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Tibet was an independent kingdom from the C5th AD but came under nominal Chinese rule around 1700. Independence was regained after a revolt in 1912 but China regained control in 1951 driving out the spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The monks who formed 25% of the population were forced to leave their monasteries. From 1951-9, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) controlled Tibet although the Dalai Lama returned as nominal spiritual and temporal head of state. In 1959 an uprising began near Lhasa and was supported by the Tibetan local government. The PLA suppressed it and the Dalai Lama and 9 000 Tibetans fled to India. China dissolved the Tibetan local government, banned serfdom, suppressed Lamaism and introduced collective agriculture. Tibet became an autonomous region of China in 1965 as the province of Xizang. Chinese rule continued to be resented and the economy became weak. After 1979, the Beijing government became more liberal and allowed the restoration of traditional agriculutural and trading practices. Several former political leaders and rebels were rehabilitated and local Tibetan cadres were encouraged. There was rather more tolerance towards Lamaism and some temples were repaired but the Dalai Lama remained in exile. Pro-independence demonstrations began in Lhasa in September 1987, contiuning through 1988 and into March 1989. They were forcibly suppressed by Chinese troops and Tibet reamins under Chinese rule.

Tibetan Names



Amchila Amdo Chetsang
Chikyab Dadul Dar Puntso
Dolkar Drigung Drönyer Chemo
Drugchen Dzasa Geshe
Gyalo Gyalpo Gyaltag
Gyaltsen Jetrung Jigme
Jo Kapshö Khenpo
Künsangtse Lhamo Dhondrub Lotse
Milarepa Namgang Namgyal
Ngapo Ngari Ngawang
Norbu Norgay Nueden
Nyima Palden Gyatso Pasang
Pemba Püntsog Wangyal Ralpa
Rampa Rimshi Rinchen
Samdrub Samten Sawang Chenpo
Sengi Sholkhang Tagme
Tagtsher Tempa Tenzin Gyatso
Tenzing Thondup Thubten
Thupten Tsetrung Tshering
Tsipön Shakabpa Tsong Kapa Wangchuk
Wangdü Yangchen  


Dakola Deki Dorje Pagmo
Drölma Kela Pünkang Kukula
Migmar Mingma Namhla
Nanlha Nyima Panthog
Pema Dolkar Pema Gyalpo Takla


Andrugtshang Chensal Chödak
Jampa Lobsang Ngabö
Ngawang Pala Sadutsang
Sakya Sonam Surkhang
Taring Tenzing Tsarong

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