Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Saints - Z

Saint Background Date Feast Day
Zaccheus/Zacharias Bishop of Jerusalem d116 23/08
Zachariah/Zachary father of John the Baptist   15/11 (+ Elizabeth 05/11)
Zacharius/Zachary Pope d752 15/03 (22/03)
Zachary Bishop of Vienne, martyr d106 26/05
Zama 1st Bishop of Bologna d268 24/01
Zdislava Berka See Berka Zdislava    
Zambdas/Bazas/Zabdas Bishop of Jerusalem d304 20/02
Zebinus Hermit in Syria C5th 23/02
Zeno + Chariton Martyrs d303 03/09, 02/09
Zeno, Concordius + Theodore father and sons martyred in Nicomedia d302 02/09, 03/09
Zeno     08/12
Zeno + 10 000 comps Martyrs d c300 09/07
Zeno     14/12
Zeno Soldier martyred in Nicomedia d303 22/12
Zeno Bishop of Gaza d c400 26/12
Zeno Bishop of Verona, African born d371 12/04
Zeno martyr   05/04
Zenobius Bishop of Florence C4th 25/05 (20/10)
Zenobius doctor & priest martyred at Antioch d310 29/10
Zenobius/Zenobios + Zenobia/Zinovia Physician & his sister, martyrs in Aegae, Asia Minor C3rd 30/10
Zepherin Namancura, Ven. Araucano Indian convert d1905 11/05
Zephyrinus Pope d202 26/08
Zinaida Martyr C1st Orth
Zinaida Martyr C1st Orth
Zita/Sitha/Citha Pious servant, Tuscany 1218-72 27/04
Zlata (Hrisa) of Maglen   d1795 (Orth) 18/10
Zoe Roman noblewoman & martyr d c286 05/07
Zoe wife of Exuperius, slave martyred in Pamphylia C2nd 02/05
Zoellus, Servilius, Felix, Silvanus + Diodes martyrs   24/05
Zoilus     06/10
Zoilus martyr in Spain d c301 27/06
Zoilus     27/12
Zosimus     09/04
Zosimus Abbot of Santa Lucia, Bishop of Syracuse d660 30/03
Zosimus hermit in Palestine C5th 04/04
Zosimus martyr in Umbria d110 19/06
Zosimus Pope d419 26/12
Zosimus + Athanasius martyrs in Cilicia d303 03/01
Zosimus the Wonderworker hermit in Palestine C6th 30/11
Zoticus + 9 comps. (Ireneus Hyacinthus Amantius) soldiers martyred in Rome d120 10/02
Zoticus Bishop of Comana, martyr d204 21/07
Zoticus priest & helper of the poor, Constantinople d350 31/12
Zoticus/Getulius Martyr d c120 12/01
Zoticus, Rogatus, Modestus, Castulus, Ciriacus + comps Roman soldiers martyred in Africa   12/01

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