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The area that is now Aragon was Roman province until the C5th AD when it was taken by the Visigoths who lost it to the Moors in the C8th. It became a kingdom in 1035 and grew in strength during the Middle Ages to control most of the eastern area including Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic islands. The marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon to Isabella of Castile in 1479 united the two kingdoms and they combined to expel the Moors in 1492. They also financed Columbus' expedition to the New World. Aragon is now an autonomous region of north-east Spain.

Aragonese Names


Ajan Alifonso - Alphonse Anchel - Angelo
Aroex Artaldo Bastian - Sebastian
Beliran Beturian Bizen
Brun Chabier Chesus, Chuse - Jesus
Chorache Chorche - George Chuan - John
Dabi Dodorol Ebardo - Eberhard
Eutor Fertus Francho - Frank
Guib Guillen Gustau - Gustav
Larpe Lizer Lorien
Mane Obano Oriche
Pietro - Peter Prejun Zelipe - Philip


Ainelle Albira Anchels - Angela
Arrensa Baldesca Beia
Biolan Birchinia Chere
Conzeuzion - Concepcion Eliche Emparanza
Enmeco Esa Estrel, Estrela - Estella
Exena Iguazel Izarbe
Liena Malena Marile
Merzez - Mercedes Naya Nieus
Olaria Orena Pilara - Pilar


Name Reign Family
Spouse Ramiro I 1035-65
son of Sancho III Navarre Sancho Ramirez 1065-94
son of Ramiro I Pedro I 1094-1104
son of Sancho Ramirez Alfonso I 1104-34
brother of Pedro I Urracca of Castile/Leon Ramiro II the Monk
1134-7 brother of Alfonso I Raymond Berengar IV
1137-64 Count of Barcelona Petronilla, daughter of Ramiro II
Alfonso II 1164-96 son of Raymond + Petronilla
Pedro II 1196-1213 son of Alfonso II
James I 1213-27 Pedro III
1276-85 Constance of Sicily Alfonso III
1285-91 James II the Just 1291-
brother of Alf III Alfonso IV 1327-36
son of James II Pedro IV the Ceremonious 1336-87
John I 1387-95 son of Pedro IV
Martin I -1410 Ferdinand I
1412-6 regent for J II of Castile 2 Germaine de Foix
Alfonso V 1416-58 son of Ferdinand I
John II -1478 Ferdinand II

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