Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Saints - W

Saint Background Date Feast Day
Waccar, Elleher, Hathawulf, Hadulph + Gundekar, Benedictine martyrs, comps of Boniface of Mainz d755 05/06
Walbert/Waldebert/Gaubert 3rd Abbot of Luxeuil d668 02/05
Walbert/Vaubert Duke of Lorraine & Count of Hainault d678 11/05
Walburga Virgin   01/05, (04/05, 04/08, 13/05)
Walburga/Walpurgis Walburgh/Vaubourg/Wealburg 'the Myrrh-Giver' sister of Winebald + Willibald, nun at Wimborne, Abbess of Heidenheim c 710-79 25/02 (Trans 12/10)
Waldelenus Abbot & founder of Beze C7th 15/05
Walderic     16/10
Waldetrudis     03/02
Waldetrudis     12/08
Waldetrudis/Waltrude/Waudru wife of Vincent Madelgarius, nun near Mons d688 09/04, 08/04
Walericus See 'Valeric'   01/04
Walfrid/Galfrido/Qualfredo della Gherardesca Abbot of Palazzuolo, Voterra d765 15/02
Walhere Belgian priest martyr   23/06
Walstan the Generous Wealthy man who became farmhand, Taverham, Norfolk d1016 30/05
Walter     04/05
Walter Abbot of Fontenelle d1150 04/06
Walter Abbot of Lesterpes d1070 11/05
Walter Abbot of Serviliano, Ancona d1250 04/06
Walter Gautier Abbot of Pontnoise d1095/9 08/04, 07/04
Walter Pierson, Blessed Carthusian martyr, London d1537 06/06
Walthen/Waltheof/Waldef, Blessed Cistercian Abbot of Kirkham & Melrose d1160 03/08
Waltraud (Waldrada) Foundress nun, Mons, Belgium C7th 04/05
Wando/Vando Abbot of Fontenelle d756 17/04
Wandrille/Vandrille/Wandregisil(us) Abbot/Founder of Fontenelle d688 22/07
Waningus/Vaneng, Benedictine Abbot, co-founder of Fontenelle d683 09/01
Warinus Martyr of the Franks C7th 25/08
Wasnulf     01/10
Wastrada mother of Gregory of Utrecht d760 21/07
Wenceslaus/Wenzel/Vaclav Duke of Bohemia, martyr 907-29 28/09 (Recollection of his bones 27/06 Trans 04/03)
Wendel(in)/Wendolinus/Wendelinus shepherd/hermit, Saarbrucken d607 21/10 (03/02 24/04 (Trans 05/07)
Wendreda Virgin, March   23/01
Wennedoc Wales   07/03
Wenog Wales   03/01
Weomad//Wiomad/Wiomagus/Weomadus Abbot of Mettlach, Bishop ofTrier d790 08/11
Werburga/Werburg/Wereburghe Abbess of Hanbury or Bardsey Patron of Chester d785/99 03/02 (Trans 21/06)
Werenfrid English Benedictine missionary to Frisians d760 14/08 (07/11)
Wiborada/Guiborat/Weibrath Anchoress near St Gall, martyr d926 02/05
Wicterp/Wicho Bishop of Augsburg d749 18/04
Widradus/Ware Abbot of Flavigny, Founder of Salieu d747 03/10
Wigbert Anglo-Saxon missionary, Abbot of Fritzlar, near Cassel d738 13/08 (Trans 15/05)
Wigbert Anglo-Saxon missionary, Ireland & Friesland d690 12/04
Wilfretrudis Abbess of Nivelles d670 23/11
Wilfrid/Wilfrith/Walfrid Archbishop of York 634-709 12/10 (Trans 24/04)
Wilfrid/Wilfrith II/the Younger Archbishop of York d744 29/04
Wilfrida/Wuifritha Abbess of Wilton, mother of St Edith d c988 09/09 13/09
Wilgefortis/Uncumber/Liberata/Kummernis/Livrade pious virgin princess, Portugal (legend) - 20/07
Willa of Nonnberg     15/10
Willehad Anglo-Saxon missionary, Bishop of Worms/Bremen d789 08/11, 09/11 (Ordination 13/07)
Willehad (Anthony) Danish Franciscan exiled & martyred, Gorkum, Netherlands d1572 09/07
Willeic Prior of Kaiserwerth d726 02/03
William     21/04
William Abbot of Breteuil d1130 14/07
William Abbot of St. Benigne/ Benignus, Dijon C10th 01/01
William Andleby, Blessed English priest martyred at York d1597 04/07
William Archbishop of York d1154 08/06 (08/01)
William Arnaud + 12 comps Dominican, Martyr of Toulouse d1242 29/05
William Bishop of Roskilde, Anglo-Saxon missionary d1067 02/09 (16/06)
William Browne, Thomas Welbourne, + John Fulthering, Bl. English martyrs at Ripon d1605 05/09
William Carter     11/01
William Dean, Blessed Priest, Martyr of England d1588 28/08
William Duke of Aquitaine, founder & monk of Gellone d812 28/05
William Exmew, Sebastian Newdigate + Humphrey Middlemore, Blessed Carthusian martyrs d1535 19/06
William Filby Priest, Martyr of England at Tyburn d1582 30/05
William Firmatus pilgrim & hermit, France d1103 24/04
William Freeman Priest, English martyr, Tyburn d1595 13/08
William Greenwood, Blessed Carthusian lay brother, martyred in Newgate d1537 16/06
William Guntei, Blessed Priest, Martyr of Wales d1588 28/08
William Harcourt/ Barrows, Blessed English Jesuit martyred at Tyburn after Popish Plot d1679 20/06
William Harrington, Blessed Priest martyred at Tyburn d1594 18/02
William Hart Priest martyred at York d1583 15/03
William Hartley, Blessed Priest martyred at Shoreditch d1588 05/10
William Horne, Blessed Carthusian lay brother martyred at Tyburn d1540 04/08
William Howard, Viscount Stafford, Blessed Son of Earl of Arundel, martyred after Popish Plot d1680 29/12
William Ireland, Blessed English Jesuit martyred at Tyburn after Popish Plot d1679 24/01
William Lacy/Lacey, Blessed, + Richard Kirkman Priest martyred at York d1582 22/08
William Marsden, Blessed + Robert Anderson, Blessed Priests martyred on Isle of Wight d1586 25/04
William of EskilsoÁ (Aebelholt) French missionary to Denmark d1203 06/04
William of Fenoli   C13th 20/12
William of Maleval pilgrim & hermit near Pisa d1157 10/02
William of Nevers Bishop of Bourges d1209 10/01 11/01 (Trans 07/05)
William of Norwich boy supposedly killed by Jews d1144 26/03
William of Rochester Scottish pilgrim killed by adopted son at Rochester   23/05
William of Savigny     20/10
William of Vercelli/ Montevergine Hermit, founder of Williamites 1085-1142 25/06 (25/04)
William Patenson, Blessed Priest martyred at Tyburn d1592 22/01
William of Penacorada Benedictine founder monk, Spain d1042 20/03
William of Pontnoise English hermit (monk at St Martin's) d1192 10/05
William Pinchon Bishop of St. Brieuc d1234 29/07
William Richardson/ Anderson, Blessed priest martyred at Tyburn d1603 07/02
William Spencer + Robert Hardisty     24/09
William Ward, Blessed Priest martyred at Tyburn d1641 26/07
William Way/Flower, Blessed Priest martyred at Kingston-upon-Thames d1588 23/09
Willibald/Willebald Bishop of Eichstädt, bro Winebald & Walburga of Wessex c700-d786 07/07 07/06
Willibrord Northumbrian Apostle to Friesland Archbishop of Utrecht 658-739 07/11 (Trans 19/10)
Willigis Archbishop of Mainz d1011 10/11(23/02)
Willigod/Wiligod, Martin + comps Abbots of Romont C7th 28/09
Wiltrudis Widow, Abbess of Bergen, Germany d986 06/01
Winaman, Unamun + Sunaman missionaries martyred in Sweden d1040 15/02
Winebald hermit, Abbot of St-Loup-de-Troyes C7th 07/04, 06/04
WinebaldWinewald 2nd Abbot of Beverly d731 27/04
Winebald/Wunibald/Winnibald Abbot, Heidenheim/ Eichstädt bro Willibald & Walburga d761 18/12
Winebald King of Burgundy   29/05
Winifred/Winefride/Gwenfrewi/ Gwenvrewi/Gwenfrei/Guinevra of Holywell, Abbess of Gwytherin, Denbighshire d c650 03/11 (Beheading 22/06)
Winnin/Wynnen/Vimin/Wynnia/Gwynnin Bishop in Scotland C6th 21/01, 18/11
Winnoc/Guinoc Bishop in Scotland   13/04
Winnoc/Winoc Founding Abbot near Dunkirk (Welsh) d717 06/11, 05/11
Winnow, Manx/ Mancus + Myrbad Irish missionaries, Cornwall C6th 31/05
Winwaloe Abbot in Wales   (Translation) 28/04
Winwaloe/Winwaloc/Wynwallow/Winnol/ Wonnow/Guignole/Guenole/ Guingualeus/Gwenno Anglo-Saxon Abbot-Founder, Landevenne near Brest C6th 03/03
Wiro Irish bishop, missionary to Low Countries C8th 08/05
Wistan/Wystan Mercian prince, martyr, honoured at Evesham d850 01/06
Withburge/Withburgh/Withburga dau Anna, King of East Anglia, nun at Dereham, shrine at Ely d743 17/03 Trans 08/07
Wittikund     07/01
Wivina/Vivina Abbess nr. Brussels d1170 17/12
Wolfeius     09/12
Wolfgang of Ratisbon Bishop of Regensburg c924-94 31/10 Trans 07/10
Wolfhard   C11-12th 30/04
Wulfhard/Wulfharde/Wolfadus + Ruffin/Rufinus/Ruffinus princes of Mercia executed by pagan father King Wolfhere C7th 31/07, 24/07
Wulfhilda/Wulfhilde Abbess of Barking and Horton d c1000 09/09 (09/12)
Wulfram/Wulfran(us) Bishop of Sens, missionary to Frisia d720 20/03 (Trans 15/10)
Wulfric/Ulrick hermit & miracle worker, Somerset d1154 20/02
Wulfstan/Wulstan/Wolstan Bishop of Worcester d1095 19/01 (Trans 07/06)
Wulgan see 'Vulgan'   03/11
Wulmar/Vulmar/ Ulmar/Vilmer Abbot of Samer/St Vulmaire d689 20/07
Wulsin/Vulsin/Ultius Abbot of Westminster Bishop of Sherborne d1002 18/01 (27/09)
Wulvella sister of Sidwell C6th 02/08

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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