Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Portugal

Dynasty of Burgundy (Dinastia de Borgonha)

Name Reign Family Spouse
Afonso I Henriques 1128-85 son of Henry of Burgundy +Theresa of Castile  
Sancho I 1185-1211 son of Afonso I  
Afonso II 1211-23 son of Sancho I  
Sancho II the Fat 1223-48 son of Afonso I  
Afonso III 1248-79 son of Sancho II  
Dinis 1279-1325 son of Afonso III  
Afonso IV 1325-57 son of Dinis  
Pedro I 1357-67 son of Afonso IV  
Fernando I (Ferdinand) 1367-83 son of Pedro I  
João of Castile 1383 Claimant son in law of Ferdinand I  
João 1383 Claimant illeg son of Pedro I  
Dinis 1383 Claimant illeg son of Pedro I  

Dynasty of Avis

João I (John) of Avis 1385-1433 (Regent 1383-5) illeg son of Pedro I  
Duarte I 1433-8 son of João I  
Afonso V el Africano 1438-81 son of Duarte I  
João II 'the Perfect' 1481-95 son of Afonso V  
Manuel I the Fortunate 1495-1521 grandson of Duarte I 1 Isabella of Spain 2 Maria, Infanta of Spain
João III the Pious 1521-57 son of Manuel I  
Sebastião I (Sebastian) 1557-78 grandson of John III, son of Joanna of Austria, daughter of Charles V  
Cardeal Henriques (Cardinal Henry) 1578-80 son of Manuel I  
5 claimants      

Dynasty of the Filipes

Spanish conquest      
Filipe I (Philip II of Spain) 1580-98 grandson of Manuel  
Filipe II (Philip III of Spain) 1598-1621    
Filipe III (Philip IV of Spain) 1621-40    

House of Braganza (Braganca)

Newly Independent      
João IV, 7th Duque of Braganca 1640-56 desc Afonso, 1st Duque of Braganca, illeg son Joao I  
Afonso VI 1656-83    
Pedro II 1683-1706 brother of Alfonso VI  
João V 1707-50 son of Pedro II  
José (Joseph) I 1750-77 son of Joao V Maria Anna
Maria I 1777-1816 daughter of Jose I  
João VI 1816-26 + Brazil son of Maria I  
Pedro IV 1826-8 abd. son of Joao VI  
Miguel 1828-34 Pretender brother of Pedro IV  
Maria II 1826-53 daughter of Pedro IV  
Pedro V 1853-61 son of Maria II  
Luis I 1861-89 son of Maria II  
Carlos I 1889-1908 son of Luis I  
Manuel II 1908-10 dep son of Carlos I  
Republic declared      

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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