Roger Bell_West

April 4, 2013


1 Introduction

Generally Earth is at TL10 with no superscience (the cardinal exception being the warp drive).

2 Computers

There is no sapient AI, though there are systems which can act sufficiently human to pass a Turing test in the short term. Sufficiently intelligent AIs have a nasty habit of ceasing to function after a few minutes or hours of consciousness, apparently voluntarily, and why this should be is a topic of ongoing research.

Computers can and do respond to voice commands, but these have to be phrased carefully to avoid misunderstandings or requests for clarification. (In Ultra-Tech terms, this is Weak Dedicated AI, just barely edging into Non-Volitional.)

Cyberswarms are in heavy use, generally running on power cells or broadcast power, but are very often controlled live by a human.

3 Protection

The standard pressure suit for surface expeditions is the Smart or Nanoweave Vacc Suit. Damage control personnel have Space Armor available. For normal shipboard wear, a Skinsuit is worn under other garments, with bubble helmets kept available. All except the Skinsuit are equipped with biomedical sensors.

Roger Bell_West 2013-04-04