Kate Monk's Onomastikon

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Capital : Luxembourg

Size: 1000 sq m Popn: 390 000


Like Belgium, this small state was part of the Roman province of Gallia and later the Frankish Empire. The Luxembourg family were contenders for the crown of a united Germany in the C14th but were more concerned with strengthening their own patrimony than unifying Germany. They acquired large territories in eastern Europe Brandenburg, Silesia, Moravia and Bohemia but lost them to the Holy Roman Empire. Luxembourg was inherited by the Duchy of Burgundy in 1451 and became part of the Spanish Netherlands after the death of Charles the Bold. It was under French control during the Napoleonic era but became one of the states of the German Confederation in 1815. Luxembourg was occupied by Germany during both World Wars but retained its independence, becoming part of the EC.


Jerome Juergen  


Anne Birgit  


Bernetseder Hasler Heeb
Kremer Poos Raimer

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