Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)


1 * Ac(h)ius + Ac(h)eolus, Amiens c303
  Africanus, Bishop in Aquitaine
* Akakios of Seres d1816 (Orth)
* Aldebrandus/Hildebrand, Bishop of Forsombrone d1219
* Amator/Amatre, Bishop of Auxerre d418
* Andeolus, comp of Polycarp, martyr at Viviers 208
* Arigius, Bishop of Gap d604
* Asaph/Asaf/Asa, Bishop, Llanelwy, Wales d c600
* Benedict of Szalka, Hungary, hermit martyr d1012
  Benignus, martyr
  Bertha, Queen, wife of Gondebert
* Bertha, Abbess of Avenay d680
* Brieuc/Brioc/Brioch/Breock/Brieux/Briocus/Briomaglus/Bryan the Traveller, Bishop in Brittany d510
  Cellach, Bishop of Killala, Ireland
  Firminus, Bishop of Uzès
  James the Less, Apostle d c62 AD
* Jeremiah, Biblical
* Joseph Opifex/the Worker
  Kevoca, Virgin of Kyle
  Macarius, Bishop of Comminges
  Marculf/Marcoul C6th, Abbot
  Orientius, Bishop of Auch
  Peregrine Laziosi late C13th
  Philip the Apostle
  Quiriacus, Bishop of Jerusalem
  Restituta, virgin martyr
  Richard Reynolds, martyr
  Sigismund, King of Burgundy, martyr
  Tammany/Tamannend, Delaware tribe C18th
  Walburga, virgin
2 Achius + Acheolus, martyrs
  Alpinus, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne (Translation)
  Anthony of Florenze
* Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church c295-373
  Bertrand, Bishop of Comminges
* Boris-Michael the Baptiser, Bulgaria d907 (Orth)
  Cassius, Florentius + Malusius, (Translation)
  Clement, Bishop of Metz (Translation)
  Elisabeth (Translation)
  Florentius, confessor
  Gatian, Bishop of Tours (Translation)
  Germanus, bishop
  Gluvias, Abbot in Cornwall
  Neachtain of Ireland
  Quintinus (Elevation)
  Sicarius, martyr
  Walbert, bishop
  Zoe C2nd
3 * Adalsindis, Abbess of Beze d680
* Alexander + Antonina d313
  Alexander, Eventius + Theodolus
* Alexander I, Pope d c116
* Ansfrid, Bishop of Utrecht d1010
  Conleth (Connlaoi?), Bishop of Kildare
  Ethelwin, Bishop of Lindsey
  Fumach, hermit, Scotland
* Glywys, Wales, C6th
* Invention of the Cross/Holy Cross
* James the Less, Apostle & 1st Bishop of Jerusalem dAD62
  Juvenalis, martyr
  Mary, Queen of Poland
  Philip of Zell C8th
* Philip the Apostle
  Scannal of Cell-Coleraine
4 Anthony, Abbot at Tours
* Augustine Webster d1535, Tyburn
  Candidus + Malulfus, Bishops of Senlis
  Corcodemus, deacon
  Ethelred, King, monk of Bardney
* Florian, martyr at Noricum d304?
* Godehard/Gothard, Bishop of Hildesheim (Translation) d1038
  Guido, abbot
  Helena, virgin, Troyes
  John Fisher, Thomas More + comps
trad Monica
  Possessor + Firminus, Bishops of Verdun (Translation)
  Pulchronius, Bishop of Verdun (Translation
  Quiriacus, Bishop of Jerusalem
  Richard Reynolds
  Salvianus, Bishop
  Walburga, virgin
  Waldrada, abbess
5 Aldhelm/Aldelmus, Bishop of Sherbourne (Translation)
* Angelo/Angel(us) d1220, Sicily
  Audoenus, Bishop of Rouen (Translation)
  Augustine, bishop (Conversion)
* Aventinus/Avertin, deacon,Tours/Touraine d1180
* Brito(nius), Bishop of Trier d386
  Clarus, bishop
  Echa, hermit, Crayck, Yorkshire
  Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers
  Gengulf, martyr
  Gibrian, hermit Ireland
  Godehard, Bishop of Hildesheim
  Hilary, Bishop of Arles
* Hydroc of Lanhydroc, Cornwall, C6th
  Jovinianus, martyr, Auxerre
* Judith/Jutta d1260, Kulmsee
  Maurontus, abbot
  Nicetius, Bishop of Trier
  Owen, Translation
  Pius V, Pope
  Sacerdos, Bishop of Limoges
6 * Anthony Middleton, Blessed + Edward Jones, Blessed d1590
  Ava/Avoy Brittany, C3rd?
* Benedicta, nun in Rome, C6th
* E(a)dbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne
  John Damascene
  John the Apostle
  Marian and James
  Matthew the Apostle
  Melorus, martyr
* Prudence/Prudentia, Blessed, abbess, Italy C15th
  Valerius + Valerianus, Bishops of Auxerre
7 Bearchan
  Benedict II, Pope
  Domitian, Bishop of Maastricht c550
  Domitilla, virgin martyr
  Domnius, Bishop of Salona
  Florentinus + Hilarius, martyrs, Autun (Translation)
* John of Beverley, Bishop of York C8th
  Liudhard, Bishop of Canterbury
  Mastidia, virgin, Troyes
  Nazarius + Celsus (Translation)
* Notkar Balbulus 'the Stutterer/Stammerer' c840-912, St Gall
  Peter Martyr (Translation)
  Serenicus, deacon at Séez
  Silvanus, Bishop of Gaza
  Stanislas, Bishop of Krakow
  Stephen, first martyr (Translation)
  William, Bishop of Bourges (Translation)
8 * Abran/Gibrian of Ireland d515
* Acacius/Agathus, Byzantium
  Casaria, virgin
  Catald of Ireland, Bishop of Tarentum
* Desideratus/Desire, Bishop of Bourges d550
* Dominica d c770, Glastonbury
  Fuscian, Victoricus + Gentian (Translation)
  Helladius, Bishop of Auxerre
  Indract(us), King of Ireland + comps
  John the Theologian, Apostle
  Louis, king (Translation of his head)
  Michael the Archangel (Apparition on Monte Gargano)
  Nicholas, bishop (Translation)
  Odrian/Odhran, Bishop of Waterford
  Peter, Bishop of Tarentaise
  Simon, boy martyr
  Stanislas, bishop
  Victor d 303, Milan?
  Wiro, bishop, C8th
9 * Andrew the Apostle (Translation)
* Beatus of Lungern, monk/hermit d112
* Beatus of Vendome, C3rd missionary in France
* Brynoth/Brinolph, Bishop of Scara/ Skara, Sweden d1317
  Gengulf, martyr
  Gerontius, Bishop
  Gofor, Llanover, Monmouthshire
  Gordian, martyr
  Gregory of Nazianzus
  Luke the Evangelist (Translation)
  Macarius, abbot
  Nicholas of Myra, bishop (Translation)
  Nicholas, Bishop of Lincopen, Sweden)
* Pachomius d346
  Sanctan, Bishop of Kill-da-Less
  Stephen, protomartyr (Advent)
  Suitbert, Bishop of Verdun (Advent)
  Thomas Pickering
  Timothy the Apostle (Translation)
10 * Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyrinus + Benedicta d251, Sicily
* Antoninus of Florence 1389-1459
* Aurelian, Bishop of Limoges C1st or 3rd
  Bede, the Venerable, Enshrining at Durham
* Catuldus/Cathal/Catald of Munster, Bishop of Taranto, C7/8th
* Comgal(l)/Comhghall/Congall, Bishop of Bangor, Ireland c 515-601
  Concessa, virgin
  Francis of Girolamo
  Gordian + Epimachus
  Isidore of Madrid
  Job, Old Testament
  Lawrence, Bishop of Dublin (Translation)
  Lupus, Bishop of Troyes (Translation)
  Mamertus, Bishop
  Maturinus (Translation)
  Palladius, Bishop of Bourges
  Quartus + Quintus
  Sinerius (Translation)
* Solangia/Solange d880
  Sophia + daughters (Faith, Hope, Charity)
11 * Albert of Bergamo, the Blessed d1279
* Anastasius, Patron of Leris, Spain
* Anastasius d251, Rome
* Anthimus, priest-martyr, Rome d303
  Carthusian Martyrs
  Congall/Comgall, Bishop of Bangor, Ireland d601
  Francis de Girolamo
  Fremund of Dunstable, King
  Gengulf/Gendulph, C8th, France
  John Rochester, James Walworth + comps
  Laegaire of Lough Conn
  Majolus, Abbot of Cluny
  Mamertus, Bishop of Vienne
  Mary the Immaculate (Aparecida)
* Methodios + Cyrill (Orth)
  Nereus + Achilleus
  Pontius, Bishop of Cimiez
  Rufus + Agatimber, Bishops of Metz
* Tudy/Tudec, cousin of Nonna, Wales, C6th
  Walter, Abbot of Lesterpes
12 Eirnin
  Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis
  Flavia Domitilla, martyr
  Germanus, Bishop of Constantinople
* Imelda Lambertini of Bologna d1333
  John Stone, martyr
  Martin, Bishop of Tours (Subvention)
  Mary 'ad Martires'
  Modoald, Bishop of Trier
* Nereus + Achilleus C1st, Rome
  Onesimus, Bishop of Soissons
* Pancras/Pancratius/Pancrazio of Rome c295-d309
  Rictrudes, abbess
13 * Abban, Irish hermit, Abingdon
* Agnes of Poitiers, Abbess of Holy Cross d586
  Andrew Fournet
  Boniface, martyr
  Dympna, martyred in France
  Ethelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury
  Francis Patrizi, Siena
  Gengulf, martyr
  Hugh, Abbot of Cluny (Translation)
  Imelda 1322-33, Bologna
  Ingenuinus + Albuinus (Translation)
  John the Silent, Bishop
* Julian(a) of Norwich, Blessed c1343-1423
  Karadocus, priest, Brittany
  Marcellianus, Bishop of Auxerre
  Mel of Bardsey Island
  Merwenna, Abbess of Rumsey
  Peter Regalati, friar
  Robert Bellarmine
  Servatius/Servais, Bishop, C4th Belgium
* Sulien, cousin of Dewi, C6th
14 Aquill(in)us), bishop
  Audoenus, Bishop of Rouen
  Boniface, martyr
* Carthage/Carthagh the Younger, Bishop of Lismore/Kierraigh d637
  Gemma Galgani
  Gengulf, martyr
* John the Bulgarian (Raiko of Shumen) d802 (Orth)
  Mary Mazzarello
* Matthew/Matthias the Apostle
  Michael Garicoits 1797-1863
  Pachomius, abbot
  Paschal I, Pope
  Pontius, martyr
  Victor + Corona
15 * Achillas/Achilles/Achillius, Metropolitan of Larissa, d330
* Bertha, hermitess near Bingen
  Brendan, abbot
* Brit(h)win, Abbot of Beverley d c733
  Colmán/Columban, Abbot of Oughaval, Ireland
* Dymp(h)na/Damhnait of Ireland, virgin martyr, Belgium d620
  Genebrard, martyr
  Hal(l)vard, Norway, c1043
* Isidore the Farmer C12th, Madrid
  John-Baptist de la Salle
  Mary, Our Lady of Grace
  Moderannus, Bishop of Rennes (Translation)
  Odorius, martyr
* Peter, Andrew, Nichomachus + Dionysia + comps, martyrs d251 Mysia
  Sophia, virgin martyr
  Wigbert, prior (Translation)
16 Abda + Abdjesus, Bishops of Kaskhar
* Adam, Abbot of San Sabine d1210
* Alnobert/Annobert, Bishop of Séez d869
* Andrew Bobola, Polish Jesuit missionary to Belarus 1590-1608
  Brendan the Elder, abbot
* Brendan/Breandán the Navigator/Voyager Abbot of Clonfert c 486-577/83
* Carannog, Wales C6th
  Carantoc of Carhampton, Abbot of Llangranog
  Cassius + Victorinus, martyrs
  Emanus, martyr
  Fidolus, Abbot at Troyes
  Francoveus, monk
* Gereint, King of Cornwall, C6th
  Germerius, Bishop of Toulouse
  Honoratus, Bishop of Amiens C6th
* John (Wolflin) of Nepomuk/Nepomucen c1345-93
  Maxima, virgin
  Peregrinus, Bishop of Auxerre
  Ragnobert, Bishop of Bayeux
* Simon Stock 1165-1265
  Terentius, Bishop of Metz (Translation)
  Theobald, bishop
  Ubaldo Baldassini, Bishop of Gubbio
17 * Adrio, Basilla + Victor
  Aigulf, abbot + comps (Translation)
  Bernardinus (Translation)
* Cathan/Kane, (Bishop of Bute?) C6th
* Maden/Madron/Madern/Medran, Wales/ Cornwall, C6th
  Maidulf, Abbot of Malmesbury
* Nicolas of Sofia, d1555 (Orth)
* Pasc(h)al Baylon midC16th
  Possidius, bishop
  Sillan, bishop
18 Aghna
  Elfgive/Elgiva, Queen of England (Translation)
* Eric IX, King of Sweden d 1161
  Felix of Cantalice
  Feredarius, Abbot of Iona
  Geremar, abbot (Translation)
* John I, Pope d524
  Merililaun of Britain, martyr, Reims
  Potamon, Bishop of Heraclea, Egypt
  Theodatus + Seven Virgins C3rd
  Torpetis, virgin martyr
  Venantius, martyr
19 * Alcuin of York, the Blessed d804
  Calogerus + Parthenius, martyrs
* Celestine V, Pope (Peter de Morono)
* Dunstan, Abbot of Glastonbury, Archbishop of Canterbury 909-88
* Ivo/Yvo/Yves of Kermartin, Tréguier 1253-1303
  Patricius, bishop
  Peter, Bishop of Tournai
  Pudentiana, virgin martyr, d c160
20 * Anastasius, Bishop of Brescia d610
  Anna Maria Taigi
* Aquila, Egypt, martyr d311
* Austregisil/Outril, Bishop of Bourges d624
* Basilla/Basilissa, virgin martyr, Rome
* Baudelius, martyr at Nîmes d297
* Bernardino/Bernardine of Siena 1380-1444
  Ethelbert, King of East Anglia, C8th
  Eustasius, martyr
  Ivo, Bishop of Chartres
  Protasia, virgin martyr at Senlis
  Saturnina, virgin martyr
21 Andrew Bobola
* Ansuinus, comp of Ageranus Bleze, Cote d'Or d888
  Ausonius, Bishop of Angoulême
  Austregesilus/Vandrille, Bishop of Bourges
* Barrfoin, comp of Brendan & hermit of Killbaron C6th
  Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod, Blessed, Bishop of Marseilles 1782-1861
* Collen/Colan, Denbighshire, C6th
* Eugene de Mazenod, Bishop of Marseille, missionary of Provence 1782-1861
  Felix of Cantalicio
* Godric(k) of Finchale d1170
  Helena, Queen
  Helena, virgin at Auxerre
  Itisberga, virgin
  Silas of Lucca
  Valens, martyr
  Valerius, bishop
  Vales, priest at Auxerre
22 Aghna
* Aigulf/Ayoul, Bishop of Bourges d836
* Atto, Bishop of Pistoia d1153
* Ausonius, 1st Bishop of Angouleme, C1st or C3rd
* Basiliscus, Bishop of Comana in Pontus, martyr d312
* Bobo/Beuvon, crusader & hermit, d985
* Boethian, disciple of Fursey, martyr near Laon, C7th
  Castus + Aemilius
* Conall, Abbot of Inniscoel
* Helen(a) of Carnarfon/Elen Luyddoc, widow of Macsen Wledig C5th
  Helena, virgin at Auxerre
  Ivo, priest at Tréguier
  John Forest, martyr
* John Vladimir, Prince of the Bulgarians d1015 (Orth)
  Julia of Corsica C5th
* Laoise/Luigsech
  Lupus, Bishop of Limoges
  Papia, virgin
  Quiteria, virgin martyr
* Rita of Cascia 1377/81-1447
  Romanus, Abbot of Nevers
* Ronan(us), Bishop
23 Aemilius + Castus
  Andrew Bobola
  Candidus, martyr (Translation)
  Desiderius, Bishop of Langres
* Desiderius/Didier, Bishop of Vienne C7th
  Goban, Abbot of Old Leighlin, Limerick
  Jesus Christ, Translation
* John Baptist(e) de Rossi
  Julia, virgin martyr
  William of Rochester
24 Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne
* Afra, Faustinus + Jovita, martyrs, Brescia
  David of Scotland
  Desiderius, bishop
  Dominic (Translation)
* Donatian + Rogatian
  John de Prado, martyr
  Mary Magdalen Postel, virgin
  Mary, Our Lady Help of Christians
  Sara C1st
  Simeon Stylite the Younger
  Vincent of L¾
25 * Aldhelm/Adelemus/Athelmas/Adelnie/ Eadelhelm/Aedelhem, Bishop of Sherbourne c639-709
* Bede, the Venerable d345
  Boniface IV, Pope
  Donatian, martyr
  Dumhade, Abbot of St. Columkille
* Dunchadh, Abbot of Iona
  Francis (Translation)
* Gregory VII, Pope d1085
* Madeleine Sophie Barat, virgin
* Maria Magdalena de' Pazzi
  Maximus + Venerandus
  The Three Marys
  Urban, Pope
26 * Alphaeus, father of James the Less
  Augustine, Bishop of Canterbury, Apostle to England C6th
* Becan, hermit in Cork C6th
  Bede, the Venerable
* Berencardus, monk at St. Papoul, Languedoc d1293
  Bertha, Queen, Apostle to Kent
  Edmund, King of England
* Eleutherius, Pope C2nd
* Eve/Eva/Heva of Liege, Blessed, hermitess on Mount Cornillon
* George of Sofia, d1534 (Orth)
  Lambert, Bishop of Vence
  Leo, abbot
  Mariana of Quito
  Odulvald, Abbot of Maelros/Melrose
* Philip(po) Neri c1515-95
  Priscus, martyr
  Quadratus, Bishop of Athens
  Urbanus I, Pope
27 * Augustine, Bishop of Canterbury d605
* Bede, the Venerable, 673-735
* Bruno, Bishop of Würzburg d1045
  Eutropius, Bishop of Orange
* Frederick, Bishop
  Hildebert, Bishop of Meaux
  John, Pope
  Julius the Veteran/of Durostorum
  Melangell, virgin, Wales
  Ragenulf, martyr (Translation)
  Seraphion, priest
28 * Augustine, Bishop of Canterbury d605
* Bernard of Menthon/Aosta/Montjoux 996-1081
  Bridget of Sweden (Translation)
  Caraunus, martyr, Chartres
* Germanus, Bishop of Paris d576
  Helladius, martyr
  Hubert, bishop
  John Shirt, martyr
  Liborius, Bishop of LeMans (Advent)
  Manveus, Bishop of Brieuc
  Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury
  Rigomerus, Bishop of Meaux
  Robert Johnson, martyr
* Sophronios the Bulgarian C15-16th (Orth)
29 Bona c1156-1207
* Buryan/Burian, virgin Cornwall/Wales, C5th/6th
  Clarus, Bishop of Lectoure (Translation)
  Conon + his son
  Cyril, martyr
  Dyfrig, Archbishop of Caerleon (Translation)
  Eutropius, bishop
  Germanus, Bishop of Paris
* Mary Magdalene of Pazzi
* Maximinus, Bishop of Trier d349
  Maximus, bishop
  Richard Thirkeld, martyr
  Sisinnius, Martyrius + Alexander, martyrs
  William of Toulouse
  Winebald, King of Burgundy
30 Felix I, Pope
* Ferdinand III of Castile 1198-1252
  Ferreolus + Ferrutius, martyrs, Besançon (Translation)
* Hubert, Bishop of Liege d 727
* Joan of Arc 1412-1431
  John Nepomucen, martyr
* Luke Kirby d1582
  Maximinus, Bishop of Trier
  Peregrinus, bishop
  Stephen, King of Hungary (Invention of his right hand)
  Thomas Cottam, martyr
  Walstan the Generous, Taverham, d1016
31 Angela Merici
  Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla + Protus
* BV Mary - The Visitation
  Mechtildis of Edelstetten
  Petronilla/Petronnelle, virgin C1st?
  Simplicianus, martyr
  Winnow, Manx + Myrbad, Cornwall

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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