Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Unisex Names

Charlotte Bronte may have started the trend towards adapting names established for one sex to use for the other with her heroine, who was given the name Shirley, then a man's name only, because her parents had hoped for a boy. Some names are still equally acceptable for both sexes, sometimes with spelling variations (Leslie/Lesley, Frances/Francis), others, like Shirley, have become so well-established for girls that they are no longer really recognised as boys' names.


Carroll Maryon Stacey


These girls' names all started life as male personal names or diminutives.

Aidan Alexis Billie
Billyjoe Bobbi Bobbyjoe
Carly Dannii Frankie
Glen Harri Henri
Hilary Jackie Jaime
Jamie Jody Jose
Joyce Kelly Lee
Leigh Lindsay Lyn
Meredith Merle Mickey
Nicky Nikki Patsy
Peta Ricky Rikki
Robin Ronni Shirley
Terri Tommie Toni
Tracy Wyn

Reversed Names


Revilo Ronnoc


Adnil Azile Cire
D'lorah Marba Ronaele

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