Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Italian Names from Foreign Countries

As with most modern countries, the names stock contains borrowings from various countries and periods. Invented names are also found.


Given Name and Variants Diminutives and Derivatives

Origin and Meaning
Amilcare   Punic, Hamilcar
Annibale   Punic, Hannibal
Arturo   Celtic, Arthur
Asdrubale   Punic, Hasdrubal
Ciro   Gk from Persian, Cyrus
Dario   Gk from Pers Darius
Diego   Spanish
Javier   Spanish, St Francis Xavier
Ladislao   Slavic, Vladislav
Merlino   Celtic 'Myrddin'
Oscar   OE Osgar
Vasco   Spn Velasco Basque 'crow'
Venceslao, Venceslas   Slavic


Given Name and Variants Diminutives and Derivatives

Origin and Meaning
Arabella, Orabella   Eng, from Annabella
Brigida, Brigita, Brigitta   Celtic
Esmeralda, Smeralda   Spanish 'emerald'
Genoveffa, Ginevra   Genevieve
Isolde   Celtic Iseult
Loredana   Inv by Luciano Zuccoli in the novel 'L'amore de Loredana'
Luana   Inv by King Vidor in the film 'The Bird of Paradise'

Venetian surname Loredan

Ornella Ornetta Inv by Gabriele dAnnunzio in the novel 'Figlia de Iorio' Tuscan ornello flowering ash tree
Sabrina   Celtic, River Severn
Sophonsiba   Punic

Combined Names

It is quite common for a child to have a given name formed from a combination of two others. These are usually those of saints (particulary forms of John for boys and Mary for girls).


Altobianco Antonfrancesco Carlomaria
Giambattista Giambono Giambruno
Giampaolo Giampietro Gian-Andrea
Gianbernard Gianbonino Gian-Carlo
Giandonato Gianfrancesco Gianfranco
Gianlorenzo Gianluca Gianluigi
Gianmaria Gianpaolo Gianpiero
Marcantonio Michelangelo Micheleagno
Nicolantonio Pierangelo Pierfrancesco
Pierluigi Pieroantonio Pietrobono


Annabella Annarita Bonafemina
Bonaventura Mariangela Maridonna
Marilena Rosangela Mirabella, Mirella

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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