Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Japanese Emperors

Legendary and Yamato Periods

Era Name

Reign Relationship  
Jimmu 40-10 BC semi-mythical founder  
Suizei 10 BC-AD 20 son of Jimmu  
Annei 20-50 son of Suizei  
Itoku 50-80 son of Annei  
Kosho 80-110 son of Itoku  
Koan 110-40 son of Kosho  
Korei 140-70 son of Koan  
Kogen 170-200 son of Korei  
Kaika 200-30 son of Kogen  
Sujin 230-58 son of Kaika  
Suinin 258-90 son of Sujin  
Keiko 290-322 son of Suinin  
Seimu 322-55 son of Keiko  
Chuai 355-62 nephew of Seimu  
Ojin 362-94 son of Chuai  
Nintoku 394-427 son of Ojin  
Richu 427-32 son of Nintoku  
Hanzei 432-37 brother of Richu  
Ingyo 437-54 brother of Hanzei  
Anko 454-57 son of Ingyo  
Yuraku 457-89 son of Ingyo  
Seinei 489-94 son of Yuraku  
Kenzo 494-97 grandson of Richu  
Ninken 497-504 brother of Kenzo  
Buretsu 504-10 son of Ninken  
Keitai 510-27 5th in desc. from Ojin  
Ankan 527-35 son of Keitai  
Senka 535-9 brother of Ankan  
Kimmei 539-71 brother of Senka  
Bidatsu 572-85 son of Kimmei  
Yomai 585-7 brother of Bidatsu  
Sushun 587-92 brother of Yomai  
Suiko 593-628 sister of Sushun  
Jomei 629-41 grandson of Bidatsu  
Kogyoku 642-5 abd. niece of Jomei  
Kotoku 645-54 brother of Kogyoku  
Saimei 655-61 ex-empress Kogyoku  
Tenji 661-72 son of Jomei  
Kobun 672 son of Tenji  
Temmu 672-86 son of Jomei  
Jito 686-97abd daughter of Tenji  
Mommu 697-707 grandson of Temmu  

Nara Period

Gemmei 707-15 abd. daughter of Tenji
Gensho 715-24 abd. sister of Mommu
Shomu 724-49 abd. son of Mommu
Koken 749-58 abd. daughter of Shomu
Junnin 758-64 dep. grandson of Temmu
Shotoku 764-7 ex-empress Koken
Konin 770-81 abd. grandson of Tenji

Heian Period

Kammu 781-806 son of Konin
Heizei 806-9 abd. son of Kammu
Saga 809-23 abd. brother of Saga
Junna 823-33 abd. brother of Junna
Nimmyo 883-50 son of Saga
Montoku 850-58 son of Nimmyo
Seiwa 858-76 abd. son of Montoku
Yozei 876-84 dep. son of Seiwa
Koko 884-7 son of Nimmyo
Uda 887-97abd. son of Koko
Daigo 897-830 abd. son of Uda
Suzaku 930-46 abd. son of Daigo
Murakami 946-67 brother of Suzaku
Reizei 967-9 abd. son of Murakami
En'yu 969-84 abd. brother of Reizei
Kazan 984-6 abd. son of Reizei
Ichijo 986-1011 abd. son of En'yu
Sanjo 1011-16abd. son of Reizei
Go-Ichijo 1016-36 son of Ichijo
Go-Suzaku 1036-45 abd. brother of Go-Ichijo
Go-Reizei 1045-68 son of Go-Suzaku
Go-Sanjo 1068-73 abd. brother of Go-Reizei
Shirakawa 1073-87 abd. son of Go-Sanjo
Horikawa 1087-1107 son of Shirakawa
Toba 1107-23 abd. son of Horikawa
Sutoku 1123-42 abd. son of Toba
Konoe 1142-55 brother of Sutoku
Go-Shirakawa 1155-58 abd. brother of Konoe
Nijo 1158-65 abd. son of Go-Shirakawa
Rokujo 1165-68abd. son of Nijo
Takakura 1168-80 abd. son of Go-Shirakawa
Antoku 1180-5 son of Takakura

Kamakura Period

Go-Toba 1183-98 abd. brother of Antoku
Tsuchimikado 1198-1210 abd. son of Go-Toba
Juntoku 1210-1221 abd. bro. of Tsuchimikado
Chukyo 1221 dep. son of Juntoku
Go-Horikawa 1221-32 abd. grandson of Takakura
Shijo 1232-42abd. son of Go-Hirakawa
Go-Saga 1242-6 abd. son of Tsuchimikado
Go-Fukakusa 1246-60 abd. son of Go-Saga
Kameyama 1260-74 abd. bro. of Go-Fukekasa
Go-Uda 1274-87 abd. son of Kameyama
Fushimi 1287-98 abd. son of Go-Fukakasa
Go-Fushimi 1298-1301 abd. son of Fushimi
Go-Nijo 1301-8 son of Go-Uda
Hanazono 1308-18 abd. son of Fushimi

Nambokucho Period

The Southern Court

Go-Daigo 1318-39 son of Go-Uda
Go-Murakami 1339-68 son of Go-Daigo
Chokei 1368-83 abd. son of Go-Murakami
Go-Kameyama 1383-92 abd. brother of Chokei

The Northern Court

Kogon 1331-3 dep. son of Go-Fushimi
Komyo 1338-48 abd. brother of Kogon
Suko 1348-51 abd. son of Kogon
Go-Kogon 1352-71 abd. brother of Suko
Go-En'yu 1371-82 abd. son of Go-Kogon

Muromachi Period

Go-Kumatsu 1382-1412 abd. son of Go-En'yu
Shoko 1412-28 son of Go-Kumatsu
Go-Hanazono 1428-64 abd. great-g'son of Suko
Go-Tsuchimikado 1464-1500 son of Go-Hanazono
Go-Kashiwabara 1500-26 s of Go-Tsuchimikado
Go-Nara 1526-57 s of Go-Kashiwabara
Ogimachi 1557-86 abd. son of Go-Nara

Edo Period

Go-Yozei 1586-1611 abd. grandson of Ogimachi
Go-Mizunoo 1611-29 abd. son of Go-Yozei
Meisho 1629-43 abd. dau of Go-Mizunoo
Go-Komyo 1643-54 brother of Meisho
Go-Sai 1655-63 abd. brother of Go-Komyo
Reigen 1663-87 abd. brother of Go-Sai
Higashiyama 1687-1709 abd. son of Reigen
Nakamikado 1709-35 abd. son of Higashiyama
Sakuramachi 1735-47 abd. son of Nakamikado
Momozono 1747-62 son of Sakuramachi
Go-Sakuramachi 1762-71 abd. sister of Momozono
Go-Momozono 1771-9 son of Momozono
Kokaku 1780-1817 abd. gt-g'son Higashiyama
Ninko 1817-46 son of Kokaku
Komei 1846-67 son of Ninko

Modern Period

Era Name

Dates Relationship Personal Name
Meiji 1867-1912 son of Komei Mutsuhito
Taisho 1912-26 son of Meiji Yoshihito
Showa 1926-89 regent 21-6 son of Taisho Hirohito
Heisei 1989- son of Showa Akihito

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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