Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Trades and Professions

These connections may arise from the manner in which the saint was martyred (St. Apollonia had her teeth broken so is associated with dentists and toothache) their own occupation (Joseph, the father of Jesus, was traditionally a carpenter so is the patron saint of that trade) or from actions they performed during their lives (Gabriel, who brought God's message about her baby to Mary in the Annunciation, is associated with telecommunications and the Post Office).

Accountants Matthew
Actors and comedians Vitus, Genesius
Advertising executives Bernardino of Siena
Air hostesses Bona
Apprentices John Bosco
Archaeologists Damasus and Jerome
Archers Sebastian
Architects Thomas the Apostle, Barbara
Arms Dealers Adrian Nicomedia
Artists Luke
Astronauts/Flying/Pilots Joseph of Cupertino
Bakers Honoratus of Amiens
Bankers Bernardino of Feltres
Beekeepers Bernard of Clairvaux
Blacksmiths Eloi
Book-Keepers Matthew
Booksellers John of God
Brewers Bishop Armand, Wenceslaus the Martyr
Builders Stephen, Vincent Ferrer
Businessmen, Cloth Trade Homobonus
Butchers Adrian Nicomedia, Luke
Carpenters Joseph
Clergy Gabriel Possenti
Comedians Vitus
Dentists Apollonia
Doctors Luke, Pantaleon, Cosmas and Damian
Ecologists Francis of Assisi
Editors Francis of Sales
Embroiderers Clare
Engineers Benedict, Ferdinand
Farmers Isidore
Firemen Laurence, Agatha, Florian
Fishermen Peter, Andrew, Simon, Zeno, Nicholas of Bari
Florists Rose of Lima, Dorothy, Therese of Lisieux
Glassblowers and Glaziers Lucy
Grave-diggers Joseph of Arimathea
Gunners Barbara
Hairdressers Martin de Porres
Health Inspectors Raphael
Housewives and Cooks Martha
Jewellers/Goldsmiths Eloi
Journalists Francis of Sales
Judges Ivo of Kermartin
Laundry workers Veronica
Lawyers Hilary, Thomas More
Librarians Jerome
Lighthousekeepers Clement, Dunstan, Venerius
Magistrates Ferdinand III of Castile
Midwives Pantaleon, Rayund Nonnatus
Miners Barbara
Missionaries Francis Xavier
Mountaineers Bernard of Aosta
Musicians, Singers Cecilia
Nurses Camillus, Elizabeth of Hungary, John of God
Pawnbrokers Nicholas of Bari
Philatelists/Telecommunications Gabriel
Pilgrims Nicholas of Bari
Police officers Michael
Printers John of God
Prison guards Adrian Nicomedia
Public relations officers Bernardino of Siena
Publicans/Hoteliers Gentian
Sailors Francis of Paola, Phocas, Brendan, Erasmus
Scholars Thomas Aquinas, Bede, Jerome
Scientists Albert the Great
Secretaries Cassian of Imola
Shoemakers/Leatherworkers Crispin and Crispinian
Social Workers Louise de Marillac, John Francis Regis
Soldiers George, Maurice
Tax collectors Matthew
Taxi Drivers Fiacre
Teachers John Baptist de la Salle
Writers Francis of Sales

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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