, the Citizen King 1830-48 dep son of Duc d'Orleans Marie Amelie, daughter of Ferdinand III of the Two Sicilies

Second Empire

Napoleon III 1848-70 nephew of Napoleon I Eugenie de Montejo



Rudolf / Rodolph I c 888-912    
Rudolf II 912-37 son of Rudolf I (father of St Adelaide)  
Rudolf III 993-1032 grandson Rudolf II  


Richard the Justiciar      
Raoul 921-3    
Hugh the Black 915-52 son of Richard  
Conrad 937-93    
Rudolf III 993-1032 King    
Henry Duke -1002    
Robert -1075 brother of Henry  
Frederick 1178 HRE    
Henry VI HRE     Constance of Sicily
Otto IV 1295-1315    
Joanna 1315- daughter of Otto IV 1 Philip V France 2 Eudes
Duke Eudes IV     Joanna daughter of Otto IV


Philip the Bold -1404 4th s John II FR Margaret of Flanders
John the Fearless 1404-19 son of Philip the Bold  
Philip the Good 1419 -77 son of John the Fearless  
Charles The Bold 1467-77 son of Philip the Good 1 Catherine daughter of Charles VII of France 2 Isabella Bourbon 3 Margaret sister of Edward IV Eng
Mary   daughter of Charles the Bold Maximilian I HRE


Hrolf/Rollo the Ganger (Duke Robert) d 931 Conqueror of Normandy # Popa or Papie
1 dau Charles the Simple of France
William Longsword d 942 Son of Rollo + Popa  
Richard I 'the Fearless' 942- 996 Son of William 1 a wife
# Gunnor
Richard II 'the Good' 996-1026 son of Richard I  
Richard III 1026-7 son of Richard II  
Robert II the Devil, the Magnificent 1027-35 son of Richard II Herleva, dau Fulbert (a tanner)
William I the Conqueror 1027-87 illeg son of Robert I + H Matilda d Baldwin V of Flanders
Robert III 1087-1106 eldest son of William Sibylla of Conversano
Henry I 1106-35 + England brother of Robert II 1 Matilda of Scotland
2 Adeliza of Louvain
William the Atheling 1119-20 Son of Henry I Matilda (or Alice) d Fulk V of Anjou


Ingelger -888    
Fulk I the Red 888-938 son of Ingelger  
Fulk II the Good 938-58 son of Fulk I  
Geoffrey I 958-87 son of Fulk II  
Fulk III Nerra 987-1040 son of Geoffrey I  
Geoffrey II Martel 1040-60 son of Fulk III  
Geoffrey III the Bearded 1060-8 nephew of Geoffrey II  
Fulk IV Rechin 1060-1109 nephew of Geoffrey II  
Fulk V le Jeune 1109-29   Melisande, daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem
Baldwin III Jerusalem 1143-63 son of Fulk + Melisande  
Geoffrey Plantagenet -1151 Anjou + Maine   Matilda, daughter of Henry I of England
Henry II of England 1151-   Eleanor of Aquitaine
7 English kings      
Louis I -1384    
Louis II 1384- son of Louis I  
Louis III 1417-34 son of Louis II  
Rene II the Good 1434-80    

Counts of Blois

Stephen -1102   Adela d Wm the Conquerer
Thibaut IV 1102- Son of Stephen  
Stephen (+ England) 3rd son of Stephen Matilda heiress of Eustace III of Boulogne

Counts of Boulogne

Eustace III      
Eustace IV   Son of Stephen  
William 1154-9 3rd son of Stephen Isabel d William de Warenne
Mary 1159- Dau of Stephen Mathieu of Alsace son of Thierry Count of Flanders
Ida   Dau of Mary  

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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