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Mayflower Surnames

The ship called 'The Mayflower' sailed from Plymouth on September 6th, 1620 to establish the first new colony in New England on the west coast of North America. There were 102 passengers, of which about a quarter were Puritans escaping religious restrictions. The 'Pilgrim Fathers' landed at Cape Cod in December and founded the settlement of New Plymouth in Massachusetts. About half of them died during the first winter but their situation improved after they were helped by the Indians.

These were the surnames of the families listed as passengers by the captain, Master Christopher Jones.

Alden Allerton Billington
Bradford Brewster Britteridge
Browne Button Carter
Carver Chilton Clarke
Cooke Cooper Crackston
Doty Eaton English
Fletcher Fuller Gardiner
Goodman Holbeck Hooke
Hopkins Howland Langmore
Latham Lester Margesson
Martin Minter More
Mullins Priest Prower
Rigdale Rogers Sampson
Soule Standish Story
Thompson Tilley Tinker
Trevor Turner Warren
White Wilder Williams

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