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Countries and Places

Saints who represent countries are chosen by the monarch, government or church leaders and a petition for approval is sent to the Congregation for Causes for Saints at the Vatican. If it can be proved that the country is devoted to the saint, an Apostolic Letter is sent by the Pope. The choice often falls on a national hero such as Joan of Arc in France, but can be someone who was martyred in the country or performed good deeds there such as an early missionary or any saint who reflects the aspirations of the country. A large number of countries have an aspect of the Blessed Virgin Mary, relating to either an event in her life or her appearance at a place in the country, as their patron, and in 1944, Pope Pius XII dedicated the whole human race to her.

Africa - Central, Angola BVM, The Most Pure Heart of Mary
Africa - North, Algeria Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage
Africa - South BVM - the Assumption
Albania BVM, Motherhood of Good Counsel
America - Central Rose of Lima
Arabia BVM, Our Lady of Arabia
Argentina BVM, Our Lady of Lujan
Armenia Gregory of Armenia
Assisi Francis of Assisi
Australia BVM, Our Lady of Help of Christians
Austria Joseph, Coloman, Leopold, Florian
Avignon Agricola of Avignon
Barbados Andrew the Apostle
Bavaria Sebald
Belgium BVM
Belize Joseph
Bohemia John of Nepomuk, Wenceslas
Bolivia BVM - Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Borneo Francis Xavier
Brazil BVM Immaculate 'Aparecida', Peter of Alcantara, Anthony of Padua
Brittany Ivo
Canada Joseph, Martyrs of North America
Canary Islands Avitus
Chile BVM - Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Catalonia George
China BVM - Queen of China, Joseph
Colombia BVM - Our Lady of Chiquinquira, Louis Betrand, Peter Claver
Corsica BVM - Immaculate Conception, Devota, Julia
Costa Rica BVM - Our Lady of the Angels
Cuba BVM - Birthday of the BV of Charity
Cyprus Barnabas the Apostle
Czech Republic + Slovakia Wenceslaus, Adalbert of Prague, John Nepomucen, Cyril and Methodius
Denmark Anskar
Dominican Republic BVM - Our Lady of Mercy
Ecuador BVM - The Most Pure Heart of Mary
Egypt Mark the Evangelist
El Salvador BVM - Our Lady of Peace, Salvador del Mundo (Jesus)
England George
Equatorial Guinea BVM - Immaculate Conception
Europe Benedict
Finland Henry the Emperor
France BVM - the Assumption, Joan of Arc, Denis, Therese of Lisieux
Germany Anskar, Michael the Archangel
Gibralter Bernard of Clairvaux
Greece Paul the Apostle, George
Guatemala James the Greater, the Apostle
Haiti BVM - Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Honduras BVM - Our Lady of Suyapa
Hungary BVM - Great Queen of Hungary, Stephen of Hungary
Iceland Anskar
India BVM, Francis Xavier, Rose of Lima, Thomas the Apostle
Ireland Patrick, Bridget, Columba
Isle of Man Maughold
Italy Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena
Jamaica BVM - Feast of the Assumption
Japan Francis Xavier, Martyrs of Japan
Jersey Helier
Jordan John the Baptist
Lithuania Casimir of Poland, Cunegund
Luxembourg BVM - Comforter of the Afflicted, Cunegund, Willibrord
Madagascar Vincent de Paul
Malta Paul the Apostle
Mexico BVM - Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mongolia, Inner BVM - Immaculate Conception
Mongolia, Outer Francis Xavier
Netherlands Willibrord
New Zealan BVM - Our Lady of Help of Christians
New Caledonia BVM - Feast of the Assumption
Nicaragua James the Greater, the Apostle
Nigeria BVM - Queen of Nigeria
Norway Olaf, Magnus of Orkney
Orkney Islands Magnus of Orkney
Pakistan Thomas the Apostle, Francis Xavier
Papua New Guinea Michael the Archangel
Paraguay BVM - Feast of the Assumption
Philippines BVM - Immaculate Conception
Peru Joseph, Rose of Lima, Turibius of Mogroveio
Poland BVM - Queen of Poland, Adalbert of Prague, Stanislaus
Portugal BVM - Feast of the Assumption, Antony of Padua, George, Francis Borgia
Puerto Rico BVM - Our Lady of Divine Providence
Russia Joseph, Andrew the Apostle, Basil the Great, Nicholas of Bari
Sardinia Ephysus, Maurice
Scotland Andrew the Apostle, Andrew Avellinus
Sicily Vitus, Rosalia of Palermo
Slovakia BVM - Our Lady of Sorrows
Solomon Islands Maurice
Vietnam Joseph
Spain BVM - Immaculate Conception, James the Greater, the Apostle
Sri Lanka BVM - The Immaculate 'Our Lady of Lanka'
Sweden Bridget, Eric the Martyr
Switzerland Nicholas von Flue
Tanzania BVM - Immaculate Conception
Turkey John the Evangelist, the Apostle
United States of America BVM - Immaculate Conception
Uruguay BVM - Our Lady of Thirty-Three (exiles and independence fighters), Our Lady of Lujan, Philip and James, the Apostles
Venezuela BVM - Our Lady of Coromoto
Wales David
West Indies Gertrude of Helfta
Zaire BVM - Immaculate Conception

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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