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Pitcairn Island

Capital : Adamstown

Size: 30 sq m Popn: 60


Although this island shows signs of being occupied by a Polynesian people at one time, the Bounty mutineers finally settled here because it was uninhabited, remote and inaccessible. It was named after the young sailor who first sighted it from a British navy ship. On arrival, the company consisted of nine mutineers, six Polynesian men, nineteen Polynesian women and a baby. The mutineers gave some of the women English names and none of the children inherited Polynesian names although the dialect still spoken on Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands contains English and Tahitian words.

After living in complete isolation until 1808, the Pitcairn islanders were discovered by a passing ship and gradually established contact with the outside world. Their wish for a schoolteacher led to the disastrous period of control by Hill, and later three other men settled on Pitcairn and married islanders. The population expanded rapidly in the C19th leading to low food supplies and it was decided to evacuate in 1856. (There had been an abortive attempt to settle in Tahiti in 1831 during which 16 died of fever but the survivors all returned to Pitcairn). Norfolk Island was a former penal colony which had been abandoned. The move originally involved the entire population but several families subsequently returned home. Pitcairn had a population of 150 in 1960 although this was steadily declining as young people moved away, to New Zealand in particular. Norfolk Island has a population of about a thousand of whom about half are Bounty descendants and half immigrants from Australasia and England.


Name Death Children
Fletcher Christian killed 1793 3
John Mills killed 1793 2
William Brown killed 1793 -
John Williams killed 1793 -
Isaac Martin killed 1793 -
William Mickoy/McCoy suicide while drunk, 1798 2 or 3
Matthew Quintal killed for threatening children, 1799 6
Edward Young died c. 1800 7
Alexander Smith/John Adams died 1829 4


Women   Men
Faahotu Teio/Mary Minarii
Mareva Teraura/Susannah Niau
Mauatua/Isabella Tevarua/Sarah Ohoo
Obuarei Tinafornea Tararo
Teatuahitea Toofaiti/Nancy Teimua
Teehuteatuaonoa/Jenny Vahineatua/Prudence Tetahiti

No pure Polynesian children were born and all the Polynesian men were dead by 1793. Thus all the children born on the island were at least half Tahitian until new blood was brought in. Sully, the daughter of Teio, came with her mother from Tahiti and may have been half English as the Bounty had spent some time there while waiting until the breadfruit which Captain Bligh had been ordered to collect was ready.

First Generation

Christian m Isabella Young m Susannah Quintal m Sarah Adams m Jenny McCoy m Mary/Teio Mills m Prudence
      ii) Obuarei    
Thursday October Polly Matthew II iii) Prudence Sully  
Charles I Robert John d.y. iv) Mary/Teio Daniel Elizabeth
Mary Ann George Sarah/Seldarb   Catherine John d.n.m.
  William Arthur iii) Dinah    
  Edward II Jane Rachel    
  Dorothy Edward Hannah    
  James d.y.   iv) George    
Brown m   Williams m   Martin m  
Teatuahitea   i) Faahotu   Jenny  
    ii) Nancy      

Second Generation

Christian   Young    
Thursday O m Susannah Charles I m Sully George m Hannah Adams William m Betsy Mills/Quintal. Edward II m Polly Christian
Joseph Sarah George Martin Frederick Mayhew d.y. Moses
Charles II Fletcher II Simon Mary (Polly)  
Mary Edward Dinah William Mayhew  
Polly Maria Elizabeth Miriam  
Peggy Charles III Jemima Dorcas  
Thursday October II Mary Martha Lydia  
  Margaret   Robert d.y  

Adams Quintal     McCoy  
George m i)Polly Young
ii)Sarah Q.M.
Matthew II m Sarah /Tevarua Arthur I m i)Catherine McCoy ii)Mary Christian Edward I m Dinah Adams Daniel I m Sarah Quintal
i) John II John I i) Arthur II ii) Absolom William William II
Jonathan Matthew III Catherine Nathaniel Martha Daniel II
Josiah Chester   John II Joseph Edward II Hugh
  Charlotte Cornelius Abraham Blatchly Matthew
    Phoebe Mary Louisa Jane
    James   Nancy Sarah
    Caroline   Susan Samuel
    Ruth   Henry Joshua Albina
    Lucy Anne d.y.   Caleb Daniel III
        Joseph Napoleon  

Third Generation

Charles II m Maria Christian Thurs Oct II m Polly Young Fletcher II Peggy C. Charles III m Charlotte Quintal Isaac m Miriam Young
Rebecca (Pot) Julia Jacob Andrew d.y. Henry Samuel Hunt
Charles Driver Agnes Priscilla Catherine Almira Emeline
  Albert Polly Andrew Isaac Godfrey
  Elias Maria Lucy Adeline Sophia Leonard Elliott Wood
Mary Alphonso Downs Isabella Emily Gilbert Edwin George Henry Parkin
+ John Buffet Anna Rose d.y. Stephen d.y. Eleanor Clotilda Reuben Denison
  Julia Anna Rose Stephen Cordelia Ruth  
Mary Buffet Ernest Heywood Nathan Lucy Ann Hagar  
Benjamin Claudius Daniel William B.Swain Emily Wellesley
Ephraim   Abigail Leah William Henry Holman  
      Charles Allen  

George M. Fred m Mary Evans Simon m Mary Buffet Christian Moses m Albina McCoy
Robert Charles Grant dy Frederick Lorenzo Fisher Mary Elizabeth
John Forrester Eliza Coffin Palmer Charles Carleton Vieder
Emily Rachel Robert III David Richard Barker
  Benjamin Stanley Sarah Grace
William Mayhew m Rosalind Amelia
Margaret C.M. Mary Ann  
Adams     Quintal  
John II m Caroline Q. Jonathan m Phoebe Q. Josiah C. m Dinah McCoy John I m Maria C.C. James m Priscilla C.C
Polly (Pauline) George Calvin Clifton   Eliza Priscilla Pitcairn
Gilbert Warren Fysh Eliza Sabia (Seabury)   Sarah  
Byron Stanley Mitchell Mary Isabel   Ellen  
George Webb Augusta Ross   Maria Elizabeth  
William Ward Dillon Jonathan Lorenzo      
Elizabeth Holman Phoebe Cleaveline dy      
Caroline Augusta        
Arthur II m Martha Q. John II m Dinah Young William m Maria C.Q. Abraham B. m E.M.Nobbs
Edmund Johnston John III John IV Fairfax Moresby Mitchell
Louisa Victoria Rose Harriet Augusta Oliver Macy John Moresby Acland
Rhoda Matilda Edward III Henry Stephen Fremantle
Edward IV Kezia Abby Louisa Taber  
Edmund Joseph Napoleon Levi Ward Helen Amelia  
Rachel Hope William Wilburn 1 male, d.y.  
Julia Etheline Hannah Francis Adelaide  
  Sarah Clara Alice Maud  
  Nancy Alice Prudence dy Amelia Rosamond  
  Nancy Alice Mary Louisa  


McCoy   Fourth Generation  
Daniel II m Peggy C Matthew m Margaret C Philip McCoy m Sarah Quintal Benjamin C. Christian Eliza Quintal Jacob m Nancy Quintal
Phillip Jane Maria Edith Mary Emily Henry Chads
  Diana (Dinah) Angeline Ophelia Charles Richard Holmes  
  1 male, d.y.      
  1 female, d.y.      
Samuel m Mary      
i) Ruth Q Sarah      
ii) Polly C James Russell      
  Harriet Melissa      
  Alice Sophia      
  Mary Ann      
  Rebecca Holman Ascension      

After discovery in 1808, Pitcairn was quite frequently visited. Three men settled permanently and married native Pitcairners.

First Generation

Buffet Evans Nobbs
John Buffet m Dorothy Young John Evans m Rachel Adams George Hunn Nobbs m Sarah Christian
(+ Mary Christian)    
Thomas John Valentine Mansell Reuben Elias
John II William Esther Maria
David Mary Fletcher Christian
Robert Pitcairn George Francis Mason Francis Mason
Edward Dinah Jane Agnes
  Martha Ann Naomi
    James Wingate Johnstone
    George Edward Coffin
    Jemima Sarah
    Alfred Augustine
    Sydney Herbert

Second Generation

John II m Elizabeth Y. David m Martha Y. Thomas m Louisa Q.
Henry Seymour Thomas Austin Mary Ellen Olivia
Eveline Helen Fortescue Moresby Marianne Scelina
Joseph Allen McCleave    
Emily Evangeline    
Colin William Lyndsay    
Evans Nobbs
William m Rebecca C Fletcher C m Susan Q.
William Henry Hodgson Jacob Dyas d.y.
  Kathleen Laura

Born On Norfolk Island

Christian Quintal Young
Sarah Eliza Sarah Harriet Selwyn George Edwin Selwyn
Alice Maude John Matthew Pattison  
Alice H. Rachel  
Emily Lucy Martha Coffin  
Buffet Evans Nobbs
Jemima George Rowland Sinclair Norah Leonora
    Ellen Jane Sophia
    Eliza Louisa

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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