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This area is now part of modern Spain. It came under the control of one of the more powerful Iberian kingdoms, Castile, in the C13th. When Isabella of Castile married Ferdinand of Aragon in 1479, the countries were united, later becoming part of the Habsburg empire.

Asturian Names


Aique Arbidel Arxel
Bastiaro Belmiro Celipe - Philip
Chinto Chus - Jesus Clis
Cloyo Demesio Fliz - Felix
Florin Frichoso Gamus
Lain Lico Marcones
Mundo Nalo Olayo
Quilo Restu Xuoco


Anaonda Balesquida Catuxa
Chucia - Jesusa Delaira Fora
Gada Lala Lisina
Llarina Llelles Lua
Marbuena Maruxa  

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