Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Anglo-Saxon Dithematic Names

Only a personal name was given. This was often made up of two elements, often linked in some way with the parents' names. For instance, Aldred and Edith might call their daughter Aldith as some elements were suitable for males and females. These dithematic names did not necessarily have any link in meaning between their two elements. They were more popular with the later Anglo-Saxons with the monothematic, or single element, names acquiring a lower-class association.

As the various permutations produced a large number of different names, few duplications would have occurred in a particular settlement. Surnames were not necessary for identification purposes although bynames were sometimes used. It was also considered that a name contained a person's spirit and using it for a new-born child could drain that spirit from him. Although there was no inherited surname, some families (usually aristocratic) were identified by collective name taken from a famous forebear such as the Athelings, Gumeningas, Besingas, Baducings, Guthlacingas, the final '-ing' element signifying 'people of'.

Name Elements

Some of these were only used as the first or second element of a name but others could occur in either position.

Old English and variants Modern English
Alf, aelf, alfr elf
Aethel, al, adal, ayl, ethel noble
Ard hard
Beald, bald bold
Bard beard
Bed command
Bert, beraht, beorht, bright bright, famous
Brun brown
Burh, bur, burg, borrow fortress
Cwen, quen woman?
Dar dear
Ed, ead prosperity, fortune
Eald, ald old
Est, east grace?
Flead, fled beauty
Frea, fre, frew free
Frith peace
Gar, ger spear
God good
Here, her, heri army?
Hug, hugu heart, mind, spirit
Hild battle
Ken bold, royal
Lam land
Lea, liffe leof, lef, leav, lew, life, liff, loe beloved, dear
Lee, ley, leah clearing, wood
Lilley, lili little
Lit bright
May servant
Maer, mar, mer, more fame
Mil mild/gentle
Mund, munt peace, protection
Os god
Rad, red, raed, rath counsel, wisdom
Ric, rich power, ruler
Rod, hrud, hreod fame
Sig, sieg victory
Stan, ston stone
Trum, trun strong?
Ulf, ulfr, olf, olph, wulf wolf
Wald, walt rule
Ward, weard, wart guard
What brave
Whit elf, wight
Wig war
Win, wine, wyn friend
Yon, yong young


Acwald Acwuld Acwulf
Adalbert Adelard Adulf
Aedbald Aedilbert Aedilhum
Aedilhun Aednoth Aedwulf
Aefic Aegelric Aegenwulf
Aegheard Aelbehrt Aelbert
Aelffrith Aelfgar Aelfgeat
Aelfgiest Aelfheah Aelfhelm
Aelfhere Aelfhun Aelfmaer
Aelfnoth Aelfred Aelfric
Aelfsi Aelfsige Aelfstan
Aelfwald Aelfwaru Aelfwear
Aelfweard Aelfwin Aelfwine
Aelfwold Aelred Aelwin
Aembriht Aenheri Aescwig
Aescwine Aethelbald Aethelbehrt
Aethelbeorht Aethelbert Aethelbricht
Aetheldred Aethelfrid Aethelfrith
Aethelgar Aethelhard Aethelheah
Aethelheard Aethelhelm Aethelhere
Aethelhun Aethelmaer Aethelmod
Aethelmund Aethelnoth Aethelred
Aethelric Aethelsige Aethelstan
Aethelulf Aethelwald Aethelwalh
Aethelweah Aethelweald Aethelweard
Aethelwig Aethelwin Aethelwine
Aethelwold Aethelwulf Aethilheard
Aethilwald Agilbert Ahlfrith
Ailmar Ailnoth Ailred
Ailwin Albold Alcfrith
Alchere Alchfrid Alchfrith
Alchred Alcred Alcuin
Alden Aldfrid Aldfrith
Aldhelm Aldhere Aldhun
Aldred Aldwulf Aldwyn
Alfar Alfgar Alfric
Alfwaerd Alfwine Alfwold
Algar Alhfrith Alhhere
Alhmund Alhstan Alhwald
Alkmund Allnut Allric
Alnod Alnoth Aloc
Alphege Alred Alric
Aluuard Alward Alwin
Alwold Alwyn Alwyne
Andhere Andhun Angeltheow
Angenlaf Angenmaer Angenwit
Anlaf Anselm Ansfrid
Archibald Arnulf Ascferth
Aschere Ashwin Asulf
Athelheah Athelmod Athelric
Aylward Aylwin Badanoth
Badulf Baegloc Baeldaeg
Baerbald Baerwald Baldhere
Baldred Baldric Baldthryth
Baldwin Baldwine Baldwulf
Balther Bardolph Barduwulf
Beadumund Beadured Beaduric
Beadwheard Beagmund Beagnoth
Bealdwine Beanburh Beanstan
Bedfrith Bedgeat Bedhelm
Bedric Bedwig Behrtferth
Behrtwald Beorcol Beorhtel
Beorhtfrith Beorhthelm Beorhthere
Beorhtmaer Beorhtmund Beorhtnoth
Beorhtric Beorhtsige Beorhtstan
Beorhtweald Beorhtwig Beorhtwulf
Beornfred Beornfrith Beornheard
Beornhelm Beornmod Beornmund
Beornnoth Beornoth Beornred
Beornric Beornstan Beornwald
Beornward Beornwulf Beorthelm
Beorthmaer Beorthwulf Beorward
Beothuk Beowulf Bercthun
Berenwald Berhtric Berhtwald
Berhtwulf Beric Berihert
Bermund Bernulf Bernwini
Berthelm Berthun Bertram
Bertred Bertulf Bertwald
Berwulf Berwyn Bilfrith
Bilheard Billfrid Billfrith
Birstan Blacwin Blaecman
Blithhere Blithweard Bothelm
Botolph Botsige Botulf
Botwine Botwulf Bregowine
Brictric Bridferth Brifard
Brihteah Brihthere Brihtnoth
Brihtsige Brihtwald Brithnoth
Brithun Brocwulf Brunheard
Bruning Brunloc Brunweard
Brunwulf Brychan Bryning
Brynstan Burchard Burghal
Burgheard Burghelm Burghred
Burgred Burgweard Burgwine
Burgwulf Burhhelm Burhred
Burhtred Byrhtferth Byrhtnoth
Byrnhorn Byrnstan Byrnwold
Byrtferth Caedmon Caedwalla
Calemund Calunoth Cameleac
Cantwine Carileph Cathwulf
Ceadwalla Ceadwealla Ceafor
Ceawlin Cenbeorht Cenberet
Cenfirth Cenfrith Cenfus
Cenhelm Cenhere Cenred
Centweald Centwine Cenwalch
Cenwalh Cenwulf Ceolbald
Ceolbeald Ceolfrid Ceolfrih
Ceolfrith Ceolheard Ceolhelm
Ceolhere Ceolmaer Ceolmund
Ceolnoth Ceolred Ceolswith
Ceolwald Ceolweald Ceolweard
Ceolwulf Ceonred Ceowald
Cerdic Ceredig Clarembald
Coelfrid Coenbehrt Coengilsus
Coenhelm Coenred Coenwalh
Coenwulf Coleman Colman
Condede Conewalch Cuichelm
Cuthbald Cuthbeorht Cuthbert
Cuthburg Cutheard Cuthen
Cuthert Cuthfrith Cuthgils
Cuthheard Cuthhelm Cuthhere
Cuthman Cuthred Cuthsige
Cuthwin Cuthwine Cuthwulf
Cwenburg Cwichelm Cynebald
Cynebehrt Cynebil Cyneburg
Cynefrid Cynegels Cynegils
Cynegisl Cyneheah Cyneheard
Cynehelm Cynehere Cynelaf
Cynemaer Cynemund Cynered
Cynesige Cynestan Cyneswith
Cynewald Cyneweard Cynewulf
Cynferth Cynfrith Cynhelm
Cynibert Cynidr Cynred
Cynreow Cynric Cynsige
Cynwulf Daedheah Daegheard
Darwin Delwyn Deneheard
Denewulf Deorlaf Deorling
Deormod Deormund Deornoth
Deorsige Deorwine Deowuc
Derman Digoth Domgeat
Dreamwulf Drithelm Dryhthelm
Drythelm Duceman Dudemaer
Dudeman Dunnere Dunstan
Dycgbeorht Eadbald Eadbeald
Eadbehrt Eadbeorht Eadbert
Eadda Eadfrid Eadfrith
Eadger Eadheard Eadhed
Eadhelm Eadhere Eadlac
Eadmaer Eadmer Eadmod
Eadmund Eadnod Eadnoth
Eadred Eadric Eadsige
Eadstan Eadulf Eadwacer
Eadwald Eadward Eadweald
Eadweard Eadwig Eadwin
Eadwine Eadwold Eadwulf
Eadwyn Eahfrid Ealda
Ealdbehrt Ealdbeorht Ealdfrith
Ealdhelm Ealdhere Ealdred
Ealdwine Ealdwulf Ealfled
Ealgmund Ealhelm Ealhheard
Ealhhere Ealhhun Ealhmund
Ealhred Ealhsige Ealhstan
Ealhswith Ealric Eambald
Eanbald Eanbeorht Eanfrid
Eanfrith Eanhere Eanlac
Eanmaer Eanred Eansige
Eanulf Eanwine Eanwulf
Earcanwald Earconbehrt Earconbert
Eardnoth Eardwul Eardwulf
Earnmund Earnwulf Earpwald
Easterwine Eastorwine Ebrard
Ecgbald Ecgbehrt Ecgbert
Ecgfrith Ecgheard Ecghere
Ecgmund Ecgred Ecgric
Ecgtheow Ecgwald Ecgwine
Ecgwulf Edric Edward
Edwy Eegelwin Egbert
Egbin Egbryht Egelbert
Egelwin Egferth Egfrid
Egfrith Egred Egric
Egwine Eilmund Einhard
Ekbert Ekkehard Elfstan
Elphege Elstan Eluard
Eluric Elwin Elwyn
Engelard Engelram Eoforheard
Eoforich Eoforweald Eohhere
Eohric Eomer Eorcenbehrt
Eorconbeald Eorconbehrt Eorconweald
Eored Eorkonweald Eormenraed
Eormenread Eorphere Eorpwald
Eosterwine Erconbert Eric
Ermenred Erminus Ernulf
Erwald Erwin Esegar
Estmar Estmund Ethbin
Ethelred Ethelric Ethelsige
Eumer Everard Ewald
Eward Ewias Farman
Feleogild Felgild Feologild
Feolomaer Feolugeld Feolumaer
Flodwig Folcheorht Fordwin
Forthhere Forthred Forwin
Frealaf Freawine Fremund
Freodhoric Freola Freomund
Freothul Freothulaf Frigedag
Frithebert Frithegod Frithestan
Frithowulf Frithugar Frithugeorn
Frithugis Frithulaf Frithuwald
Fromund Fulbert Fullofaudes
Gaenbald Gaenbeald Gaenburh
Gaerwulf Ganulf Garbeorht
Garmund Gebmund Geldfrith
Geldhere Geldwine Gerbert
Germund Gernebern Gladwin
Gleawfrith Godbert Godefrid
Godfred Godfrid Godfrith
Godhelm Godhere Godhold
Goding Godmaer Godman
Godmann Godmund Godred
Godric Godwald Godwin
Godwine Godwulf Godwyn
Goldwin Goldwine Goodwin
Gosbeorht Gosfrid Graham
Grimbald Grimbeald Grimcytel
Grimwold Gudram Gumbeorht
Gumweald Gundulf Gunuert
Guthfrith Guthhere Guthlac
Guthlaf Guthmaer Guthred
Haeferic Haemgils Haemgisl
Haethbeorht Harding Hardred
Hardulph Hardwin Harhold
Hariulf Harold Hathcyn
Hathweald Heahfrith Heahhbeorht
Heahmund Heahred Heahstan
Healfdene Heardbehrt Heardinc
Heardred Heardwulf Heferth
Helmhead Helmheard Helpric
Hengest Heorrenda Heorstan
Heorulaf Heorulf Heorured
Heoruweald Heoruwulf Herbert
Herebeald Herebeard Herebehrt
Herebeorht Herebert Hereferth
Herefrid Herefrith Heregeard
Heregeorn Heregils Heregod
Herelaf Hereman Heremod
Herered Hereric Hereward
Hereweald Herewulf Heribert
Heriburg Herimann Hering
Herrig Herward Hethin
Hethor Hewald Hibald
Higbald Hildebeorht Hildwulf
Hincmar Hiroc Hleogar
Hlothere Hlothhere Holbert
Hondscio Horik Hothere
Hreodbeorht Hrethbeorht Hrethric
Hringhere Hrothbeorht Hrothgar
Hrothlaf Hrothmaer Hrothsige
Hrothwulf Huaetberct Hubert
Hughoc Humbeald Humbert
Humberth Hunbald Hunbeald
Hunbehrt Hunbeorht Hundine
Hunferth Hunfirth Hunfrith
Hunlaf Hunsige Hunstan
Hunwald Hwaetbert Hwaetmund
Hwaetsige Hwitmann Hybald
Hygbald Hygebald Hygebehrt
Hygebeorht Hygelac Hygered
Hylpric Hynsige Hythwalda
Iaenbeorht Idhelm Idmaer
Ielfgar Ielfred Iestyn
Ilfred Ilhelm Indulf
Ingeld Ingilram Inguburh
Ingulf Ingulph Ingwald
Ingweald Ingwulf Instio
Inwaer Irminric Itermon
Ithamar Jaenbeorht Jaenbert
Jambert Jaruman Jurmin
Kenelm Kennald Kenward
Lambert Lambin Lanfranc
Leavold Leodbriht Leodhere
Leodwald Leofard Leofgeat
Leofgiest Leofheah Leofhere
Leofing Leofnoth Leofred
Leofric Leofsige Leofstan
Leofwig Leofwine Leovenath
Letard Leuthere? Liliwin
Lindhard Litwin Liudolf
Lulling Madulf Maegenfrith
Maerec Maerheard Maerleswein
Maethelgar Maldred Mansige
Mearcred Medwin Mensige
Merchelm Merefin Merehwit
Merewala Merewald Meriet
Mervin Mildred Morcar
Morkere Norbert Nordman
Norman Northman Nothelm
Nothhelm Nothwulf Odalric
Odard Odbehrt Odoacer
Oelfwine Oeric Oethelwald
Oftfor Ohthere Oidilwald
Ongentheow Ordbehrt Ordgar
Ordheah Ordlaf Ordmaer
Ordric Ormar Orped
Osbald Osbeohrt Osbeorn
Osbryht Oscytel Osegod
Osfrid Osfrith Osgar
Osgood Oshern Oslac
Oslaf Oslafa Osmaer
Osmer Osmod Osmund
Osred Osric Osulf
Osweald Oswin Oswine
Oswiu Oswold Oswudu
Oswuff Oswulf Oswy
Oswyn Osyth Oughtred
Pechthelm Pecthelm Peohtgils
Peohthelm Peohtred Peohtric
Peohtwine Pilheard Plechelm
Pleghelm Plegmund Radbod
Raedfrid Raedwulf Raegenhere
Ragener Rahere Randal
Randwulf Ranulf Redwald
Regenbald Regengar Regenhere
Regenmaer Regenweald Reginald
Regnheah Regnhere Rendel
Ribald Ricbert Richeard
Ricmaer Ricmann Ricsig
Ricsige Robert Roderic
Roderick Rodney Rodolph
Roger Romund Rumbald
Rumwald Rumwold Ryhrtwold
Sabehrt Sabeorht Sabert
Saebald Saebehrt Saebeorht
Saefugl Saegar Saegeat
Saeward Saeweard Saewig
Saewine Saewulf Saward
Sawin Scenwulf Scirheah
Scirheard Seaxwulf Seeman
Selewine Selred Selwyn
Sentwine Sexbald Sexfred
Sexhelm Sexmund Sexwulf
Sibert Sibwine Sideman
Siferth Sigbert Sigebald
Sigebehrt Sigebert Sigebryht
Sigeferth Sigegar Sigegeat
Sigehaeth Sigeheah Sigehelm
Sigehere Sigelac Sigered
Sigeric Sigeweard Sigewine
Sigewulf Sighard Sighere
Sigstein Sired Siward
Sledda Snaroc Sperling
Stidolph Stigand Stithbeorht
Stithwulf Stronglic Strongric
Swaebhard Swaefheard Swartcol
Swatreband Sweartling Swefred
Swetman Swidbert Swidhelm
Swithbert Swithin Swithulf
Swithun Swithwulf Tancred
Tatfrid Tathere Tating
Tatuini Tatwine Tatwulf
Teoweald Teowulf Thanchere
Theabul Theobald Theodbald
Theodbeald Theodbeorht Theodgar
Theodlac Theodoric Theodric
Theodulf Thingfrith Thorweald
Thraesfrith Thruidred Thrydwulf
Thrythbeorht Thunor Thurstan
Tidfrith Tidhelm Tidhere
Tidsige Tidweald Tidwulf
Tilbert Tilhere Tilman
Tilmund Tilwald Tondbehrt
Tondbert Tondhere Torhtsige
Torold Torphin Torthred
Tostig Trumbehrt Trumhere
Trumwin Trumwine Trygil
Tunbehrt Tunbeorht Tunbert
Tunfrith Turbert Turec
Turoc Turold Turstan
Uchtred Ufegeat Ulfbehrt
Ulfcytel Ulfric Ulfrid
Ulger Unferth Unlaf
Unwona Urien Uscfrea
Uxfrea Vadir Vifil
Waegdaeg Waegmund Waegstan
Waerbeald Waerferth Waerheard
Waermund Waernoth Walahfrid
Walden Waldere Waldhere
Waldwin Walhhere Wallding
Walstan Wardlaw Wardric
Wathsige Watman Wayland
Wealdhere Wealdthaf Wealdtheof
Wealhhere Weidrek Weland
Weohstan Weohtgar Weonard
Weorcgyth Weorchaeth Werferth
Werhard Werheard Wermund
Werwulf Westerfalca Wicbeorht
Wictgils Wictred Widmund
Widreth Widsith Widuc
Widukind Wiergils Wiermund
Wigbeald Wigbeorht Wigbeorn
Wigbert Wigestan Wigferth
Wigfrith Wighard Wigheard
Wighelm Wighere Wightgar
Wiglac Wiglaf Wigmaer
Wigmund Wigod Wigred
Wigric Wigstan Wigthegn
Wihtgar Wihtgils Wihthere
Wihtlac Wihtlaeg Wihtred
Wihtric Wilbehrt Wilbeorht
Wilbrord Wilfram Wilfrith
Wilgils Wilgisl Wilheard
Wilhere Willehad Willibrord
Wilmaer Wilmund Wilsiga
Wilsige Wimund Winebald
Winebeald Winefrith Winegar
Winelac Winemaer Winfirth
Winfrid Winfrith Winnibald
Winsige Winstan Winston
Wiohthere Withergild Withermund
Wlencing Wolfeius Wolnoth
Wolstan Wraecwulf Wuldric
Wuldwine Wulfbeald Wulfestan
Wulfferd Wulffrith Wulfgar
Wulfgeat Wulfhad Wulfheah
Wulfhelm Wulfhere Wulflaf
Wulfnoth Wulfred Wulfric
Wulfrid Wulfrun Wulfsige
Wulfsin Wulfstan Wulfthere
Wulfweard Wulfwig Wulgan
Wulmar Wulpher Wuscfrea
Wusfrea Wyard Wynbald
Wynfrid Wynfrith Wynhaeth
Wynsige Wynstan Yonwin


Saxon names were still widely used after the Norman conquest and are found in various forms in written records. In many cases, variant spellings occur, often with the letter 'v' represented by 'u'.

Adellufu Adney Aedilburh
Aegthryth Aelfgifu Aelfgyth
Aelflead Aelfrun Aelfthryth
Aelfwyn Aelfwynn Aelgifu
Aengifu Aeschild Aethelberga
Aethelburh Aethelgifu Aethelhild
Aethelhun Aethelind Aethelswith
Aethelthrith Aethelthryd Aethelthryth
Aethelu Aethelwaru Agenilda
Akelda Alburga Alchflead
Alchfrid Aldreda Alfild
Alfilda Alfrun Alfwen
Alhburg Alkeld Alkelda
Aluburg Aluhburg Arild
Athilda Aylild Aylyld
Baldehuia Baldeth Baldethiva
Baldguia Baldhild Baldith
Balethiva Balthildis Bathild
Beadohild Beaduburg Beaduthryth
Bealdthryth Begild Begilda
Beorhtwynn Beornthryth Beornwynn
Berchthild Bertrade Beyhild
Bilswith Birghiva Botild
Botilda Botill Bregeswith
Breguswith Bricheve Brichheve
Brichterith Brichtled Brichtrede
Brichtrethe Bricteva Bricthiua
Bricthled Brictiua Brictiva
Brictled Brictuia Brictwen
Brigthwyna Brihctiua Brihteue
Brihtgiua Brihtiua Brihtiue
Britheue Britheva Brithiva
Brithreth Brithrethe Brithwen
Burchwen Burghwenna Burgwenta
Burgwynn Burwena Burwenna
Cengifu Ceolburh Ceolfrith
Ceolwynn Coenberg Coenburg
Coenburga Cuthburga Cuthburh
Cuthfleda Cwenburg Cwenburh
Cwenthryth Cyneburh Cynedeall
Cynehild Cyneswith Cynethryth
Cynewise Cyniburg Cynwise
Denegifu Denegyth Derehild
Domneva Eadburg Eadburh
Eadgifu Eadgyfu Eadild
Eadwine Eadwynn Ealdgifu
Ealdgyth Ealhburg Ealhhild
Ealhswith Ealhswuth Eanburg
Eanflaed Eanflead Eanfled
Eanswida Eanswith Eanswitha
Eanswyth Eanwin Earcongota
Ecgwynn Edild Edilda
Ediltrudis Edoma Edusa
Edwen Egefride Einilda
Elfilda Elfswitha Enfleda
Engeled Engeleis Engeleisia
Engelieth Engelise Eorcengota
Eorcongota Eormenburh Eormengard
Eormengyth Eormenhild Eormenhilde
Ercongota Erkengota Ermenburga
Ermenhilda Estrid Estrith
Ethelhild Eudelme Everild
Everildis Freawaru Frethesant
Freware Frigyth Fritheswith
Frithugyth Frithuswith Garwynn
Gertrude Gethwine Godehese
Godelina Goderun Godgifu
Godgyth Godlefe Godrun
Godwyna Goldberga Goldcorn
Goldcorna Goldeburga Golderon
Goldhen Goldrun Goldyna
Guthild Haunild Heagyth
Heahburg Heahgyth Heahthryth
Heathuburg Hehilde Hendina
Herburga Hereburg Heregyth
Herelufu Hereswith Herewynn
Hermynhild Hildeburg Hildeburh
Hildelida Hildelith Hildilid
Hiltrude Hounild Hounilda
Hringwynn Hrodwyn Hrotsvitha
Hugeburc Hunburg Juthwara
Lefsued Lefsuet Leofgifu
Leofrun Leoftaet Leofwaru
Leofwynn Maerwynn Mildburh
Mildgyth Mildoina Mildthryth
Mindred Modthryth Osburga
Osburh Osgifu Osgyth
Oslafa Osthryd Osthryth
Quendreda Rafenild Rimilda
Rimilde Ronilda Roswitha
Rowena Saeburg Saegifu
Saethryd Saethryth Saewara
Saewynn Saxleue Sexhuie
Sidelufu Sidwell Sigegifu
Somerhild Somerild Stanfleda
Stanflede Stangyth? Stanhild
Sunngifu Sunnild Theberga
Thedlef Thedware Theorigitha
Thurrieua Tidhild Tonild
Tortgith Tortgyth Touild
Touillda Touilt Turgiua
Uuordgiue Vluerona Waerblith
Waerburh Waerhild Wealhburh
Wealhtheow Wendreda Wenfleda
Wengeua Wengewe Wenyld
Weynild Wicthiue Wictieue
Wictiue Wifrun Wigburg
Wigswith Wihtburh Wilcum
Wilthryth Winfred Winfrith
Witburh Withburga Wiuerona
Wlanchild Wlankild Wlfrun
Wrtheve Wrthiue Wuderoua
Wulburg Wulfgifu Wulfhild
Wulflead Wulfrun Wulfthryth
Wulftrudis Wulfwaru Wulfwyn
Wulfwynn Wychtleth Wyneue
Wynflead Wynyeue Wyverun

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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