This was founded in the C6th BC about the same time as Buddhism by Mahavira, who like the Buddha, belonged to the warrior caste. He achieved enlightenment by an extremely austere life, with the emphasis strongly on non- violence. Jainism had a narrow geographical spread in West and North West India and declined severely after AD 1000. The extant literature

is in Sanskrit so names are similar to those of the Hindu majority in India.


Asoka - A Jaina goddess or one of the five arrows of Kama.

Acala Ankusi Brahmattara Duritali f  

Asvats Jaina deities

Badhrakrit Sects Ekambara


7 Candraprabha

8 Candraprava


Bhadragupta Bhurmakaya Devarya      

monk Hahagiri

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