Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Saints - Y

Saint Background Date Feast Day
Ymar of Reculver Benedictine monk martyred by Danes d830 12/11
Yolanda/e/Jolenta niece of Elizabeth of Hungary d1298 15/06
Yrchard/Irchard/Yardcard Bishop of the Picts C5th 24/08
Yrieix/Aredius Abbot founder, Atane in Limousin d591 25/08
Ysarn Abbot of St. Victor's, Marseilles d1048 24/09
Yvette/Ivetta/Jutta, Blessed widow/anchoress, Liege d1228 13/01
Ywi See 'Iwi'    

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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