Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Rulers of Spain

Arab Emirs of Spain/Caliphs of Codova

Name Reign Family Spouse

al Hakam I c 806-22    
Abd-ar-Rahman II 822-52    
Muhammad I 852-86    
al Mundhir 886-8 son of Muhammad I  
Abdallah 888-912 brother of al Mundhir  
Abd-ar-Rahman III 912-    
al Hakam II 961-76    
Hisham II 976-1009 dep    
Muhammad II 1009 dep rest. 1010-3    
Sulayman 1009-10 rest 1013-6    
Ali ibn Hammud 1016-18    
Abd-ar Rahman V 1023 dep    
Muhammad III 1023-5    
a Hammudid 1025-7    
Hisham III 1027-31 dep    

Caliphate abolished, separate Moorish kingdoms established in Andalusia


Garcia Ximenez 856-80 established kingdom  
Fortunus 880-905 son of Garcia Ximenez  
Sancho Garcia I 905-26 son of Fortunus  
Garcia I 926-70 son of Sancho Garcia  
Sancho II 970-94 son of Garcia I  
Garcia II 994-1000 son of Sancho II  
Sancho III the Great 1000-35 + Nav 1028 son of Garcia II  
Garcia III 1035-54 son of Sancho III  
Sancho IV 1054-76 son ofGarcia III  

defeated by

Sancho V Aragon +

Alfonso Castile/Leon

Indep. Regained      
Garcia IV Ramirez 1134-50    
Sancho VI the Wise 1150-94 son of Garcia IV  
Sancho VII the Strong 1194-1234 son of Sancho VI  
Theobald I 1234-53 Count of Champagne adopted by Sancho VI  
Theobald II 1253-70 son of Theobald I  
Henry I the Fat 1270-4 son of Theobald I  
Joanna I 1274-1305 daughter of Henry I Philip IV of France
Louis 1305-29 V of Fr son of Joanna I  
Joanna II 1329-49 daughter of Louis Philip of Evreux
Charles II the Bad 1349-87    
Charles III 1387-1425 son of Charles II  
Blanche 1425-   John of Aragon
John II -1479   Blanche
Eleanor 1479- daughter of John II Francis Phoebus of Foix
Catherine 1483- sister of Francis Phoebus of Foix John d'Albret

Burgos / Castile

Ferdinand I 1033-65 son of Sancho III Navarre  
Sancho II -1072    
Alfonso I the Battler 1073-1109 (VI Leon) defeated SanchoII  
Urracca 1109-26 daughter of Alfonso I + VI Alfonso I of Arag/Nav
Alfonso II + VII 1126-57 son of Urracca  
Sancho III 1157-8 Castile son of Alfonso II  
Ferdinand II 1158-88 Leon son of Alfonso II  
Alfonso III + VIII 1158-1214    
Alfonso IX L 1188-1230 son of Ferdinand II  
Henry I 1214-7 son of Alfonso VIII  
Berenguela 1217-52 daughter of Henry I Alfonso IX Leon
Ferdinand III 1217-52 C 1230 L son of Berenguela + Alfonso IX  
Alfonso X 1252-84 son of Ferdinand III  
Sancho IV 1284-95 2nd son of Alfonso X  
Ferdinand IV 1295-1312 son of Sancho IV  
Alfonso XI 1312-49 1325 maj son of Ferdinand IV  
Pedro I 1349-69 exp son of Alfonso XI  
Henry II 1366-79 Trastamere  
John I 1379-90 son of Henry II  
Henry III 1390-1406 son of John I  

Alfonso V

1396-1458 L+C+Sic

John II 1406-54 son of Henry III  
Henry IV 1454-74 son of John II  
Alfonso the Imposter 1474    
Isabella 1474-1504 daughter of John II Ferdinand of Aragon
Ferdinand V 1469-   Isabella of Castile
Philip I the Handsome 1506 C son of Emperor Maximilian I Joanna/Juana la Loca
Juana la Loca 1505-55 daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella Philip of Flanders



Charles I (HRE V) 1516-56 HRE 1519   son of Juana + Philip
Philip II 1556-98 son of Charles V 1 Mary of Portugal

2 Mary Tudor

3 Isabelle, daughter of Henry II of France

4 Anna, daughter of Maximilian II

Philip III 1598-1621 son of Philip II (4)  
Philip IV 1621-65 son of Philip III  
Charles II 1665-1700 son of Philip IV  


Philip V 1700-46 Duke of Anjou Isabella Farnese
Ferdinand VI 1746-59 son of Philip V  
Charles III 1759-88 son of Philip V  
Charles IV 1788-1808 son of Charles III Maria Louisa of Parma
Ferdinand VII 1808 dep.    

Joseph Napoleon


Ferdinand VII restored 1813-33    
Isabella II 1833-68 daughter of Ferdinand VII Francisco de Assisi

Provisional Govt.

Amadeus I 1870-3 abd. Savoy  

First Republic

Alfonso XII 1874-86   Maria Christina of Austria
Alfonso XIII 1886-1931 dep.   Ena, granddaughter of Victoria of England

Second Republic


Fascist State, Franco

Juan Carlos I 1975- grandson of Alfonso XIII Sofia, daughter of Paul of the Hellenes

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