Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Saints - T

Name Background Date Feast Day
Tabitha See 'Dorcas'    
Tadhg Irish martyr at Wurtzberg   08/07
Talaricanus/Talacrian/Tarkin Bishop in Caledonia C6th 30/10
Talida of Antinoe Abbess in Egypt C4th 05/01
Talmach of Lough Erc   14/03
Tammany/Tamannend Delaware tribe C18th 01/05
Tanca/Tancha/Tranca virgin martyr, Troyes d637 10/10
Tanco/Tancho/Tatta Irish Benedictine, Abbot of Amalbarich, Bishop of Werden d808 06/02, 15/02
Tancred, Torthred + Tova   d870 30/09
Taraghta Virgin, Ireland   09/02
Tarasius Bishop of Constantinople d806 25/02
Tarbula/Tarba/Tarbo sister of Simeon, virgin martyr Persia d345 22/04
Tarsicius Roman martyr C4th 15/08
Tarsitia/Tarscia/Tarsicia of Rodez, France hermitess, gdau Clotaire I d606 15/01
Tarskius, Zoticus + Cyriacus martyrs, Alexandria   31/01
Tassach/Asicus Bishop of Raholp Ireland d c495 14/04
Tassach/As(s)icus Bishop of Elphin Ireland d470 27/04
Tathal/Tathan/Tathai/Tahai/Athan/Athaeus Abbot of Llantathan nephew of Sampson of Dol C6th 26/12
Tatiana/Tania virgin martyr, Rome   12/01
Tatiana, Mertios + Euthasia Roman martyrs d c230 12/01
Tation martyr in Bithynia c304  
Tatwin(e) Archbishop of Canterbury d734 30/07
Taurinus Bishop of Evreux d c412 11/08 (Invention 05/09)
Teath dau Brychan (maybe same as Ita)   15/01
Teilo/Teillo/Teilu/Theliau/Eliud/Issell/Dub Bishop of Llandaff d560 09/02
Telemachus/Almachius Stoned to death at games, Rome d c400 01/01
Telesphorus Pope C2nd 05/01
Tenenan(us) Bishop of Léon, British C7th 16/07 (11/10)
Terentian Bishop of Todi, martyr d118 01/09
Terentius/Terence Bishop of Iconium, martyr C1st 21/06
Terentius/Terence, Africanus, Pompeius + comps (50 in all) martyrs d c250 10/04
Terentius + Fidentius     27/09, 28/09
Terentius Bishop of Metz d c520 29/10 (Trans 16/05)
Teresa + Sanchia Daughters of Sancho I of Portugal C13th 17/06
Teresa de los Andes (Juanita Fernandez Solar) Carmelite nun, Chile 1900-20 13/07
Teresa Couderc Foundress, Religious of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle 1805-85 26/09
Teresa Fantou, Francoise Lanel, Madeleine Fontaine + Joan Gerard, Blessed martyrs in France d1794 26/06
Teresa Margaret (Anna Maria) Redi Carmelite nun, Florence 1747-70 11/03
Teresa/Theresa/Thecia of Avila, Carmelite nun 1515-82 15/10
Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars Foundress 'Little sisters of the Poor', Spain 1843-97 26/08
Teresa/Theresa/Th¾ rÀ se of Lisieux a Jesu Infante/of the Child Jesus/Little flower of Jesus, Carmelite nun 1873-97 01/10 (03/10)
Ternan/Torannan Bishop of the Picts, founder of Culross Abbey C5th 12/06
Ternatius Bishop of Besancon d680 08/08
Tertullian Bishop of Bologna d490 27/04
Tertullinus Roman martyr d257 04/08
Tertullinus     31/07
Tesochus   d782 18/09
Tetricus Bishop of Tours, son successor of Gregory d572 20/03
Tetricus Bishop of Auxerre d707 12/04
Tetta Abbess of Wimborne d c772 28/09
Tewdric/Theodoric King of Morgannwg d595 01/04
Thaddeus/Machar     25/10
Thais penitent, Alexandria C4th 08/10
Thalelaeus, Asterius, Alexander + comps martyrs in Cilicia d284 20/05
Thalilaeus Epiklautos ('weeping much') hermit near Gabala, mod Syria d450 27/02
Thamel + comps Roman martyrs in Eastern Empire d125 04/09
Tarachus/Tharacus, Andronicus + Probus Martyrs, Cilicia d304 12/10
Thea, Valentine/a + Paul martyrs in Gaza c225 25/07
Thebaides     22/09 (24/11 Commemoration)
Thecla     20/12
Thecla/Tegla of the Well virgin Denbighshire   01/06
Thecla/Tecla (Heilga) Nun, Wimborne then Abbess of Kitzingen d790 15/10
Thecla/Theokleia Virgin of Iconicum C1st 23/09
Thecla Nangashi, Blessed Martyr of Japan, wife of Paul Nangashi d1622 10/09
Thelassius/Thalassius + Limneus Hermits in Syria C5th 22/02
Themistocles + Dioscurus martyrs in Lycia d253 21/12
Theneva/Thenova/Thanay/Thenu/Denw/Dwynwen/Enoch of Glasgow, mother of Kentigern C7th 18/07 (01/25, 13/09)
Theobald     01/07, 08/07, 09/07
Theobald     03/10
Theobald Archbishop of Vienne d1001 21/05 (16/05)
Theobald Roggeris penitent & pilgrim, Piedmont d1150 01/06, 02/06
Theobald of Marly Cistercian Abbot of Vaux-de-Cernay d1247 27/07
Theobald of Provins hermit priest near Vincenza 1017-66 30/06
Theoctiste nun & hermitess on Paros in the Aegean C10th 10/11
Theodard Bishop of Maestricht d670 10/09
Theodard/Audard Archbishop of Narbonne d893 01/05
Theodemir monk & martyr, Cordoba d851 25/07
Theodemar/Thethmar Premonstratensian canon & missionary to Wends d1152 17/05
Theodechildis/Telchildis 1st Abbess of Jouarre, Meaux d660 28/06
Theodogar     30/10
Theodora + Didymus Alexandria C3rd 28/04
Theodora Roman martyr d130 01/04
Theodora     17/11
Theodora Empress wife of Theophilus d867 01/08 11/02
Theodora of Alexandria penitent & hermit d491 11/09
Theodora Roman martyr d305 17/09
Theodora of Thessalonica   05/04 Orth
Theodore + Pausilippus martyrs at Byzantium d130 05/04
Theodore + Theophanes brothers & monks, St Sabbas, Jerusalem d c841 28/12 (27/12)
Theodore     21/09
Theodore     23/03
Theodore Abbot of Crowland + Askega Swithin Elfgete Ulric Savinus Egdred Grimkeld + Agamund martyred by Danes 870 09/04
Theodore Bishop of Bologna d c550 05/05
Theodore Bishop of Cyrene martyr d310 04/07
Theodore Bishop of Octodurum   16/08
Theodore Bishop of Pavia C8th 20/05
Theodore Desert hermit, disc. of Ammonius, Egypt C4th 07/01
Theodore, his mother, Philippa, Socrates + Dionysius Martyrs, Pamphilia d220 20/09
Theodore, Oceanus, Ammianius + Julian Martyrs in Eastern Empire d310 04/09
Theodore of Sykeon Bishop of Anstasioupolos d c613 22/04 21/04
Theodore of Tarsus Archbishop of Canterbury 602-90 19/09
Theodore the Sacrist St Peter's Rome C6th 26/12
Theodore the Sanctified/Holy Abbot of Tabenna d368 27/04 (Orth 16/05)
Theodore the Studite Abbot of Studios, Constantinople 759-826 11/11 (22/11)
Theodore/Theodoret/Theoderic of Antioch, priest martyr d362 23/10
Theodore/Theodorus Stratelates the General/of Heraclea, martyr c 320 07/02
Theodore/Theuderius/Theodoric + comps (Irenacus, Serapion, + Ammonius) Bishop of Pentapolis C3rd 26/03
Theodore Trichinas 'the hairy' hermit near Constantinople d330 20/04
Theodore Tyro/Tyron 'the Recruit' Roman martyr, Pontus C4th 09/11 (17/02)
Theodoric Bishop of Cambrai-Arras d863 05/08
Theodoric Bishop of Ninden, killed by Norsemen d880 02/02
Theodoric II Bishop of Orleans d1022 27/01
Theodoric of Emden Franciscan martyr, Gorkum, Netherlands d1572 09/10
Theodoric/Theoderic     23/10
Theodoric/Theoderic/Derek/Thierry Abbot of Mont d'Or, Rheims d533 01/07
Theodorius     18/03
Theodosia virgin from Tyre martyred in Caesarea d308 02/04 (09/04)
Theodosia martyred nun, Constantinople d745 29/05
Theodosia + 12 comps female martyrs, Caesarea d303 29/05
Theodosia     22/07
Theodosia     22/12
Theodosios of Trnovo d1363 27/11 (Orth)
Theodosius Bishop of Auxerre d516 17/07
Theodosius Bishop of Vaison d554 14/02
Theodosius of Antioch founder of monastery in Cilicia d412 11/01
Theodosius Pechersky Abbot of The Caves, Kiev d1074 10/07
Theodosius + comps (Lucius, Mark, Peter) 50 soldier martyrs d269 11/01
Theodosius the Cenobiarc(h) Abbot/founder in Palestine d529 11/01
Theodota/Theodata penitent martyr, Thrace d318 29/09
Theodota Martyr in Constantinople d735 17/07
Theodota + 3 sons incl St Evodius martyrs, Nicaea d304 02/08
Theodotus/Theodatus + 7 virgins (Alexandra, Thecusa, Claudia, Euphrasia, Julitta, Faina/Phaina + Matrona) martyrs, Ancyra, Galatia d304 10/05, 18/05
Theodotus Bishop of Cyrenia d325 06/05
Theodotus Bishop of Laodicea d334 02/11
Theodotus, Rufina + Ammia Martyrs in Cappadocia d270 31/08
Theodoulos + Agathopous     (Orth) 04/04
Theodulphus/Thiou Abbot/Bishop of Lobbes, nr Liege d776 24/06
Theodulus/Theodulas (+ Julian) martyr in Palestine d309 17/02
Theodulus/Theodore/Theodoricus priest in Antioch   23/03
Theodulus/Theodore of Grammont Bishop of Valais C4th 17/08
Theodulus, Anesius, Felix, Cornelia + comps Martyrs in Africa   31/03
Theodulus, Saturninus, Euporus, Gelasius, Eunician, C/Leomenes, Basilides, Agathopus, Zeticus + Evaristus Martyrs on Crete d250 23/12
Theofrid Abbot of Corbie & Bishop d690 26/01
Theofrid     18/11
Theofrid/Theoftoy/Chaffre Abbot of Carmery-en-Velay, martyred by Saracens d728 19/10
Theonas Bishop of Alexandria d300 23/08
Theonestus Bishop of Philippi d425 30/10
Theopemptus/Theopompus/Heopompus + Theonas/Synesius Bishop of Nicomedia, martyrs d284 03/01
Theophanes the Chronicler Founder of two monasteries in Mysia d818 12/03, 13/03
Theophanes + 3 comps Byzantine martyrs d815 04/12
Theophane Venard French missionary, martyr in Vietnam 1829-61 04/12
Theophilos of Macedonia d1548 (Orth) 08/07
Theophilus Bishop of Caesarea d195 05/03
Theophilus Bishop of Brescia d427 27/04
Theophilus Bishop of Antioch d181 13/10
Theophilus Bulgarian monk & martyr in Asia Minor d750 02/10
Theophilus Byzantine admiral martyred by Arabs d789 23/07
Theophilus Patriarch of Alexandria d412
Theophilus + Helladius martyrs in Libya   08/01
Theophilus of Corte (Biagio Arrighi) Franciscan reformer 1676-1740 19/05
Theophilus Scholasticus 'Lawyer' Martyr at Caesarea d300 06/02
Theophilus the Penitent Archdeacon in Cilicia C6th 04/02
Theophylact Bishop of Nicomedia d845 07/03
TheoritgithaTheoregitha/Thordgith of Barking on Thames, nun d700 25/01, 26/01
Theotimus Bishop of Tomi d407 20/04
Theotimus + Basilian martyrs in Laodicea   18/12
Theotonius Augustinian Canon, Portugal 1088-1166 18/02
Thespesius martyr in Cappadocia d230 01/06
Theuderius/Theudar/Theodore/Chef Abbot of Vienne d 575 29/10
Theusetas, Ilorres, Theodora, Mark, Nymphodora, Arabia martyrs at Nicaea, Bithynia   13/03
Thiemo/Theodinarus Archbishop of Salzburg d1102 28/09
Thomais Martyr, Alexandria (killed when refused father-in-law) d476 14/04
Thomas a Becket Archbishop of Canterbury, martyred by knights of Henry II 1118-70 29/12 (Trans 07/07, Octave 05/01)
Thomas Abel (+ Edward Powell, Richard Featherstone) Chaplain to Catherine of Aragon, English martyrs d1540 30/07
Thomas Akafuji, Blessed Japanese martyr, catechist to Leonard Kimura d1622 19/09
Thomas Alfield, Blessed English martyr d1585 06/07
Thomas Aquinas Dominican priest, Doctor of the Church 1225-74 07/03 (Trans 28/01)
Thomas Bosgrave, Blessed English martyr, Dorchester d1594 04/07
Thomas Cantelupe/ Cantilupe Bishop of Hereford 1218-82 02/10, 03/10 (Trans 25/08, 26/08, 25/10)
Thomas Cottam Jesuit convert & English martyr 1549-82 30/05
Thomas Didymus (the Twin) the Apostle d c72 21/12 Vigil 20/12, Trans 03/07
Thomas Danki Franciscan tertiary, Japanese martyr, Nagasaki d1597 06/02
Thomas De + 4 comps Shoemaker, martyrs in Vietnam d1839 19/12
Thomas Dien Vietnamese martyr d1838 21/09
Thomas Du, Dominican tertiary Vietnamese martyr 1774-1839 31/05
Thomas Felton Friars Minim, son of Bl John Felton, martyred at Isleworth d1588 28/08 (08/08)
Thomas Ford, Blessed Ordained at Douai, martyred at Tyburn d1582 28/05
Thomas Garnet English Jesuit, martyred at Tyburn d1608 23/06
Thomas Green, Thomas Scryven + Thomas Reding English Carthusians martyrs in Newgate d1538 15/06
Thomas Guengoro + wife + son Martyred for helping Simon Kiota, Japan d1620 18/08
Thomas Helye     19/10
Thomas Hemerford, Blessed + 4 comps Priest, English College, Rome martyred at Tyburn d1584 12/02
Thomas Holford or Acton, Blessed Catholic convert martyred at Clerkenwell d1588 28/08
Thomas Holland/ Sanderson/Hammond Jesuit martyred at Tyburn d1642 12/12
Thomas Johnson, Blessed English Carthusian martyred in Newgate d1537 20/09
Thomas Kotenda, Blessed + 10 comps Japanese nobleman educated by Jesuits, martyrs d1619 27/11
Thomas Koyanangi, Blessed Japanese martyr, Nagasaki d1622 19/08
Thomas Kozaki Boy martyr, son of St Michael Kozaki, comp. of Paul Miki 1583-97 06/02
Thomas Kufioji Augustinian tertiary martyred at Nagasaki, Japan d1630 28/09
Thomas More + comps Lord Chancellor, English martyr 1478-1535 22/06 (06/07, 09/07 04/05)
Thomas of Antioch hermit d782 18/11
Thomas of Cori     19/01
Thomas of Hales     02/08 (04/08)
Thomas of St Hyacinth, Bld (comp of Dominic Castelet) Japanese martyr, Dominican catechist d1628 08/09
Thomas of the Holy Rosary, Blessed Japanese martyr, Dominican catechist d1622 10/09
Thomas of Tolentino, Blessed (+ Bl. James of Padua, Bl. Peter of Siena + Demetrius of Triflis) Franciscan missionary martyr in northern India d1322 13/04
Thomas of Villanova/ Villanueva Archbishop of Valentia, Augustinian 1488-1555 22/09 (18/09)
Thomas Percy, Blessed Earl of Northumberland 1528-72 12/08 (14/11)
Thomas Pickering, Blessed English Benedictine martyr, Tyburn d1679 09/05
Thomas Plumtree, Blessed (+ Luke Kirby, Richard Kirkman + Richard Thirkill Rector of Stubton martyred at Durham after Rising of the North d1570 04/01 (14/02)
Thomas Reynolds/ Green, Blessed English martyr with Alban Bartholomew Roe, Tyburn d1642 21/01
Thomas Sherwood     07/02
Thomas Shikuiro Martyr of Japan with Charles Spinola 1622 10/09
Thomas Somers, Blessed (+ John Roberts) schoolmaster & priest martyred at Tyburn d1610 10/12
Thomas Thwing, Blessed Chaplain, hung at York after Titus Oates plot d1680 23/10
Thomas Tichborne     20/04
Thomas Toan, Blessed Vietnamese martyr 1767-1840 27/06
Thomas Tomaki, Blessed Son of John Tomaki, boy martyr in Japan d1628 08/09
Thomas Tsughi, Blessed Japanese Jesuit martyred at Nagasaki d1627 06/09
Thomas Tunstal, Blessed English priest martyred at Norwich d1616 13/07
Thomas Vinyemon, Blessed Japanese martyred for sheltering missionaries d1627 17/08
Thomas Warcop, Blessed + 3 comps martyred at York d1597 04/07
Thomas Welbourne, John Fuithering + William Brown, Blesseds martyred at York d1605 01/08
Thomas Whitbread/ Harcourt, Blessed English Jesuit martyred at Tyburn after Popish Plot d1679 20/06
Thomas Woodhouse, Blessed Jesuit martyr, Tyburn d1573 19/06 (13/06)
Thomas Zumarraga Spanish Dominican martyred in Japan 1575-1622 12/09
Thomian/Tomian Bishop of Armagh d660 10/01
Thorfinn Norwegian Bishop exiled to Bruges d1285 08/01
Thorkill/Thyrgillus     12/11
Thorlac Thorhallsson Bishop of Skalholt, Iceland 1133-93 23/12 (Trans 20/07)
Thraseas Bishop of Eumenia, martyred at Smyrna d170 05/10
Thrasilla/Tarsilla + Emiliana aunts of Gregory the Great d581 24/12
Thyrsus, Leucius + Callinicus martyrs at Apollonia, Phrygia d251 28/01
Thyrsus + Projectus martyrs   24/01
Thyrsus + Victor     31/01
Tiarnach Ireland   17/03
Tiarnach Ireland   13/05
Tiarnach Ireland   07/07
Tiarnach Ireland   04/11
Tiarnan/Tiernan Ireland   08/04
Tibbe virgin of Brecknock   30/01
Tiberius/Tiburce, Modestus + Florentia Roman martyrs d303 10/11 (16/11)
Tiburtius + Chromatius + Susan(na) Roman martyrs d288 11/08
Tiburtius, Valerian + Maximus Roman martyrs C3rd 14/04
Tigernach/Tighernach/Tierney/Torney Bishop of Clogher (Monk at Clones) d509 or 549 04/04
Tigides + Remedius Bishops in the French Alps C6th 03/02
Tigridia Benedictine Abbess of Burgos, Spain d925 22/11
Tigrius + Eutropius martyrs who defended John Chrysostom, Constantinople d404/5 12/01
Tikbon of Zadonsk Russian monk, Bishop of Voronezh 1724-83 13/08
Tilbert 8th Bishop of Hexham d789 07/09
Tillo/Theau/Filman/Hillonius Benedictine monk, recluse at Solignac d702 07/01
Timolaus + 7 comps (Dionysius x2, Alexander x2, Romulus, Pausis + Agapius martyrs at Caesarea d303 24/03
Timon one of 7 deacons chosen by the Apostles C1st 19/04
Timothy + Apollinaris     23/08
Timothy + Diogenes martyrs at Philippi, Macedonia d345 06/04
Timothy + Faustus martyrs in Antioch   08/09
Timothy + Martha martyrs in Antinoe, Egypt d298 03/05
Timothy, Agapius + Thecla Bishop of Gaza, martyrs in Caesarea d304 19/08
Timothy, Polius + Eutychius martyrs in Mauritania late C3rd/early C4th 21/05
Timothy martyr & bishop, Prusa in Bithynia d362 10/06
Timothy     18/12
Timothy of Rome martyr d311 22/08
Timothy the Apostle     26/01, 24/01 Advent 05/03 Trans 09/05
Tirsus + comps     04/10
Titian Bishop of Brescia d536 03/03
Titian (Tatian + comps) Bishop near Venice d650 16/01
Titus Companion of Apostle Paul C1st 26/01
Titus Roman martyr killed by Goths d410 16/08
Titus Brandsma, Blessed Dutch Carmelite monk died in Dachau 1881-1942 27/07
Titus     04/01
Titus     06/02
Titus the Wonderworker     (Orth) 02/04
Tobias Martyr C4th 02/11
Tochumra/Tochmura virgin of Kilmore, Ireland   11/06
Tola Bishop in Meath (Disert Tola) d733 30/03
Torpes Roman martyr d65 29/04
Torpetis virgin martyr   18/05
Torquatus Bishop of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux   31/01
Tranquillinus Roman martyr d288 06/07
Trason, Pontian + Praetextus Roman martyrs d302 12/12
Trea Hermitess of Ardtree, Derry C5th 03/08
Tressan/Tresian Irish missionary in Gaul d550 07/02
Triandaphilos of Stara Zagora d1680 08/08
Triduana/Triduna/Trollhoena/Tredwell/Trallen Virgin of Restalrig in Scotland C4th 08/10, 09/11
Trien Abbot of Killelga, Ireland C5th 22/03
Trillo/Drillo/Drel Abbot of Llandrillo, Wales C6th 15/06
Triphina + baby son, Tremorus killed by his father, Conmore, Brittany C6th 05/07
Triphillius/Tryphillius Bishop of Nicosia d370 13/06
Triverius/Trivier hermit near Therouanne d550 16/01
Troadius martyr at Neo- Caesarea, Pontus d250 28/12
Trojan(us)/Troyen Bishop of Saintes d533 30/11
Trojecia     08/06
Trophimus companion of St Paul C1st 29/12
Trophimus, Sabbatius + Dorymedon martyrs in Antioch d277 19/09 (18/09)
Trophimus + Eucarpius Roman soldier martyrs, Nicomedia d304 18/03
Trophimus + Theophilus Roman martyrs d302 23/07
Trophimus/Tropez Bishop of Arles d280 29/12 (Trans 30/09)
Trudo/ Trond/Tron Benedictine Abbot near Louvain d695 23/11
Trudpert     26/04
Trumwin(e) Bishop of the Picts at Abercorn (& monk at Whitby) d704 10/02 02/12
Tryphena martyr at Cyzicus on the Hellespont   31/01
Tryphon/Trypho, Respicius + Nympha Gooseherd in Syria martyrs at Nicaea d251 10/11 (Orth 01/02)
Tryphon + comps 13 martyrs in Alexandria   03/07
Tryphonia Roman widow & martyr C3rd 18/10
Tuda Irish Bishop of Lindisfarne d664 21/10
Tudno Hermit, Llandudno & Caernarvon C6th 05/06 (30/11)
Tudwal/Tugdual Welsh monk & Bishop of Tréguier d564 30/11 (01/12)
Tudy/Tybie/Uda/ Tudelyd Welsh virgin C5th 30/01
Tudy/Tudec/Tegwin/Tudinus Abbot near Landevennec, Brittany (cousin of Nonna) missionary to Wales C5th/6th 11/05
Turiaf/Thuriaf/Turiav (Curien) Bishop of Dol d750 13/07
Turibius + comps     25/08 24/07
Turibius Bishop of Astorga, Spain d460 16/04
Turibius Abbot/ founder of Liebana in Asturias d528 16/04
Turibius/Toribio Bishop of Mogroveio/ Archbishop of Lima 1538-1606 23/03
Turketil Abbot of Crowland/ Croyland 887-975 11/07
Turninus Irish missionary to Antwerp, Netherlands C9th 17/07
Tutilo Benedictine monk at St Gall d915 28/03
Tychicus disciple of Paul, trad. Bishop of Paphos C1st 18/04
Tychon Bishop of Amathus, Cyprus d450 16/06
Tydecho bro of Cadfan, Merioneth, Wales C6th 17/12
Tydfil Kinswoman of Brychan, killed by Picts, Merthyr-Tydfil d480 23/08
Tyrannio + comps (Zenobius, Peleus, Nilus + Silvanus) Bishop of Tyre, martyrs d304 20/02
Tysilio/Suliac Abbot of Meifod, Wales, settled in Brittany C7th 08/11

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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