Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Germany


Kings of Germany

Name Reign Family Spouse
Arnulf c 880-99 + HRE    
Louis the Child 899-911 son of Arnulf HRE  

Holy Roman Emperors

Carolingians (Franks)

Name Reign Relationship Spouse
Charlemagne 800-14 son of Pepin  
Louis the Pious 814-40 son of Charlemagne  
Lothair I 840-55    
Louis II 855-75    
Charles II the Bald 875-7 4th son of Louis I  
Charles III the Fat 881-7    
Guido of Spoleto 891-4    
Lambert of Spoleto 892-8    
Arnulf 896-901 rival    
Louis III of Provence 901-5    
Berengar 905-24    
Conrad I of Franconia 911-18    


Henry I the Fowler 918-36    
Otto I the Great 962-73 Ger 936 son of Henry I 1 Edith, daughter of Edward the Elder
2 St Adelaide
Otto II 973-83 son of Otto I Theophano, daughter of Romanus III of Byzantium
Otto III 983-1002 (aged 3) son of Otto II  
Henry II the Saint 1002-24    

Franconian (Salian)

Conrad II 1024-39    
Henry III the Black -1056 son of Conrad II Agnes
Henry IV 1056-1106 son of Henry III Praxedis of Kiev
Rudolf of Swabia 1077-80 rival    
Hermann of Luxembourg 1081-93 rival    
Conrad of Franconia 1093-1101    
Henry V 1106-25    
Lothair II 1126-37    


Conrad III 1138-52    
Frederick I Barbarossa 1152-90    
Henry VI 1190-7 son of Frederick I  
Otto IV 1209-18 Ger 1198 son of Henry the Lion  
Philip of Swabia 1198-1208 rival    
Frederick II 1215-50 son of Henry IV Isabella of Brienne
Henry Raspe of Thuringia 1246-7 rival    
William of Holland 1247-56    
Conrad IV 1250-4    
Great Interregnum 1254-73    

Various Noble Families

Richard of Cornwall 1257-72 rival    
Alfonso X of Castile 1257-73 rival    
Rudolf I 1273-91 1st Habsburg Emperor  
Adolf I of Nassau 1292-8    
Albert I 1298-1308 Habsburg  
Henry VII 1308-13 Luxembourg  
Louis IV the Barbarian 1314 K of Ger d1347 Bavaria  
Frederick of Habsburg 1314-25 co-regent    
Charles IV 1347-78 Luxembourg  
Wenceslas of Bohemia 1378-1400    
Frederick III of Brunswick 1452-93 V of Austria  
Rupert of the Palatinate 1400-10    
Sigismund 1411-57 Luxembourg  


Albert II 1438-9    
Frederick III 1440-93    
Maximilian I 1493-1519   Mary of Burgundy
Bianca Sforza
Charles V 1519-56 son of Philip and Juana of Spain Isabella of Portugal
Ferdinand I 1556-64 brother of Charles V Anna of Bohemia and Hungary
Maximilian II 1564-76 K Bohemia son of Ferdinand I  
Rudolf II 1576-1612 Austria son of Maximilian II  
Matthias 1612-19    
Ferdinand II 1619-37 grandson of Frederick II of ?  
Ferdinand III 1637-57 son of Ferdinand II Anna, daughter of Philip III of Spain
Leopold I 1658-1705 2nd son of Ferdinand III 3 Eleanora of Neuburg
Joseph I 1705-11 son of Leo I  
Charles VI 1711-40    
Charles VII of Bavaria 1742-5    
Maria Theresa 1740-80 daughter of Charles VI Francis of Lorraine
Francis I 1745-65 Stephen Francis, son of Leopold, Duke of Lorraine Maria Theresa of Austria
Joseph II 1765-90 son of Francis I  
Leopold II 1790-2 son of Francis I  
Francis II (I of Austria) 1792-1806 abd HRE son of Leo II  

Emperors of Austria

Franz Joseph I 1848-1916 nephew of Ferdinand? of Austria  
Charles 1916-19   Zita of Bourbon-Parma
Otto von Habsburg      


Ruled in conjunction with England after George, Elector of Hanover, became king as George I, until 1837 and the accession of Victoria who could not succeed due to Salic Law which prevented a female from ruling. Proclaimed a kingdom by George IV as Prince Regent in the name of George III.

Ernest Augustus 1837-51 5th son of George III of England Frederica of Mecklenburg Strelitz
George V 1851-66 annexed by Prussia  


Frederick William 1640-88 Elector of Brandenburg  
Frederick I 1701-13 son of FW of Brandenburg Sophia Charlotte, sister of George I of England
Frederick William I 1713-40 son of Frederick II Sophia Dorothea, daughter of George I of England
Frederick II the Great 1740-86 son of Frederick William I Elizabeth of Wolfenbuttel
Frederick William II 1786-97 nephew of Frederick II  
Frederick William III 1797-1840   Louisa of Mecklenburg Strelitz
Frederick William IV 1840-61 son of Frederick William III  
Wilhelm I 1871-88 1st Emp Ger brother of Frederick William IV Augusta of Saxe-Weimar
Frederick III 1888 Emp Ger son of Wilhelm I Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria of England
Wilhelm II 1888-1918 dep.1941 son of Frederick II Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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