Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

West Indies/Caribbean



The central stock of names is essentially that of England in the Commonwealth countries but surname adaptations and new formations are particularly common - it seems to be important to give a child an original or striking name rather than following fashion or convention. Some of the less common Biblical names are also used, perhaps for the same reason. Other colonial powers included France, Spain and the Netherlands. Indian names also occur as workers were brought in from the rest of the British Empire as well.


Alvin Ato Audley
Cardelle Carl Carlisle
Clairmonte Claude Clive
Clyde Courtney Curtley
Davian Delbert Delice
Deon Derrell Devon
Dinsdale Eldine Elston
Eric Eswort Everton
Franklyn Gladstone Joel
Junior Kendon Kenmore
Learie Linford Linval
Milton N'kosie Norman
Odair Onandi Renward
Riddick Rohan Roxbert
Shanka Sherwin Sibert
Sonny Vivian Wilbert
Wilfred Winthrop  


Ameerah Beulah Beverley
Cathalina Clova Daverne
Deon Edna Eldece
Grace Hyacinth Jearl
Lacena Ladyblossom Mardrea
Marsha Merlene Petula
Rhema Sandie Sevatheda


Most of the European surnames probably originate with the plantation owners - when slaves were freed they quite often took the name of their former owner/employer.

Achong Alexander Allan
Ambrose Arthurton Asgarali
Bannock Baptiste Barrow
Bartlett Bello Benjamin
Best Birkett Bithorn
Blair Brancker Butcher
Camacho Cameron Campbell
Carew Chanderpaul Christiani
Christie Cohen Constantine
Cozier Croft Davis
de Freitas Dujon Duvalier
Findlay Foster Fredericks
Ganteaume Garner Garvey
Gaskin Gibbs Gilchrist
Goddard Gomez Grant
Greenwich Griffith Haines
Hall Harper Hedley
Hendriks Hinds Hoad
Holder Holding Hooper
Hunte Johnson Jones
Julien Kallicharan Kanhai
Kentish Lamming Lara
Lashley Lewis Lloyd
Malcolm Manley Marriott
Marshall Martin Martindale
McKay McMorris Murray
Naipail Neblett Nurse
Ottey Pairaudeau Pericles
Pierre Price-Mars Rae
Ramadhin Ramprakash Ramsumair
Richards Roach Roberts
Rodriguez Seal(e)y Selvon
Shillingford Small Smith
Sobers Solomon St. Hill
Stollmeyer Trestrail Valentine
Walcott Walsh Weekes
Wight Wiles Willett
Williams Wolcott Worrell


(Afro-Caribbean deities)

Oluddumare creation, chief
Eleggan roads, opportunities
Obatak peace, harmony, purity
Oshun love, sex, beauty, diplomacy
Oya wind, fire
Yamalla sea, moon
Shango thunder

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

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